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Battling Horseflies: Tips to Keep Your Horse Happy

I’ve spent countless hours at the stable and riding through dense woods. Over the years, one of the most persistent issues I’ve faced is battling horseflies. These relentless pests seem to have a mission: to make life miserable for our beloved equine companions and their human friends. Protecting our horses from horseflies is crucial to …
Picture of my Chisos cowboy boots.

Types of Cowboy Boots: Find Your Perfect Western Style

Ever since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by the wide variety of types of cowboy boots out there. From the classic western style to the more modern work boots, each pair tells a unique story of the person wearing them. As I’ve grown, I’ve come to appreciate the craftsmanship and individuality of these iconic …
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Top Horse Racing Trainers: A Guide to Racing’s Elite

As a lifelong horse racing enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the magic that happens behind the scenes. The trainers who dedicate their lives to transforming raw equine talent into racing champions hold a special place in my heart. Their expertise, passion, and innovation are what make the sport so captivating and thrilling to watch. …
Picture of Chisos cowboy boots

Mastering Cowboy Boots: Your Ultimate Guide

Growing up immersed in cowboy culture and surrounded by horses, I developed a deep appreciation for the versatility and style of cowboy boots. As I made the transition from my rural upbringing to my urban lifestyle, I found that my boots seamlessly fit into both worlds. Exploring the diverse styles, I found that cowboy boots …

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