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What Does Wearing Cowboy Boots Say About You?

Last updated: November 15, 2023

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

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As I strut down the street, the sound of my cowboy boots hitting the pavement echoes around me. People turn to stare, some with admiration and some with disbelief. But I don’t mind. I know what wearing these boots says about me: I’m independent, strong-willed, and unafraid to stand out from the crowd.

Growing up in rural Louisiana, I learned the value of hard work and self-reliance at an early age. My boots have walked dusty trails, traipsed through mud, and stomped through the tall grass. They’ve seen it all, and so have I.

But these boots aren’t just a symbol of my upbringing. They’re also a statement of my personality. I’m not afraid to take risks, speak my mind, and follow my own path. I may not always fit in with the crowd, but I’m comfortable in my own skin, and I know that’s what really matters.

Picture of a person wearing cowboy boots with spurs.

7 Things Cowboy Boots Say About Your Personality.

Here is what fashion experts believe that wearing cowboy boots reveals about the users:

1. You are a person in charge.

People who wear cowboy boots, particularly high-heeled cowboy boots, are the ones who usually take charge. They are natural-born leaders, and people look up to them for guidance.

Men and women who wear high-heeled cowboy boots can make decisions quickly. They are clear and rational thinkers. They are also self-assured, which further aids the decision-making process.

Their clear thinking and self-confidence make people rely on them as they instantly feel they are in safe hands. High-heeled cowboy boots are the choice of assertive men and women who love being center stage.

2. You’re a goal-oriented multi-tasker.

People who prefer flat-soled cowboy boots or cowboy boots with short heels are usually goal-oriented and focused. They are also very organized and are usually multi-taskers who can take care of everything.

No wonder many soccer moms and busy women prefer wearing cowboy boots with low heels as they run about doing errands and multitasking.

3. You are open-spirited and outdoorsy.

Cowboy boots are also the choice of horseback riders and ranchers. They indicate a fun-loving person who is open-spirited and loves the outdoors. They love nature and spend a great deal of time hiking or riding. Their love for horses and animals, in general, is evident. They channel their rugged outdoor spirit through their attire.

4. Nurturing and generous. 

Many caregivers love wearing cowboy boots. Due to this fact, several hospitals in rural America allow their staff to wear cowboy boots (preferably with flat heels as long as the boots meet the dress code of that hospital). 

This is especially seen in many Texas hospitals – the administrators believe that when caregivers – especially nurses – dress up in the local styles, it helps them connect better with patients. And nothing symbolizes Western fashion as much as cowboy boots and cowboy hats. 

It is little wonder that many generous people love dressing up in Western attire, including cowboy hats and boots with denim shirts and jeans. They are known for their large and loving hearts. These people are also humble and modest. You know you are safe when they are around.

5. The man who looks ahead

A man who loves wearing cowboy boots is the type who looks to the future and doesn’t dwell on the past. He has an analytical approach to life and also has strategies for everything.

He is always prepared and does not let obstacles stop him. He is also grounded and practical and does not worry- he knows that only the best is in store for him. He is used to planning his moves way in advance. Like an expert chess master, he can think two or three steps ahead.

6. Casual and laid back

People who prefer causal cowboy boots are easy to be around. You can open up to them and trust them. They go with the flow, are laid back, casual, and friendly. They are trustworthy and make excellent friends. They are also easy-going, spontaneous, and unconventional.

They usually get along with everyone. They are natural conversationalists who can speak with people older and younger than them. They are versatile and ready to go with the flow. They are energetic and ageless and generally the life of parties.

7. You respect your roots.

Cowboy boots are an essence of the American heritage. They are iconic and an enduring symbol of the Wild Wild West. No other type of footwear has such a storied history as the cowboy boots.

Naturally, individuals who wear cowboy boots feel connected to that heritage and respect it. This man isn’t afraid to go the traditional route even when it’s unpopular!

Picture of a woman wearing cowboy boots and sitting on hay bales.

What do cowboy boots say about a woman?

Women who prefer flashy, high-heeled cowboy boots are erroneously perceived as materialistic. In reality, these women are hardworking and are known for their excellent work ethics. They are also determined, ambitious, and driven

This type of woman likes to say ‘Yes’ more than she says ‘no.’ She has excellent taste and loves surrounding herself with beauty. It is just how she lives. She cannot compromise, and she gets what she wants. She has excellent taste in decor, clothes, fashion, – and the people she surrounds herself with.

