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5 Best Women’s Jeans to Wear with Cowboy Boots

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If you’re looking for the best jeans to wear with cowboy boots, we’ve got five pairs that will show off your style. From skinny to bootcut, these stylish jeans are sure to impress!

The best women’s jeans to wear with cowboy boots are ARIAT R.E.A.L, Wallflower Luscious Curvy, Silver Jean Co., Kimes, and NYDJ boot-cut jeans: all of these look great tucked in or worn outside your boots; they’re comfortable, and you’ll love how they accentuate that certain something.

Read on to learn why I chose these jeans as the best ones to wear with cowboy boots. A pair of cowboy boots are the most versatile piece of footwear you can own – and you can never go wrong with them.

You can wear them any time of the year, in any color, and they also come in a wide range of styles and intricate patterns. But have you given any thought to which jeans to pair with them?

Picture of dancers wearing women's jeans with cowboy boots.

No doubt you have some ideas of your own, but if you don’t, we have five great women’s jeans that look great and match perfectly with cowboy boots. These jeans are all chosen based on real-life trials- so you can be confident they look good and are comfortable whether riding or wearing out on the town.

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My Personal Favorite: ARIAT R.E.A.L Mid-Rise Boot-cut Jeans

ARIAT R.E.A.L mid-rise boot cut jeans offer comfortable, subtle, yet practical fashion. They are made with cotton, spandex, and polyester – a mix that makes them perfectly flexible and stretchable.

Being made from stretchable material allows you to move around easily, which is especially handy while riding. They also hold their shape well while flattering yours.

ARIAT also combines world-class innovation and design with technology in all its apparel. 

Best Features

  • Perfect fit at the waist
  • Superior comfort
  • Ideal length

On the downside

  • Some women found it wider than normal below the knee and calf area.

Price range

  • $50-$75
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Best Budget: Wallflower Women’s Luscious Curvy Stretch Denim Jeans

Fresh and modern, Wallflower Women’s Luscious Curvy stretch jeans go very well with boots and heels. Its premium stretchy denim is ideal for riding and other sporty activities as well as everyday wear.

Wallflower jeans also feature threads of contrasting color, and the embellished pockets add to the style and function.

The jean’s mix of 81% cotton, 18% polyester, and 1% spandex ensure an excellent fit for all shapes and sizes.

Best Features

  • Top-rated jeans at affordable prices
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Super flexible and stretchy

On the downside

  • The stitching inside the jeans is stiff and sharp.

Price range

  • $30 to $45
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Best Overall: Silver Jeans Co. Suki Curvy Jeans

Silver Jeans are made of 77% cotton, 21% polyester, and 2% elastane, giving them the ultimate recovery feature and shaping.

The brand’s size chart is accurate, so you can safely buy your regular size as they fit true to size. Silver jeans are form-fitting and sure to accentuate your curves. Their leg opening is wide enough to accommodate cowboy boots with ease.

Best Features

  • Curvy fit with relaxed styling
  • High-quality material
  • Value for money
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and colors

On the downside

  • There have been reports of some fake ‘Silver Co. Products available on the Internet. Buy with caution if you are shopping online.

Price range

  • Between $17 and $130.
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Best Bootcut: Kimes Ranch Modest Bootcut Jeans

Boot-cut jeans are ideal for riding as they help you accommodate your riding boots.

Kimes Ranch modest bootcut jeans are made with 99% cotton and 1% elastane. They have a well-fitted upper thigh and knee and a mid-rise style that is ideal for riding. You can easily tuck these jeans into your cowboy boots or wear them outside the boots. You simply can’t go wrong with Kimes Ranch.

Kimes Ranch jeans are primarily known for their superior tensile strength thanks to their ring-spun denim, making them long-lasting.

Best Features

  • Excellent fit at the waist and floor-length ideal for most.
  • Long-lasting denim

On the downside

  • Some jeans stretched and opened out after washing.
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Best Shaping: NYDJ Women’s Barbara Bootcut Jeans

What sets NYDJ boot-cut jeans apart is that it is made using 72% cotton, 20% lyocell, 5% elastomultiester, and 3% elastane. These materials make it super flexible and stretchy while also imparting innovative shaping quality to the jeans.

NYDJ jeans have the perfect rise, a proprietary slimming panel, and a no-back-gap design (which happens to be an annoying feature in many riding jeans).

They also have a flattering pocket presentation combined with a patented crisscross design that flattens and tucks. The LiftXTuck® technology is ideal for shaping and accentuating curves.

Their boot-cut style is perfect to pair with any stylish pair of cowboy boots.

Best Features

  • Five-pocket style
  • Zip plus button closure
  • Premium shaping denim with patented lifting technology
  • Did we mention that these jeans are designed by women for women?

On the downside

  • Some sizing issues reported
  • A few jeans had a strong chemical odor.

Price range

  • Above $100

Should you tuck your jeans in cowboy boots?

Whether to tuck or untuck your jeans in your cowboy boots is an entirely personal choice. You can decide this based on the task at hand. For example, working on a ranch or farm might require tucking since doing so can help keep the lower half of your jeans free from dirt.

Tucking is also beneficial when you want to draw attention to your boots. If you have cowboy boots with intricate patterns that you’d like to show off and accentuate, then tucking the jeans in them makes sense.

However, tucking is not always feasible with all jeans styles. The flared or bell-bottom style is definitely uncomfortable to tuck in. The jeans will scrunch up and give your legs a bulky and strange appearance.

So decide on the task at hand, the amount of material your jeans have, and your purpose behind tucking them before you opt for it.


You might not think there is a lot of difference between jeans, but you would be surprised by how many contrasts there are in quality, styles, and fit. Each pair has something unique to offer, so take a look at all of these options before making your final decision.

You have myriad choices when it comes to selecting the best women’s jeans for cowboy boots. An ideal pair offers comfort, style, and flexibility and also accentuates your footwear.

We recommend the ARIAT R.E.A.L mid-rise boot cut jeans, which are comfortable, flexible, and stretchable, and retain their shape well while flattering your curves. Do check out our other recommendations as well.

If you’re looking for stylish riding pants but want something durable, too, I wrote an article that should provide some valuable information. It explains why wearing the right type of pants when horseback riding is important and provides tips on choosing the best ones to fit your needs.

Picture of Tecovas "The Doc" cowboy boots


Can you wear skinny jeans with cowboy boots?

You can easily tuck skinny jeans into your boots without worrying about them scrunching up. Cowboy boots and skinny jeans are also a great way to show off those toned legs. They are the ideal combination for any time of the year. You can also choose skinny jeans in a wide range of colors to match your cowboy boots.

Can you wear straight-fit jeans with cowboy boots?

Most men wear straight-fit jeans with cowboy boots because this combination imparts that classic masculine look. Women, too, can opt for ankle-length straight-fit jeans, but you must ensure the opening of the pants leg is wide enough to tuck the cowboy boot shaft into.

What is the difference between cowboy-cut and boot-cut jeans?

The Wrangler brand is the only one making cowboy-cut jeans. The main difference between a cowboy and boot cut is the width of the lower part of the jeans – in a cowboy cut, it is much tighter. In the boot cut, the lower part of the jeans widens a bit to accommodate the boot. Boot-cut jeans also get wider from the knees to the end.

How long should jeans be when worn with cowboy boots?

Longer jeans are better for riding. I like my riding jeans to just about touch the ground at the rear of my boot heels. At this length, they are at just the right height for when you’re sitting in the saddle.