Ariat Terrain H20 Boots: An Updated and In-Depth Review

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I want a pair of boots I can use for multiple purposes. I like riding boots that are made for riding but are sturdy and comfortable enough for hiking. The Ariat Terrains fit the bill.

A couple of times a year, we go on long trail rides that span a couple of days. During these trips, we have to pack sparingly, and I only bring one pair of boots.

We spend much of the trip in the saddle, so my boots have to be safe for horseback riding. But we also take breaks from riding, leave our horses and hike over various terrain, so our boots need to be sturdy and have sufficient sole grip.

I typically wear are ropers when riding. They’re comfortable and have a good heel for riding. They are also good walking boots, but their soles are too slick for most hiking terrain, especially on wet slippery slopes, and rocks. So I ordered a pair of Ariat Terrains to try out.

Upon opening the package from Amazon, I was skeptical these boots wouldn’t be suitable for horseback riding. They looked more like hiking footwear with a chunky heel than riding boots.

However, I was quickly sold by the comfort of the boot; they felt broken in upon my first wear. Not only did I wear them during our next overnight trail ride, but they also became the boots I wear every day.

Ariat markets these boots for those people who need boots comfortable enough to wear all day and can also handle extreme climates.

The Terrain’s foot stabilizing technology secures your foot and reduces fatigue. This line of boots can be purchased for men and women and either waterproof or water-resistant models.

The boot holds up well to the daily rigors of ranch work and continues to feel comfortable throughout the day. The waterproof style was useful when washing our horses and walking in wet areas. (Note: the water-resistant types aren’t nearly as good keeping moisture out.)

Are Ariat Terrains sufficient riding boots?

Yes, the heels fit stirrups nicely, and the sole is not too thick to prevent getting your foot in and out of the stirrups. Having difficulty getting my foot out of a stirrup was a major concern for me when shopping for multi-purpose boots.

Terrains’ arch support worked well, and my feet felt good after a day of riding. Ariat Terrains are designed for equestrians, and overall they are functional riding boots. The only negative is your leg rubs when in the saddle because you don’t have the protection of the standard riding boot shaft.

Are Ariat Terrains functional hiking boots?

We spent hours walking, and my Terrains were comfortable, and my feet feel good even after miles of going up and down hills. Although you don’t want too aggressive of a sole grip in a riding boot, you need some grip for hiking.

The Terrain’s soles are not as aggressive as standard hiking boots. I did sometimes slip, especially when navigating down hills and over slippery rocks and gravel.

These are comfortable hiking boots with excellent arch and ankle support. There is a trade-off, when you choose a multi-purpose boot, you don’t have the best riding boot or the best hiking boots, but you do have one pair of boots that do both jobs well.

Overall performance for riding and hiking

These boots served my purpose better than I anticipated. Terrains are designed for people like me, those who spend more time riding than hiking. Ariat Terrains are a functional all-purpose pair of boots: you can ride, hike, work, and wear them to town and always feel like you are wearing the right boot for the occasion.

Note: The boots sizes run big. I wear size 10 in standard cowboy boots but fit a size ten boot in Ariat Terrains.


The boots have leather uppers that are double secured with a rubber outsole. They also have a spur rest and toe protection. The boots come with moisture-wick lining, cushioned EVA midsole, and shock-absorbing gel cushion to reduce impact when walking.

The heel is 1.5 inches tall, and the shaft rises 3.5 inches from the arch. The Terrains weigh approximately 14 ounces. The boots shank is an ATS forked composite fiber that provides stability and comfort.

Amazon customer reviews

I thoroughly researched these boots. However, it’s never a bad thing to learn as much as you can about a product before buying it. Almost a thousand people reviewed the Terrains on Amazon and rated them 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Here is the link so you can read what customers have to say about these boots:

Ariat Terrain H20 hiking boots: customer reviews

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