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About Miles Henry

About My Journey to Horse Racing Sense

Hello, My name is Miles Henry, and Horse Racing Sense is a website where I share my experience with horses, ponies, and the horse racing industry. I recently started a channel on YouTube; you can check it out here youtube@horseracingsense.

I don’t care for all the animals myself; I have assistance with the horses, so there is a team, not just me. My family includes barrel racers, ropers, and horse lovers who enjoy recreational trail riding.

What will you find on Our articles are about horses, the horse racing industry, and everything equestrian. Plus, interesting facts about horse breeds, history, tack, and proper riding gear.

Picture of yearling colts in a pasture.

“I try to provide the most comprehensive information for people who are interested in horses or the horse racing industry,”

Picture of Sonja Bradley and me, along with the jockey Aubrey Green and our horse Ashton.
A win at the Fairgrounds in New Orleans
Picture of me (Miles Henry) with one of our racehorses in the barn.
Miles and Jimmy
Picture of a horse getting its front legs wrapped.
Wrapping legs
Picture of our horse Geisha Moon Page after winning a maiden claiming race.
Our horse Geisha Moon Bug
Picture of Ashton winning by six lengths.
Our horse Ashton wins by six lengths.


I currently have nine horses in training at the Folsom, Louisiana, Training Center. They are all Thoroughbreds and at different stages of their racing career. Here are a few pictures of our horses:

Books by Miles Henry


  • I am a licensed Racehorse owner.
  • Racing Quarter Horses
  • Thoroughbred Racehorses
  • Barrel racing
  • Trail riding
  • Ponies
  • Raised horses
  • Bought horses from private sellers
  • Bought horses at Thoroughbred yearling auctions
  • Bought horses at Quarter Horse yearling auctions
  • I bought racehorses at auctions.
  • Attended and bought horses at mixed-sale auctions
  • Member of AQHA
  • Member of The Jockey Club
  • Author of The Equine Business Bible
  • Author of Horse Sense
Picture of our horse winning a race at Louisiana Downs.
Winning a race at Louisiana Downs.

MY STORY: Miles Henry

I grew up in Louisiana around quarter horses. My grandfather was a cattle rancher and rode horses daily; he also broke and raised quarter horses for his livelihood. We used horses to work cattle, trail ride, and hunt. After graduating with an advanced degree, I purchased my own horses and raised them on my farm. We trained quarter horses for barrel racing and eventually entered the horse racing business almost 25 years ago.

Our first racehorse was a gelding I got from my uncle Vernon. He already had a few races under his belt, but my uncle stopped racing him because of his poor showing. I wanted him to use it for barrel racing but committed to Vernon that I would run him again before transitioning him to barrels.

Our trainer advised us that the previous owners were running him at the wrong distances and we should try something different. We entered our horse in a cheap claiming race at a longer length. He ran second, and we were hooked.

Our gelding continued running in the money and had a nice career. We eventually took him home and trained him to run barrels. He wasn’t as successful running barrels, but his pleasant demeanor and easy way of traveling made him a perfect pleasure horse.

Horse racing is expensive, hard work, and risky, but also fun and rewarding. You can make money in the industry in many ways, but I would never advise someone to invest in horse racing to earn a living, especially if they are inexperienced with horses.

Picture of our horse in the winners circle at Louisiana Downs.
Picture of our horse in the winner’s circle.

I purchased racehorses at auctions and from private sellers and succeeded with both. We also raised horses at our home. I have faced many of the issues I write about in I enjoy trail riding and the community of horse friends.

I started Horse Racing Sense to share our experiences with others. I hope the information will help them avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes many others make in the horse industry. However, don’t expect things to go smoothly all the time. Even after being in the industry for years, I constantly face new issues.

We have owned racehorses, barrel horses, hunting horses, and trail-riding horses. We hit some snags but survived and enjoyed sharing what I had learned.

I’ve helped people buy racehorses and advised others to avoid them. I’m a member of the American Quarter Horse Association. (AQHA), The Jockey Club (the Thoroughbred registry), and I am active in many equine groups and a guest on podcasts.

Picture of a two year old horse
Two-Year-Old Colt



After I graduated from high school, I went to college, joined the Navy, gained a post-graduate degree, and eventually opened my own business. Working for myself allowed me to pursue my interests in horses.

Even though I grew up with horses, the only racehorse owner I knew was a distant cousin. I picked his brain about the business side of horse racing and dove in headfirst. That was over 20 years ago, and it has been a great experience.

I have met interesting people and learned many things about life and business. Since then, I started Horse Racing Sense and wrote The Equine Business Bible to share my experiences with others. I hope my information will help you avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes many people make in the horse industry.

Picture of us tacking up a racehorse.
Tacking up for a race


Miles Henry is an equine expert and writer with over 20 years of experience in horse care, training, and breeding. Miles is dedicated to understanding the nuances of equine behavior and welfare. His journey with horses began at a young age, growing up on a family ranch where he developed a deep connection with horses.

After completing his studies, Miles gained hands-on experience in managing various horse breeds and temperaments. Miles has also been actively involved in equine rescue operations, contributing his skills to rehabilitate abused and neglected horses. His commitment to horse welfare extends to educating others in responsible horse ownership and care.

As a writer, Miles combines his practical experience with extensive research to provide insightful and reliable information to horse enthusiasts. His articles, often featured on online platforms, cover a wide range of topics, from horse health to advanced training techniques.

In his current role, Miles continues to advocate for ethical horse management practices and shares his knowledge through writing and consulting. His deep understanding of horses, coupled with a commitment to continuous learning, makes him a trusted voice in the equine world.

Recent trip

We recently visited Ireland and saw a lot of beautiful horses. It is a country with a long history of horsemanship. For centuries, horses have been an essential part of Irish culture and continue to play an important role today.

There are multiple horse breeds native to Ireland, and the sport of horse racing is hugely popular. In addition, horse-drawn carriages are still commonly used for transportation in some parts of the country.

This country loves horses because there are so many gorgeous ones running around in the fields. Below are a few pictures of the horses I saw during my trip to Ireland.

Picture of white horses in a field.
Horses on the Cliffs of Moher
horse on the Irish plain
Young Thoroughbreds
Picture of an Irish Draft horse.
Irish Draught Horse
Picture of a sorrel horse with a flaxen mane.
Sorrel with a Flaxen Mane

Contact me at [email protected] or through my Facebook account: I’m not on Facebook often, but I check in there occasionally. You can also find me on Twitter @mileshenry23 and Quora at Miles-Henry-8.


  • Run a Marathon: Complete: I’ve run three marathons; they were amazing experiences. I hope to complete a few more.
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail. Not Completed
  • Travel to all of the continents. Not completed: I still have a couple to go.
  • Whitewater rafting: Completed in 2019 in Gatlinburg, TN.
  • Jump from a plane: Completed. My son and a couple of friends parachuted in Mississippi. Next time, I’m doing this with my daughter.
  • Dance at my youngest daughter’s wedding. Not complete
  • Travel to Paris-Complete: I traveled last year with my wife and daughter to Paris and Venice, Italy.
  • Publish a book: Completed, Equine Business Bible.
  • Travel to Antarctica: Completed: I always wanted to see this place.
  • Ride in a Mardi Gras Parade: Completed; I rode in multiple parades, most recently with Babylon Crew in New Orleans.
  • Travel to an All-Inclusive in the Caribbean: Completed our family and traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.