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About Horse Racing Sense

Horse Racing Sense is a website dedicated to horses. Wikipedia, Inside Edition, and multiple publications have referenced our site. In addition, Miles Henry has been a guest on podcasts, sharing his horse sense with others.

Our website, YouTube channel, and publications provide insightful information about various horse disciplines, including tips and tricks to keep horses healthy. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in the world of horses, Horse Racing Sense is the perfect resource for you.

“I try to provide the most comprehensive information for people who are interested in horses or the horse racing industry,”

Miles Henry
Picture of our horse Ashton after he won a race.  Sonja Bradley and Aubrey Green are also in the picture.
Winning a race at the Fairgrounds in New Orleans

During our time in the horse industry, we’ve been involved in different disciplines and breeds of horses. We have purchased yearlings at auction, raised foals, trained horses, and purchased horses already trained.

We currently have eight racehorses in training.

Picture of our horse after a win at Louisiana Downs.
In the winner’s circle at Louisiana Downs.


We began this website to share horse information and highlight the benefits of horse ownership. We have articles about the physical benefits of riding, the lessons learned from owning and riding horses, and many others that stress the positive aspects of horse ownership.

Many people aren’t aware of the positives gained from owning and riding horses, so we thought this would be an excellent way to spread the word. Besides the benefits of horse ownership, we also provide exciting history and fascinating information about unique horse breeds.

We write about the horses that were used in war, the history of the saddle stirrup, and the back story of why horses race counterclockwise.

Picture of me with a recently purchased yearling.
Miles and a Yearling

We also share our experience dealing with the health issues horses suffer. We explain cribbing, colic, lameness, and many other ailments you will likely face when you own a horse. Owning a horse is a responsibility and an investment, so it’s critical to recognize signs of distress.

There are many different types of horses and equine activities. We cover unique breeds such as Gypsy Vanners, Akhil-Teke, and the Friesian horse. We also tell you our favorite trail riding breeds and what traits to look for when buying a horse.

We explain the terms all equestrians need to understand so you feel comfortable discussing horses with your veterinarian or other equestrians.

Picture of me and one of our young fillies.
Me and one of our yearlings

Horse ownership is expensive, hard work, and risky but also fun and rewarding. We look at the cost of buying a racehorse, claiming a horse, and the expenses associated with training.

We made many mistakes early on, and we share our experiences here. The unscrupulous people in the horse industry can take advantage of the unsuspecting.

Our group at horseracingsense shares our experiences with different riding equipment and tack that we find helpful and gives our best recommendations for products we believe work the best.

For example, we review leg wraps, bell boots, fly masks, and other standard products equestrians frequently use. Knowledge is vital to avoid cheap knock-offs.

Picture of a horse getting its front legs wrapped.

These are the items that look great in the pictures, but when they’re delivered, they don’t even look like the same product. More and more people order from the internet, so we provide a review so you can feel confident about your order.

Most of us wear cowboy boots daily for work and play. So cowboy boots are a hot topic, and no one lacks an opinion about their favorite brand. We try to cut through the sentiment and provide a helpful review of cowboy boots.

Miles has owned racing quarter horses, thoroughbreds, barrel horses, trail riding, and ranch horses. Through working with horses, we have bonded with a group of like-minded people and gained a lot of helpful information. On this website, we share the knowledge we’ve achieved on our journey.

Picture of our horse Ashton winning a race by six lengths.
Our horse won by six lengths.

We recently took a trip to Ireland and had the opportunity to check out how they raise their Thoroughbred racehorses. Below is a picture of young horses turned out after going through their initial training.

horse on the Irish plain
Picture of young Thoroughbreds in Ireland.


Picture of a thoroughbred stallion.
One of our two-year-olds

Books Written by Miles Henry

Picture of a two year old thoroughbred horse.
Two-year-old Thoroughbred.