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viking horse

Viking Horses: A Tale of Strength and Endurance

Once upon a time, in the rugged lands of the Vikings, horses were more than just animals. They were symbols of strength, endurance, and courage, inspiring awe and reverence among the people of Scandinavia. Horses were trusty companions to the Vikings, carrying them into battle, plowing fields, and transporting goods across the land. From the …
winter.coats 1

The Surprising Reason Your Horse Isn’t Growing a Winter Coat

Picture of a horse kept in a stall and is not growing a winter coat.

From Lions to Wolves: The Top 5 Predators of Wild Horses

To better understand horses and the challenges they face, it is important to learn about the dangerous predators that threaten their safety. By doing so, we can approach training and handling with empathy and respect, setting the foundation for a successful partnership. In this article, I share the top 5 predators of wild horses and …
western.trail .ride

Riding to the Beat: The Ultimate Horse Riding Playlist

I’m in a family of horse and music lovers. We like hanging out at the barn, riding, and working with our horses. One thing that makes it even more enjoyable is listening to music while we ride. I’ve found that music can make a big difference in how we ride. A playlist of upbeat and …

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