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8 Things Horses Do For Fun

Last updated: November 21, 2022

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

Some horses are known for being calm and serene. But just like any other animal, most enjoy playing around and having fun. Sometimes, they’ll roll around in the dirt or chase each other. There are many things horses do for fun.

No one knows the definition of fun like a horse. Horses are always looking for something to do, and they make sure that every day is an adventure. Whether it’s galloping through a field, playing with their buddies, or just rolling around in the mud, horses know how to have a good time.

In this blog post, we’ll list eight things horses enjoy doing. From running free in open pastures to playing tag with their buddies, horses know how to have a good time! Keep reading to learn more about these fun-loving animals.

Picture of a horse playing in a paddock.

Here are the 8 Things Horses Do For Fun

  • Running around

One of the things horses love to do most is run around and play in open fields. They love the feeling of the wind blowing through their manes and tails and enjoy being able to gallop and play without having to worry about anything else.

They will run at full speed and engage in lighthearted chasing when given a chance. They benefit from this activity; it relieves stress and exercises their muscles. Running in open fields is especially beneficial for young growing horses.

We break our horses at two years old. This usually takes a month or two, and then we turn them out in a pasture so they can run and play for a few months.

Picture of a horse rolling in the grass.
It’s just rained your all wet, and the ground is soggy; what do you do? answer: Have a roll!
  • Rolling Around

Another thing horses enjoy doing is rolling around in dirt or grass for fun. This behavior helps to keep their skin and coat healthy and get rid of any parasites that may be living on their bodies.

Rolling also helps horses cool down on hot days, as they can use their body weight to crush the grass and release the moisture trapped inside. 

In addition, horses seem to enjoy the sensation of rolling and will often do it when they are happy and relaxed. So, if you see a horse rolling around in the field, there’s a good chance that he’s just enjoying himself and having a good time.

Picture of a young horse having fun on a wheel.
Our filly kicking up her heels.
  • Kicking and bucking.

When horses play, they often buck and kick up their feet. While this may look like fun to us, it serves an important purpose for horses. Bucking and kicking help horses exercise their muscles, and it also helps them to relieve any built-up energy or tension.

In addition, this rough-and-tumble play helps young horses to develop the coordination and strength they need to survive in the wild. So the next time you see a horse playing, remember that this seemingly playful behavior is actually vital for the horse’s well-being.

Below is YouTube showing horses having fun with various activities.

YouTube video
  • Follow The Leader

Because horses are prey animals, their natural inclination is to flee whenever they perceive that they are in a potentially threatening environment. Playing games within the herd, such as tagging and following the leader, can be beneficial and common for the horses involved. 

Horses enjoy these activities for various reasons, one of which is that it gives one horse the ability to influence the movement of another horse. This indicates dominance, which might assist a horse move up in the herd’s pecking order. 

Similar to adolescents, horses are constantly competing with one another. They don’t usually go far enough to hurt one another, so you don’t need to worry when you observe your horses engaging in these seemingly harmless games with one another.

Picture of a horse having fun with a big ball.
Horse having fun with a big ball.
  • Playing with toys

Horses are highly clever creatures but also prone to becoming easily bored. They may pick up undesirable behaviors like cribbing and weaving if confined to a stall for extended periods with nothing to do.

Horses can be kept from being bored by a variety of different methods. Providing kids with toys is one of these things. This helpful article discusses several homemade and commercially available toys that may be used with horses.

The stall isn’t the only place where toys can be used. It is feasible for a horse to participate in a kickball game thanks to oversized horse balls available on the market. 

Some of these are equipped with handles, allowing the user to pick them up and move them about by shaking them. It’s a huge improvement over the previous method, which involved them taking up feed buckets and waving them around.

  • Playing games

To answer your question, yes, horses can be taught to participate in many games. Some of the most well-known ones are soccer, polo, and barrel racing. They will benefit greatly from the mental and physical stimulation that this provides.

The act of leaping is something that a lot of horses like doing, whether it’s to clear obstacles or just for enjoyment. They will be able to release some of their boundless energy while also having a good time with this activity.

Picture of yearlings in a field.
Horses socializing in a pasture.
  • Socializing

Additionally, horses take pleasure in mingling with other horses. They will frequently spend time grooming one another or simply standing near one another in what is described as a “mutual stare.” This helps them develop ties with one another and strengthens their bonds.

  • Showing their teeth

Horses will show off their upper teeth by raising the tip of their noses into the air and curling their upper lip upwards toward the heavens. As a consequence of this, they give off the impression that they are enjoying a hearty chuckle. We term what they are doing a Flehmen response since it is how they respond.

Picture of a herd of female horses.
Fillies playing in a pond.
  • Splashing around

Animals tend to seek out freshwater sources when the weather is hot. You should take your horse to a body of water like a pond or river and let it play in the water there.

Your horse will enjoy himself, get some exercise, and feel a bit more refreshed as a result of this activity.

The Following Are Some Indicators That A Horse Is Having a Good Day

  1. It is bending its head down.
  2. Having a slow blink rate and a kind glance.
  3. Its body is slack and floppy, and its ears are turned to the side.
  4. Lips that are sagging and intense.
  5. Its tail is swaying in a rhythmic pattern.

The Following Are Some Indicators That A Horse Is Having a Bad Day

  1. Around the eyes that are set far apart, there is tight skin.
  2. It is possible to see the whites of its eyes.
  3. Nostrils that are flaring or trembling.
  4. Lips and the muzzle were compressed.
  5. Legs splayed out, with the bulk of its mass concentrated in the back.
  6. Stomping and pawing feet.


Horses are often considered majestic animals that provide us with transportation, entertainment, and companionship. But many people don’t know that horses enjoy various activities for fun. In this blog post, we’ve detailed eight things horses love to do in their spare time. From playing tag to taking water baths, there’s something for every horse lover out there.


What are a couple of fun facts about horses?

Horses are able to sleep both standing up and lying down. They usually sleep for three to five hours a day. Horses have a great sense of smell; they use it to find water sources, identify their offspring and recognize predators.

What does a horse do all day?

A horse spends most of its day grazing. They will eat around 2% of their weight in grass daily. Horses also spend a lot of time socializing with other horses. They will groom each other, play, and run around together. Horses also like to swim and roll in the mud.