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About Miles Henry

Picture of Sonja Bradley and me, along with the jockey Aubrey Green and our horse Ashton.
A win at the Fairgrounds in New Orleans

Hey there, I’m Miles Henry. Welcome to my slice of the internet, where I talk all things horse racing and then some. My journey into this world?

Well, it’s a bit of a story, but not the kind you might expect. It all started with my grandfather in Louisiana. He wasn’t just into horses; he lived and breathed them. And me? I was just a kid who loved being around these animals, but I didn’t really understand the depth of it all.

One day, I found myself watching a horse race with him. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a few local folks racing their quarter horses, but man, it was exciting. The energy, the speed, the sheer thrill of it caught me off guard. I remember looking up at my grandfather, seeing his excitement, and thinking, ‘This is something special.’

Picture of yearling colts in a pasture.
Yearlings in a pasture.

That moment wasn’t about the rush of the race or even the horses themselves. It was about seeing something through his eyes—understanding his passion for horses. It clicked for me right then and there. This wasn’t just a pastime; it was a way of life.

Fast forward through years of learning the ropes, from barrel racing to owning my first racehorse, and here I am, running It’s been a wild ride, filled with ups and downs, but it’s a journey I wouldn’t change for the world.

So, why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to know that what you read here comes from a place of genuine love and respect for horse racing and care. It’s not just about sharing knowledge; it’s about passing on what I’ve learned from a lifetime of experiences, just like my granddad did for me.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find something here that sparks your interest or helps you along your own journey in the world of horses.

Picture of me (Miles Henry) with one of our racehorses in the barn.
Miles and Jimmy

What will you find on Our articles are about horses, the horse racing industry, and everything equestrian. We also include interesting facts about horse breeds, history, tack, and proper riding gear.

Picture of a horse getting its front legs wrapped.
Wrapping legs

“I aim to offer the richest, most insightful information for anyone seeking knowledge about horses and horse racing.”

Picture of our horse Geisha Moon Bug after winning a maiden claiming race.
Our horse Geisha Moon Bug


Currently, I have nine Thoroughbreds in training at the Folsom, Louisiana, Training Center. Each horse, is at a different stage in their racing career. Here are a few pictures of our horses:

Books by Miles Henry

Media Appearances

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences in the world of horse racing and equine care. Here are some of the podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of joining as a guest:

  • Heidi Herriott’s Animal Tales Podcast: I joined Heidi Herriott on her podcast to discuss the intricacies of horse racing and the importance of horse care. I shared some behind-the-scenes insights from my experiences. Listen to the episode here.
  • Double D Trailers Podcast: In this episode, I delve into the world of horse racing, sharing my thoughts on what makes a successful racehorse, the importance of proper equine care, and a peek into the creation of This interview was also shared on YouTube, providing a visual insight into our discussion. Listen to the podcast here or watch it on YouTube here.

These appearances have been a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow horse enthusiasts and share my passion for the equine world. I look forward to engaging in more discussions and sharing more insights in the future.

Picture of our horse winning a race at Louisiana Downs.
Winning a race at Louisiana Downs.


  • I am a licensed Racehorse owner.
  • Racing Quarter Horses
  • Thoroughbred Racehorses
  • Barrel racing
  • Trail riding
  • Ponies
  • Raised horses
  • Bought horses from private sellers
  • Bought horses at Thoroughbred yearling auctions
  • Bought horses at Quarter Horse yearling auctions
  • I bought racehorses at auctions.
  • Attended and bought horses at mixed-sale auctions
  • Member of AQHA
  • Member of The Jockey Club
  • Author of The Equine Business Bible
  • Author of Horse Sense
Picture of Ashton winning by six lengths.
Our horse Ashton wins by six lengths.

My Journey in a Nutshell

In the world of horse racing, every challenge is a lesson, and every horse has a story. My journey has been filled with both, from turning around the fortunes of a stubborn Thoroughbred named Ashton, who taught me the value of patience and adaptability, to making a bold decision at an auction that led to unexpected victories.

Picture of our horse in the winners circle at Louisiana Downs.
Picture of our horse in the winner’s circle.

Let’s Connect

Thank you for exploring my journey in horse racing and care. Now, I’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s a story close to your heart, a challenge you’ve encountered, or a question about entering the world of horse racing, your insights and inquiries are what make a rich resource for all.

Get in Touch

Reach out directly at or share your thoughts in the comments below. Your experiences and questions not only enrich our community but also help shape’s future content.

Picture of a two year old horse
Two-Year-Old Colt

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Your stories and questions are the heartbeat of this community. Together, we can continue to share, learn, and grow in the fascinating world of horse racing. I’m excited to hear from you and to see where our shared passion takes us next.

Picture of us tacking up a racehorse.
Tacking up for a race

Recent trip

We recently visited Ireland and saw a lot of beautiful horses. It is a country with a long history of horsemanship. For centuries, horses have been an essential part of Irish culture and continue to play an important role today.

Multiple horse breeds are native to Ireland, and horse racing is hugely popular. In addition, horse-drawn carriages are still commonly used for transportation in some parts of the country.

This country loves horses because so many gorgeous ones are running around in the fields. Below are a few pictures of the horses I saw during my trip to Ireland.

Picture of white horses in a field.
Horses on the Cliffs of Moher
horse on the Irish plain
Young Thoroughbreds
Picture of an Irish Draft horse.
Irish Draught Horse
Picture of a sorrel horse with a flaxen mane.
Sorrel with a Flaxen Mane

Contact me at or through my Facebook account: I’m not on Facebook often, but I check in there occasionally. You can also find me on Twitter @mileshenry23 and Quora at Miles-Henry-8.


  • Run a Marathon: Complete: I’ve run three marathons; they were amazing experiences. I hope to complete a few more.
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail. Not Completed
  • Travel to all of the continents. Not completed: I still have a couple to go.
  • Whitewater rafting: Completed in 2019 in Gatlinburg, TN.
  • Jump from a plane: Completed. My son and a couple of friends parachuted in Mississippi. Next time, I’m doing this with my daughter.
  • Dance at my youngest daughter’s wedding. Not complete
  • Travel to Paris-Complete: I traveled last year with my wife and daughter to Paris and Venice, Italy.
  • Publish a book: Completed, Equine Business Bible.
  • Travel to Antarctica: Completed: I always wanted to see this place.
  • Ride in a Mardi Gras Parade: Completed; I rode in multiple parades, most recently with Babylon Crew in New Orleans.
  • Travel to an All-Inclusive in the Caribbean: Completed our family and traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.