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10 Best Bumper-Pull Horse Trailers on the Market Right Now

Last updated: December 6, 2022

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

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When your goal is to transport one or two horses from point A to point B efficiently, a bumper-pull trailer is likely the best choice for you. In fact, many horse owners find that smaller trailers have significant advantages over larger gooseneck models on the market.

A bumper-pull is much easier to tow, costs significantly less, and gives you many more parking and storage options. For some horse owners needing to haul more than four horses or need a trailer with large living quarters, bumper pulls aren’t a viable option, and a gooseneck is the best choice.

Where bumper pull horse trailers make sense is when horse owners don’t travel far, only haul a few horses at a time, or don’t have a vehicle set up with a gooseneck hitch. Modern bumper-pull trailers are safer and better built than ever before. I wrote an article all about towing bumper-pull horse trailers, which you should read if you are new to towing.

Picture of a bumper-pull horse trailer,

Because of these advancements, bumper-pull trailers are more popular than ever before. So, we’ve put together a list of the best bumper pull trailers on the market today.

Take your time and delve into the information and explore the features of these unique models that are a safe, economical, and comfortable way to transport your horse.

BrandLoading StyleConstructionHeight & Width
Sundowner’s SportmanSlant loadAluminum7′ tall and 6’9″ wide
Featherlite 7442 Horse TrailerStraightAluminum7’6″ inside height 7′ wide height
Trails West Adventure MX II 2H TrailerSlant loadSteel chassis/aluminum-skinned7′ tall and 6’9″ wide
Logan Coach CrossfireSlant loadGalvanized metal frames/aluminum skin7′ tall and 6’9″ wide
4 Star 2 Horse RunaboutStraight or SlantAluminum7’6 tall and 6′-10″ wide
Jamco Legend ContenderStraightAluminum7’6″ tall and vary from 6′ to 7′ wide
Elite Bumper Pull Colt SSSlantAluminum exterior7′ tall and 6’8″ wide
Hart bumper-pull trailerSlantAluminum7′ tall and 6’8″ wide
The Brenderup BaronStraightFiberglass7’4″ tall and 7’1″ wide
Cimarron Norstar bumper-pullSlantAluminum7′-1″ tall and 6′-10″ wide

After writing this article, I got some feedback for leaving off Double D’s Safetack 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer. I haven’t tried the trailer, but I have reviewed a lot of material and will tell you it is impressive. They emphasize safety and include many custom features.

Picture of a Double D bumper-pull horse trailer.

You can order your trailer straight or slant load and reverse or forward-facing. You can also choose a side or rear loading ramp. They are going the extra mile to build a trailer to suit any horseman’s needs. I’ll update this article with more information about Safetack when I have a chance to check it out in more detail.

1. Bumper Pull Horse Trailers From Double D Trailers

Double D Trailers is one of the most popular and reliable brands when it comes to horse trailers. The brand has been manufacturing and selling high-quality horse trailers across a variety of segments. They have been offering a vast portfolio of horse trailers that come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and configurations. 

Double D Trailers offer Bumper Pull Horse Trailers in their vast portfolio of products. Double D Trailer Bumper Pull Horse Trailers are available in two different varieties: 

  1. Bumper Pull Slant Load Horse Trailers
  2. Bumper Pull Straight Load Horse Trailers

You can get bumper pull horse trailers from Double D Trailers that come with completely customized designs and in a variety of sizes with options to carry 1 to 4 horses at a time. 

The brand focuses on the safety of the horses integrating advanced safety features in the trailers to make for complete safety of use and travel with your horses. Not just that, there are a number of key perks of their bumper pull horse trailers that make them the number one choice for such trailers. These include: 

  • Flat prices with a nationwide delivery facility.
  • Trade-in deals are also available.
  • Nationwide Guarantee and Warranty Service Program. 
  • Gooseneck and living quarters horse trailers are also available. 
  • SafeTack Design for advanced safety. 
  • Z-Frame Construction with tubular dividers and fully insulated interiors that are very quiet and peaceful. 
  • Rubber flooring for longevity and additional features like SafeKick and Safe Bump for the safety and comfort of your horses and your peace of mind. 

