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How to Evaluate Horses in Claiming Races: Tips for Buyers

Welcome to the exciting world of claiming races! Where each horse can be bought, or “claimed,” by a registered buyer for a set price before the race begins. This opens opportunities for newcomers to join the racing community or for existing owners to expand their stables. Before you claim a horse, it’s crucial to examine …

Guide to Feeding Old Horses: Tips for Senior Horse Care

Watching your horse get older can be tough. As horses age, their dietary needs change, and it’s crucial to adjust their meals to keep them healthy and lively. If you’ve noticed your old horse isn’t as healthy or energetic as before, you’re not alone. Many horse owners face this, and handling these changes carefully is …
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How Horses Age Compares to Human Years: Equine Aging Guide

Horses age much faster than humans; for example, a newborn horse can walk within hours of birth, while a human baby may take a year or more to do the same. Understanding these differences is crucial for horse owners and caretakers, as it helps them provide the right food, exercise, and healthcare at each stage …
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Where to Buy Cowboy Boots Online: My 7 Top Picks

In the quest for the perfect pair of cowboy boots, the internet is your oyster. As a long-time enthusiast and advocate for quality and authenticity, I’ve explored countless online stores to compile a curated list of the best places to buy cowboy boots online. Each retailer on this list offers something unique, from handcrafted quality …

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