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Picture of a two year old thoroughbred in training

Racehorse Yearling Auctions: Insider Tips and Strategies

Finding the next champion at yearling auctions is a challenge, but with the right approach, you can identify future stars or at least good runners. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the process. Understanding Yearlings Yearlings are horses that are officially one year old, regardless of their actual birth date. In the racing industry, …
Picture of a horse race from the 1940s

Claiming Races to Champions: Seabiscuit, John Henry & More

Claiming races are special horse races where each horse can be bought for a set price before the race starts. This makes it easier for more people to own a racehorse and keeps the competition exciting. In this article, we’ll share the inspiring stories of horses that started in claiming races and went on to …
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Horse Racing Economics: Learn How the Money Flows

Horse racing is not just an exciting sport; it’s also a big business with lots of money involved. Every year, thousands of fans watch and bet on races. Knowing how money moves in this industry can help you make better choices, whether you’re just watching, betting, or thinking about buying a horse. In this article, …
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Owning a Racehorse: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Owning a racehorse requires careful planning and informed decision-making. From my many years of experience, I’ve compiled this guide to share essential tips to help new owners avoid common mistakes. From choosing the right team to buying a horse and entering races, I’ll guide you to a successful start. How to Evaluate and Manage Your …

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Horse Racing Sense is a website dedicated to horses. Wikipedia, Inside Edition, and multiple publications have referenced our site. In addition, Miles Henry has been a guest on podcasts, sharing his horse sense with others.

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