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Different Horse Racing Bets: A Quick Guide

Did you know that the variety of horse racing bets can significantly impact your betting success? As someone deeply involved in the horse racing industry for many years and a current owner of six racehorses, I’ve experienced firsthand the thrill and strategic complexity of placing bets. Understanding the different kinds of horse racing bets is …
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Perlino Horse Color and Breeds: A Guide with Pictures

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by the sight of a Perlino horse? Those cream coats and blue eyes are just stunning. But, you know, it’s pretty easy to get them mixed up with other horses if you’re not paying attention. I’ve been lucky enough to have horses around me my whole life, …
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Cremello Horse Color and Breeds: A Guide with Pictures

Did you know that Cremello horses carry a very unique genetic makeup? As someone who owns six horses and was raised in an equestrian environment, I’ve always been fascinated by the diverse traits of horse breeds. While I’ve yet to own a Cremello, my lifelong experience with horses deepens my appreciation for their distinct characteristics. …
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Grulla Horse Guide. Coat Colors, Pictures, and Breeds

Have you ever wondered why grullo horses captivate the hearts of equestrians worldwide? Grulla horses, characterized by their unique silver-gray to deep slate coat color, owe their stunning appearance to a specific genetic combination, including the dun gene. This gene not only gifts them with their distinctive hue but also often adorns them with primitive …

I’ve owned racing quarter horses, thoroughbreds, barrel horses, trail riding, and ranch horses. I started this website to share information and highlight the benefits of horse ownership. Read More about Miles Henry.

About Horse Racing Sense

Horse Racing Sense is a website dedicated to horses. Wikipedia, Inside Edition, and multiple publications have referenced our site. In addition, Miles Henry has been a guest on podcasts, sharing his horse sense with others.

Our website, YouTube channel, and publications provide insightful information about various horse disciplines, including tips and tricks to keep horses healthy. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started in the world of horses, Horse Racing Sense is the perfect resource for you.