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Saddles, Girths, and Stirrups

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Western Bell Stirrups: Consistent with its name, the stirrup is shaped like a bell. It is the most common western stirrup. Most are made of wood with metal trim. Good general use stirrup.

Curved Western Stirrups: The curved western stirrups come in a variety of styles, depending on their use. They can be angled for comfort and safety. Because of the versatility of the curved western stirrup, they can be used in reigning competitions, trail rides, and rodeos.

Hooded Western Stirrup:  Hooded stirrups have a protective leather strap to prevent the riders foot from slipping through a stirrup. The hood will also protect riders feet from brush and limbs. They are used for trail riding and with children.

English Jointed Stirrups: These stirrups have a joint link in the upper portion of the stirrup. The stirrup is flexible providing a comfortable ride. It is used by jumpers and eventers.

English Fillis Stirrups: Similar to a standard English stirrup but more substantive. They are used in dressage and showing horses.

English Stirrup:  The English stirrup has an open oval-shaped bottom with a padded cover over the bottom portion of the stirrup The pad assist in maintaining foot stability while riding.

Peacock Stirrups: These stirrups are designed with safety in mind. They have a breakaway side so a riders foot can’t get caught in the stirrup.

English Endurance Stirrups: For long days in the saddle these stirrups provide safety and comfort. They are built wide, and have good padding to prevent soreness while riding.

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