2. Sundowner’s Sportman

Sundowner has been making horse trailers for over 40 years. Their trailers are well-built, durable, and safe. Because of these popular features, Sundowner trailers have excellent resell value. We owned a Sundowner and can attest that it lived up to its reputation in every aspect.

Sundowner’s Sportman is constructed entirely of aluminum and offers 2,3, and 4-horse models. Sundowner advertises the Sportman trailer as an affordable horse trailer for today’s budget-conscious buyer.

It is a slant load with drop-down feed doors and a drop-down window. The tack room has a convenient swing-out saddle rack. The Sportman is designed to transport horses first and foremost.

The trailer has sufficient room for horses; it’s 7′ tall and 6’9″ wide. The dividers are padded and come with floor mats in the horse area, which is essential for horses that have to be in a trailer for extended periods.

The trailer provides excellent ventilation. It has a drop-down head door with a sliding window for each horse, and the double rear doors have sliding windows and a pop-up vent in each stall.

The Sportman ranges in length from 12’9″-19’3″. Their moderate size makes them easy to tow and park. Sundowner makes the Sportman with a – Pre-painted aluminum skin for durability, corrosion resistance, and little to no maintenance.

Each unit comes standard with four-wheel electric brakes with safety breakaway, rear rubber bumper, LED clearance & tail lights, top wind jack, and graphics package.

Standard tack rooms are equipped with a locking door with a sliding window, rubber floor mats, dome light, six tack hooks, a blanket bar, brush tray, and a swingout Saddle rack.

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If you want to upgrade your trailer, Sundowner offers the following options- Spare tire – Load lights – Additional interior dome light(s) – Rear ramp – Faceguards – Treadplate gravel guard – Extra height – Rear tack

3. Featherlite 7442 Horse Trailer

Featherlite Trailers are the oldest all-aluminum trailer manufacturer in the United States. The company originated in 1973 in Oklahoma when it designed its first gooseneck livestock trailers.

If you like a traditional straight-load bumper-pull trailer, then the Featherlite 7442 might be the top choice for you. Featherlite’s are well known for building lightweight trailers that tow easily.

People often comment that they don’t even feel the trailer’s weight when hauling horses in their Featherlite. The 7442 is large enough to haul draft breeds, being 7′ wide and with an inside height of 7’6″.

Featherlite offers the choice of a dressing room in two sizes, either 51″ with a walk-through door or 43″.

The experience of Featherlite is displayed in its many useful standard features. This straight load 2-horse trailer comes with double doors and a rear ramp, and two 26″ x 19″ windows in the trailer nose.

Other standard features that were a pleasant surprise include adjustable saddle racks, rubber on the interior walls up to 48″, a feed manager in front of each horse, and rubber floor mats in the horse area.

The Featherlite 7442 comes with so many standard features you will be ready to load your horse and pull away without any delays. To read more about this high-end yet affordable two-horse bumper pull trailer, click here.


4. Trails West Adventure MX II 2H Trailer

The Adventure MX is the best-selling trailer made by Trails West. It is an affordably priced horse trailer made with a steel frame and aluminum-skinned exterior.

The combination of a robust steel chassis with an aluminum body provides strength, durability, and safety. Although it has a steel chassis, it still weighs less than 3,000 pounds.

The MX is uniquely made with the horse’s needs and safety a priority. The interior compartment for the horses has rubber wall mats, and the floors are wooden.

Wood floors are cooler than standard metal floors because less heat transfer from the hot road, keeping your horse comfortable. The spaces between the wood let contaminants drain through the flooring instead of pooling underneath your horse.

The movement of the liquid and moisture not only keeps your horse from standing in a mess but also helps prevent unnecessary corrosion of your trailer and saves cleaning most of it up.

The trailers’ drop-down feed windows and tail sliding windows provide adequate ventilation and allow easy access to your horse. The MX model is 6′ 9″ wide and 7’0″ tall, which provides sufficient space for most horse breeds.

To check prices and details about the Trails West MX II 2H Trailer, click here.

