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Welcome to Horse Racing Sense: Your Trusted Equestrian Guide

Horse Racing Sense is your go-to source for everything related to horses. Our website has been recognized by notable names like Wikipedia, Inside Edition, Yahoo Finance, and our founder, Miles Henry, is a well-known figure in the equestrian community, often featured on various podcasts.

We provide a wealth of information through our website, YouTube channel, and publications, covering a wide range of topics in horse disciplines. Our content is packed with practical advice and tips to help you keep your horses healthy and happy. Whether you’re an experienced horse enthusiast or just starting out, Horse Racing Sense offers valuable insights and information to enhance your equestrian journey.

“My goal is to deliver thorough and insightful information for enthusiasts and professionals in the horse and horse racing industry alike.”

Miles Henry
Picture of our horse Ashton after he won a race.  Sonja Bradley and Aubrey Green are also in the picture.
Winning a race at the Fairgrounds in New Orleans

During our time in the horse industry, we’ve been involved in different disciplines and breeds of horses. We have purchased yearlings at auction, raised foals, trained horses, and purchased horses already trained.

We currently have eight racehorses in training.

Picture of our horse after a win at Louisiana Downs.
In the winner’s circle at Louisiana Downs.

Our Story at Horse Racing Sense

At Horse Racing Sense, our mission began with a simple yet profound goal: to share comprehensive knowledge about horses and underscore the tangible benefits of horse ownership. Our website is a diverse repository of articles that not only explore the health benefits of horse riding but also delve into the essential life skills acquired through the care and riding of these noble animals. We are dedicated to highlighting the positive impacts that horses bring to our lives.

Recognizing that many people might not fully understand the advantages of horse engagement, we set out to raise awareness about these benefits. Our content is rich with intriguing historical insights and detailed information about various horse breeds, catering to both the curious novice and the seasoned equestrian.

Picture of me with a recently purchased yearling.
Miles and a Yearling

We delve into fascinating topics such as the role of horses in historical conflicts, the evolution of the saddle stirrup, and the rationale behind counterclockwise horse racing. Our commitment is to provide factual, informative, and captivating content for anyone with an interest in horses or horse racing.

Beyond the joys of horse ownership, we also address the challenges, sharing our experiences with common equine health issues like cribbing, colic, and lameness. Understanding these ailments is crucial for responsible horse owners, as recognizing signs of distress is key to effective care and management.

Our coverage extends to the diverse world of horses and equine activities. From the majestic Gypsy Vanners and the sleek Akhal-Teke to the elegant Friesian horse, we explore unique breeds and their characteristics. Whether you’re seeking the perfect trail riding companion or advice on selecting the right horse, we provide insights into the traits that matter.

We also aim to demystify equestrian terminology, ensuring you feel confident when conversing with veterinarians or fellow horse enthusiasts. Join us at Horse Racing Sense, where our passion for horses gallops alongside our commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering a vibrant equestrian community.

Picture of me and one of our young fillies.
Me and one of our yearlings

Insights and Advice from Horse Racing Sense

Owning a horse is a journey filled with both challenges and joys. It’s an endeavor that demands significant investment, dedication, and caution, yet it’s equally rewarding and enjoyable. At Horse Racing Sense, we delve into the various aspects of horse ownership, from the financial implications of purchasing a racehorse or claiming a horse to the ongoing costs of training and upkeep.

Our early days in the horse industry were riddled with learning curves and mistakes, experiences we openly share to guide others. The horse industry, like any other, has its share of unscrupulous individuals who might exploit the uninformed. Our mission is to arm you with knowledge and insight to navigate these waters safely.

Our team at Horse Racing Sense brings to you our hands-on experiences with various riding equipment and tack. We understand the importance of quality and functionality, and thus, we offer our top recommendations for products that we’ve found to be the most effective and reliable.

Picture of a horse getting its front legs wrapped.
Wrapping our horse’s legs after a workout.

Take, for instance, our reviews on essential equestrian items such as leg wraps, bell boots, and fly masks. In an age where online shopping is the norm, it’s crucial to discern quality products from cheap imitations – those that look promising in pictures but fall short upon delivery. Our reviews are designed to give you the confidence you need when making online purchases.

Cowboy boots are more than just footwear for us; they’re a part of our daily lives, whether at work or leisure. With so many opinions and options available, we aim to provide clear, unbiased reviews of various cowboy boot brands to help you make informed choices.

Miles, the heart of our team, has owned and worked with a diverse range of horses, including racing quarter horses, thoroughbreds, barrel horses, trail riders, and ranch horses. This journey has not only deepened our understanding of these magnificent creatures but has also connected us with a community of like-minded equestrians. It’s through these connections and experiences that we’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge.

On Horse Racing Sense, we’re excited to share this knowledge with you. Join us as we continue to explore the vast and fascinating world of horses, sharing insights and advice that we’ve gathered along the way.

Picture of our horse Ashton winning a race by six lengths.
Our horse won by six lengths.

We recently took a trip to Ireland and had the opportunity to check out how they raise their Thoroughbred racehorses. Below is a picture of young horses turned out after going through their initial training.

horse on the Irish plain
Picture of young Thoroughbreds in Ireland.


Picture of a thoroughbred stallion.
One of our two-year-olds

Books Written by Miles Henry

Picture of a two year old thoroughbred horse.
Two-year-old Thoroughbred.