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Dangerous Horse Alerts: Know the Warning Signs

Who said understanding horses was solely for the experts? Just like us, horses have their unique ways of expressing feelings. However, missing certain cues may lead to serious safety issues. That’s why it’s critical to be able to spot the warning signs of a dangerous horse. While horses can’t talk, they communicate loudly through their …
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Will a Horse Run Until It Dies? – Horse Running and Death

Watching a horse gallop is something special. But here’s a question that might make you think: will a horse run until it just can’t anymore, even until it might die? It’s a scary thought but one we should think about. Understanding a horse’s running capacity is critical, not just for the horse’s health and safety …
Picture of a horse eating hay from a net.

Will a Horse Eat Itself to Death? Unraveling the Mystery

Horses, known for their hearty appetites, often provoke worry among new owners. A question frequently asked is: Can a horse eat itself to death? Unlike many horse-related myths, there’s a grain of truth to this one. Horses, indeed, can eat themselves to death. However, it’s not in the way one might think. Their natural tendency …
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Horse Syndicates 101: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

Investing in horse racing used to be a pastime for only the ultra-wealthy. Today, though, anyone with a love for the sport can potentially own a piece of a racehorse. This has been made possible through an intriguing concept called ‘horse syndicates.’ Horse syndicates offer a practical solution to the high costs and risks associated …

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