5. Logan Coach Crossfire

The Logan Crossfire is an entry-level slant load trailer with a front tack room. Logan markets the “Crossfire” model as “the horse trailer for everyday life” when the bells and whistles are an afterthought.

Focusing on the basics is a smart strategy because most people shopping for bumper-pull trailers want a well-constructed and safe trailer to transport their horse, and the Crossfire delivers.

Logans are made with galvanized metal frames coated with Vortex rubber, similar to the material used to spray truck beds. This extra coating protects against corrosion from roads and animals.

The Crossfire trailer has slotted aluminum floor planks that allow urine to drain. The exterior of the trailer is covered with aluminum skin. The interior horse stalls are one of the largest in the industry; the stall length is 135″, and the width is 40″.

The floor is douglas fir with vortex rubber coating and comes with 1/2″ rubber mats. The walls have rubber coating up to 48″ inches and padded dividers. Each stall has a pop-up vent to provide proper airflow. The trailer doesn’t come standard with a ramp.

The trailer is 7’0” tall and 6’9” wide and weighs only 2,540 lbs with a tongue weight of 380 lbs.

6. 4 Star 2 Horse Runabout

4-Star Trailer is an established brand that has an excellent reputation for standing behind its products. They are on the cutting edge of horse trailer technology.

The Runabout model is an example of a 4-star providing their technology in entry-level trailers. The Runabout Models are 4 Star Trailers entry-level trailer, and it is approximately 700 pounds lighter than their standard 2 Horse Slant Bumper Pull.

However, it maintains the durability and safety expected from 4-Star trailers. The Runabout is made with the same quality parts and care that has made 4-Star a leader in the horse trailer industry since 1984.

It has the same latches, hardware, and alloys found in all 4-star trailers.  4-star developed the Runabout to provide a less expensive yet high-quality horse trailer.

The 2 Horse Slant Model is 11′ long and 6′-10″ wide. It comes with 3500# Torsion Axles with Electric Brakes, 6 Ply Radial trailer tires, and 40/60 Double Rear Doors w/ Windows.

The Runabout is also available in a straight load model. The two-horse straight load is only 9′ long and 6′-10″ wide. Both are insulated and double-walled for the horse compartment’s full length and have two feed managers and an escape door on each side above the fender. 

Runabouts are generously equipped with features that are most important to you. 4-Star has options for those with special requirements, should you choose to customize.

The Runabout platform is a perfect choice for those wishing to experience 4-Star quality. Some popular options available in the Runabout are:

  • 4-Star Manufactured Drop Down Feed Door w/ Window w/ Drop Down Window Bars
  • Custom Graphics
  • Double Rear Doors – 50/50 w/ Window
  • Gravel Guard
  • Permanent Rear Tack Wall
  • WERM Flooring
This video explains the design that makes the Jamco unique

7. Jamco Legend Contender

Jamco makes a super-strong trailer, using a unique type of wall construction that uses inner and outer skin layers. In other words, if you completely removed the exterior of a Jamco, you would still have an enclosed trailer.

The walls’ main structure is interlocking 2 x 6 tubes sealed with a flexible silaprene material at each joint. This type of construction helps to absorb shock, eliminate rattles, and allow expansion and contraction.

The interlocking aluminum planks create a solid unit. The wall is a continuous section from front to back, which enhances the entire trailer’s strength.

There are no posts or rivets on the interior or exterior of the trailer. The smooth inside increases horse safety, and the smooth outside means more effortless towing and increased fuel economy.

The walls are welded to the floor, which eliminates rattles. The floor is made of nine-inch wide interlocking aluminum panels with I-beam supports every four and one-half inches.

The doors of the trailers are designed like the walls, making them quiet and durable. They also have weather-stripping and heavy hardware that secures the entrances tightly, resulting in less noise.

The exterior of a Jamco trailer is a baked-on white enamel. Jamco owners a very loyal, which is one reason you don’t find many used models on the market. Owners often keep their old Jamco’s even when they upgrade.

Legend Trailer Specifics

The Legend Contender comes in three bumper-pull models, and all are straight load but with different floor plans and with or without dressing quarters. All are 7’6″ tall and vary in width from either 6′ or 7′ designs. The overall length of the trailers is from 11′ to 15′.

