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Miles Henry

Meet Miles Henry

An avid equestrian and seasoned racehorse owner, Miles Henry brings his extensive experience to the equine world, proudly associating with the AQHA, The Jockey Club, and various other equine organizations. Beyond the racetrack, Miles is an accomplished author, having published various books about horses, and is a recognized authority in the field, with his work cited in multiple publications.

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Picture of a two year old thoroughbred in training

Why is the Thoroughbred Breed Preferred for Horse Racing?

Thoroughbreds are considered the best racehorses due to their exceptional speed, agility, and strong competitive nature. Originating in the 17th century, they’ve become the face of horse racing, combining outstanding athletic abilities with a spirit unmatched in the equine world. This article explains the unique qualities that make the Thoroughbred breed unparalleled on the racetrack …

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