Women who prefer pump-style cowboy boots are total boss girls. They are efficient and powerful and do well in leadership roles. Want to get a job done? Choose the woman who wears cowboy boots!

The cowboy boot-loving woman is graceful and self-assured. She has a strong sense of self-worth and is very outgoing. As mentioned earlier, she is a leader, a rebel, and a charmer. She is everything!

Picture of me wearing Wrangler jeans and Chisos cowboy boots.
Chisos Cowboy boots

Why Do People Love Cowboy Boots?

Cowboy boots have been around for generations and will likely never ever go out of fashion. Here are some reasons why people love wearing cowboy boots:


Cowboy boots have a purpose. They are the right choice for horse riding as they help you easily get in and out of the saddle. Cowboy boots with heels also keep riders safe by firmly attaching to the spurs and preventing the rider from falling out of the saddle. 

Cowboy boots protect your feet and legs from sharp branches, stones, and other hazards while riding. Well-made, sturdy cowboy boots also help you walk easily and protect your feet while doing barn chores.

The tall shaft of the boots protects your jeans and legs from the muck while your legs remain comfortable inside the boots when the weather is cold, hot, or wet. Cowboy-style work boots are also very popular in industrial settings. They’re offered in durable leather with steel toe and nonslip soles.

They are stylish

Many people choose cowboy boots for their style element. These boots can make you stand out in a crowd – when you want to get noticed. They showcase your confident personality. They are a style statement and show people that you are fashion-forward.

They can make a person appear taller and slimmer.

Many petite people prefer cowboy boots with heels to give them an extra inch in height. I’m one of those people. I’m 5’8, barefooted, but I feel six foot tall in my cowboy boots.

When women tuck skinny jeans inside the boot’s shaft, they give their legs a slimmer appearance. Knee-length cowboy boots can also enhance one’s body shape.

Women love wearing cowboy boots with shorts and skirts or dresses for this purpose – they help accentuate their legs, making them appear shapely and slim.

They highlight your outfit.

Cowboy hats are to your wardrobe what marshmallows are too hot chocolate- the chocolate is great, but adding marshmallows enhances their taste further.

Similarly, cowboy boots are a wonderful accessory to enhance any attire; I often see lawyers wearing cowboy boots with suits and slacks. They are versatile and complement any outfit.

They boost your confidence.

Any man or woman who wears a great pair of cowboy boots instantly feels good about him/herself. They make you feel brave and self-assured, and that can enhance your self-esteem and confidence. You feel ready to take on any task when wearing the right cowboy boots.

Picture of the girls wearing cowboy hats.

Is it OK to wear cowboy boots every day?

Absolutely! You can even inspire others to wear them. Cowboy boots can become your signature – something that defines you. I have numerous acquaintances who never wear anything on their feet except cowboy boots. Square-toe cowboy boots seem to be the most popular style.

Naturally, cowboy boots do not look good with certain attires – for example, men should not wear cowboy boots with shorts except on hot days working around the house. But of course, ladies can wear cowboy boots with shorts and skirts.

If you plan on wearing cowboy boots in the warmer months, go in for shorter styles since over-the-knee boots could make you hot and sweaty. Ladies – please feel free to experiment with open-toe styles, too.

Here’s a short YouTube video about what cowboy boots say about you.

YouTube video

Conclusion – What Do Cowboy Boots Say About You?

Cowboy boots symbolize confidence and a strong personality. A man or woman who wears cowboy boots is looked upon as a self-assured, bold, and confident individual everyone looks up to. This is the person who can take charge and get things done. S/he is a clear and rational thinker that makes an excellent leader.

We hope this guide helps you channel your inner cowboy spirit.

FAQs – What does wearing cowboy boots say about you?

Are Western boots in style?

Yes, Western boots will probably never go out of style. Clever bootmakers will come up with ways to enhance what is already there, but they will likely never tamper with the basics.

How do cowboy boots feel?

Cowboy boots made with high-quality leather are buttery, soft, and comfortable. Naturally, it is crucial to select the correct size – not too tight or loose; otherwise, they won’t feel very good. As a rule of thumb, you should have 1/4th of an inch of heel slip when you walk in your cowboy boots.

Can you wear cowboy boots if you are not a cowboy?

Absolutely. Cowboy boots are no longer just the Cowboys’ domain. They let everyone channel their Western spirit and pay tribute to the rich American heritage.