All these models provide ample room even for large horses. For the comfort of your horses, the trailers have proper ventilation, padded stall dividers, padded butt & chest straps, matted floor, matted walls, and head dividers.

Jamco also has thought about the horse handler, providing an escape door on each side and there’s a running board on each side to aid entry and exit. The ramp is spring-assisted, so you won’t need assistance lifting it.

The tack room has adjustable-height saddle racks, bridle hooks, and a blanket bar. The trailer is aerodynamically designed with a V-nose to make it easier to pull and more economical. The trailer comes with a spare tire stored in the nose.

Radial tires mounted on galvanized rims are standard equipment. The fenders are made of Aluminum Tread plates and have LED running lights. Jamco pays attention to detail; the electrical wiring is soldered and covered in heat-shrink tubing for moisture protection.

8. Elite Bumper Pull Colt SS

The Elite trailer company was formed in 1995 to build a better quality trailer to transport horses than what was currently available on the market. And this goal still seems to be present in the company today.

Elite is known for its attention to the welds that hold its trailers together. They fuse materials instead of using standard slag material to bond the structure.

An Elite trailer is a great-looking unit built to last. They use solid core buck rivets to attach smooth side skins and roof sheets to the trailer. This rivet creates a tighter and more compressed fit, which eliminates skin movement and leaks.

Most of us drive with the trailer’s windows dropped during warm weather to provide air for our horses. I like a trailer with window bars to keep my horse’s head inside the trailer where it belongs. And in Elite trailers, window bars are standard.

Elite trailer side walls are insulated and lined with rubber and come with floor mats with padded dividers.  You also get a tack room with a collapsible wall, removable saddle rack post, handy bridle hooks, and blanket bar. 

Most Elites trailers are made to order. One of the exceptions to the rule is the Colt SS. The Elite Colt SS comes in a 2 & 3-horse model. It is well made and should provide years of use at an affordable price. It has rugged good looks with durability that Elite trailers are known for.

Some standard features found in the Colt SS are drop-down windows with welded bars, couplers with safety chains and a breakaway kit, torsion axles with electric brakes, and five 205/75R15 radial tires.

The two Horse Colt SS is 7′ tall and 6’8″ wide and has an overall length of 11′. Some of the popular options are:

  • Drop Down Doors at the Rear of Each Horse
  • Spring Loaded Rear Ramp
  • Stall Pads

To view all the specifications of this trailer, visit the Elite companies website here.

9. Hart bumper-pull trailer

Hart began making horse trailers in 1968 and is still owned and operated by the Hart family.  They build a reliable, safe, and durable trailer. Hart trailers are favorites with horse trainers and long-time horse owners.

These trailers are built to last, they have smooth rounding corners, and the floor is I-beams on 6″ centers with interlocking sections. The unit’s side mainframe is a T-beam welded to the floor, and aircraft-grade aluminum is used throughout the trailer.

All openings have extra support with a welded 1/4 inch plate in certain areas, and corners are gusseted in every direction. All the additional support isn’t visible but is covered delicately with polished aluminum.

The roof is constructed of a one-piece honeycomb-style fiberglass reinforced panel, sealed at the roof’s edge with silicone. This design is cooler, quieter, and stronger than other types of roofing materials.

The doors of a Hart trailer are custom made for each unit and are double framed and insulated. The door jams form into a channel with the weather-stripping fitted into the channel for an extra tight fit.

The windows are automotive tempered safety glass and sealed from behind the frame and around the outer edge for a double seal. The hinges used in the trailer are 1/4 thick aluminum extrusion stock with 1/2″ stainless steel pins.

Hart uses Dexter Torflex’s independent torsion axles with E-Z lube in all their trailers. The stall dividers are spring-loaded and have three hinges per divider stall, and the latches are a simple one-handed mechanism.

The trailers have full-size escape doors on both sides with running boards to make it easy to handle your horse. It also has proper ventilation with the right amount of windows and vents. Inside the horse area, it is all lined.

Solution bumper-pull models come in two or three-horse slant load versions. Both models are 6’8″ wide, user-friendly, and can be pulled with a smaller tow vehicle. To learn more about Hart trailers, visit their website here.


10. The Brenderup Baron: European style bumper-pull horse trailer

Brenderup is a famous maker of bumper-pull horse trailers in Europe. They are manufactured in Denmark. They have a unique design and are exceptionally lightweight. In Europe, they are commonly towed with a car or SUV.

The heaviest Brenderup weighs just 2150 and has a tongue weight of 250 pounds. You can use any vehicle with a wheelbase over 93 inches and an engine with at least 120 hp. Your tow vehicle choices are too many to name.

When you see a Brenderup trailer, you can tell right away that the company is an experienced manufacturer of horse trailers. The design and development of Brenderup trailers are based on the horse’s needs, behavior, and safety.

Brenderup trailers are available in 4 models and come in a one or two-horse configuration. They all have saddle racks and hanging space under the front window, and an extra-wide groom door on either side allows loading of the biggest tack trunk.

They look different from most American horse trailers; they are tall, aerodynamic, and have a spoiler on the roof’s rear. The Baron comes standard with Instatack, which is a patented system designed by Brenderup.

This system allows for a full standing height dressing room in the trailer that is easily towed and stopped by most of today´s popular vehicles. There is a 3 ft. dressing room created by raising the hinged tack compartment lid in the Baron tack compartment.

When traveling, the lid is lowered, allowing the horses to see out of the front window and providing enough headroom space for any horse. The Baron comes standard with a stall divider and butt bars that easily adjust to accommodate all horses and head dividers’ sizes to keep the horses completely separate.

Brenderup Horse trailers can be ordered with a transparent partition wall fitted to the standard partition wall. And the bars can be adjusted to provide a small stall for a foal or a more extensive stall for a foaling mare.

The Baron-One is designed for transporting one horse and offers 25 inches more headroom to accommodate even the most prominent horse. It still has all of the tack compartment options and is as easy to drive as all other Brenderup models.

The chassis is constructed of hot-dip galvanized steel, including the independent torsion axles with shocks. A neat feature of the Brenderup trailers is their unique braking system called INERTIA® 4-wheel brakes.

This braking system is designed to operate as the driver comes off the accelerator pedal before getting to the brake pedal. When the trailer pushes forward, the trailer brakes are activated in proportion to the trailer’s weight and the rate of deceleration.

The INERTIA® brake system has other essential features, such as an independent parking brake, emergency breakaway, and antilock characteristics.

Bonus: Cimarron Norstar bumper-pull

Cimarron has developed into one of the top manufacturers in the all-aluminum horse trailer. They’ve found a way to engineer safety, durability, and style into the perfect package to fit any equestrian lifestyle.

The Norstar is made with the needs and safety of your horse in mind. The two-horse bumper pull model is strong and easy to tow. The trailer has a sturdy frame that is engineered for the suspension to flex, not the chassis.

The trailer has drop-down windows with side latch that are easy to reach and have an adjustable striker plate. The roof is made with 1/2 inch honeycomb fiberglass, which is quieter and cooler than conventional roofing material.

The walls are insulated with foam and have a kick mat. The kick mat rises to the bottom of the windows all around the interior of the horse bay. The floors are made of aluminum alloy that is resistant to corrosion.

Inside the horse compartments are removable dividers with extruded head partitions & quick release slam latches. The rear stall doors have a cam latch, and there is a fold-down feed door for each stall.

The Norstar comes with sliding windows that have safety bar grills on the head and butt side and flip-up roof vents for each stall to provide your horse with optimal airflow.

Standard on these trailers are rubber torsion axles with electric brakes and radial tires on aluminum spoke wheels with a spare. Cimarron trailers have rounded edges and radius corners to protect your horse.

You have your choice of exterior finishes, from extruded or smooth skin, polished or stainless steel; whichever you choose, it will look good. The Norstar is 7′-1″ tall and 6′-10″ wide with a 3′ tongue length.

Norstar hides the fasteners to create a clean, seamless exterior in any configuration. Another standard feature that may come in handy is the bolt-on fenders. If you’ve pulled horses much, you will appreciate being able to replace fenders easily.

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