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Best Winter Horse Riding Tights and Breeches – 2023 Top 7 Picks

Last updated: January 9, 2023

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

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As the temperature drops and winter sets in, many horse riders begin to think about cold-weather riding tights to keep them warm. While various options are available, finding the best winter horse riding tights and breeches can be difficult.

I found this out when I began looking for the perfect pair of winter riding tights to keep my daughter warm when she works her horse in the cold. After weeks of reviewing different options, we found seven ideal pairs.

While shopping, I learned there are many options for winter horse riding apparel. In this blog post, I discuss winter tights and breeches for riding horses and which are the best. Stay warm and safe during your next ride with the proper clothing.

Here are the topics I’ll cover:

  • Best Riding tights for winter
  • What is the difference between riding tights and breeches?
  • What are the warmest riding breeches?

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Best Riding Tights and Breeches for Winter – 2022 Top Picks

Winter may have paved the way to spring in many parts of the country, but some regions’ temperature is still frigid. If you’re dreading those biting cold days in the saddle or need a good pair of winter horse riding tights or breeches, worry no more.

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Picture of the front and back of a pair of winter riding tights.

#1. Winner – Horze Women’s Active Winter Silicone Full Seat Tights

My daughter picked HORZE women’s active full-seat tights as the top entry. She said they kept her warm and comfortable in the saddle and while doing chores around the barn, even on the coldest days.

These winter tights have great features and the classic look Horze tights are known for with a little bit of extra warmth. HORZE winter breeches feature a soft fleece lining that protects your legs from biting cold and rain.

Its mid-rise waist also allows riders to layer up easily in winter. Moreover, the breeches feature a front closure that does not restrict movements – which is essential when getting on and off your horse.

The full-seat silicone grip enhances your control and security in the saddle but still allows you to move around without difficulty. The sticky seat is definitely an advantage for beginner horse riders.

Kimberly mentioned that she wore a 2-4 in women’s pants and ordered a 32, which fit her fine, but you need to check the sizing chart before ordering your tights. Overall these are a great pair of winter riding tights, and we wholeheartedly recommend them.

Here is a YouTube video we made about Horze Riding Breeches.

YouTube video


  • Available in 9 US sizes and two attractive colors.
  • Soft brushed fleece lining
  • 4-way stretchy fabric
  • Supportive, mid-rise waist


  • Soft and warm
  • Holds up to washes – The pants keep their shape after many washes
  • True to size
  • Backside detailing is flattering
  • The sticky seat enhances security in the saddle


  • No pocket to carry the cell phone.

Expert Tips

  • Some women may need to size up.

How it compares

There are absolutely no complaints about the HORZE women’s active winter silicone full-seat tights. They are incredibly well-made, moderately stretchy, and perfect for winter riding. Moreover, you can also use them in the summer months – they won’t make you sweaty. They are also attractively priced for under $100. All in all, they are the best riding tights for use all year round.

Picture of Kerrits riding breeches.

#2. Best Riding Breeches for Winter: Kerrits Sit Tight n Warm Windpro Breeches

Kerrits have been my daughter’s favorite riding brand. She owns two of their Windpro breeches, and she said they keep her legs nice and warm even on rides when the temp drops in the 30s.


  • Made with Polartec windpro fabric
  • Lower leg panels for superior grip
  • Belt loops


  • Flattering fit
  • Warm and stretchy; keep the chilly wind out
  • You can pair them with a belt


  • Expensive
  • The color is different from the one seen on the screen.

How they compare

Kerrits WindPro riding breeches are warm and perfect for riding in those wet and chilly winter months. The price is slightly on the higher side.

Picture of Baleaf winter riding breeches

#3. Warmest Riding Breeches: BALEAF Women’s Winter Riding Pants Equestrian Fleece Lined Riding Breeches

BALEAF breeches are warm and soft. The brand claims that its Breeches can keep riders warm even in temperatures under 40F.


  • Mid-rise breeches with belt loops
  • Thermal, 4-way stretch fabric
  • Water-resistant and breathable
  • Seams on the lateral thigh area for better grip in the saddle
  • Large side pockets to hold a 6-inch phone
  • Elastic waistband
  • Cute pony-shaped silicone patches for grip
  • Available in 3 colors and several sizes


  • Warm, soft, highly stretchy
  • Perfect for extreme cold weather riding
  • Reduced friction and better grip
  • Great coverage at the waist


  • Not too durable, rip easily.

Expert Tips

Run a size small, so order accordingly.

How they compare

BALEAF riding breeches will keep you comfortable in 40 F and lower temperatures. These winter horse riding breeches wash well without pilling and offer an excellent grip, thanks to the cute pony silicone patches. Their price is affordable too.

Picture of HR Farm winter riding breeches

#4. Best Winter Riding Breeches with Pockets HR Farm Women’s Full Seat Silicone Grip Breeches Horse Riding Jodhpurs

If you like to carry your keys or phone while riding, these riding jodhpurs from HR Farm are perfect. They come with multiple pockets, and the ones on the back even have zippered closures.

HR Farm breeches are also 4-way stretchable and breathable. A full-seat silicone grip also characterizes them, and the silicone does not come off even after multiple washes. Unlike some of the other manufacturers, HR Farm specializes in equestrian wear.


  • Available in 25 colors and seven sizes
  • Made with a cotton-blend knit fabric having 4-way stretchability
  • Back pockets have YKK zippers – a total of four pockets
  • Lycra socks prevent bunching up when you wear tall riding boots


  • Very high-quality, non-see-through
  • Great for riding and barn chores – the hay brushes quickly off them
  • Breathable, flexible, soft, and hard-wearing
  • Silicone stays put after multiple washes
  • Suitable for all seasons and warm even in the harshest of winters.


  • Size issues

Expert Tips

  • They run small, so order a size up.

How they compare

At half the price of the HORZE riding tights above, HR FARM women’s winter riding breeches are an excellent choice for those on a budget. Other than the size issues, they have no flaws. They wash well without pilling, and the silicone stays put. They are also comfortable for all-year-round riding.

Picture of FitsT4 winter riding breeches

#5. Best Overall: FitsT4 Women’s Fleece Lined Riding Breeches Winter Equestrian Pants

Thanks to the fleece brushed lining, FitsT4 riding breeches will make sure you are warm and comfortable on those moderately chilly days. 

They are also stretchy, non-transparent, and feature knee patches that ensure a superior grip in the saddle.


  • It is made with 82%polyester and 18% Spandex for stretchability, warmth, and breathability.
  • Fleece lining for warmth
  • Secure and large side-pockets
  • High-rise with a 4-inch wide waistband
  • Available in 5 sizes and two colors


  • Soft, warm, non-bulky
  • Non-transparent
  • Enhanced security; grips the saddle well
  • Wash well
  • Great grip


  • They may not be best suited for temperatures less than 40F.
  • They also have the word Fleelice written on the backside – some women may not prefer that.

Expert tips

My daughter recommends the Fits T4 equestrian pants for 50 to 60 F temperatures. For temperatures below that, they may be slightly thin. 

How they compare

Priced under $50, the FitsT4 equestrian pants are affordable and have several great features for this price. They are comfortable and will surely keep you warm for those 50 F rides.

Picture of TuffRider winter riding breeches

#6. Best Fleece Lined Winter Breeches for Riding and Working: TuffRider Ladies Unifleece

TuffRider makes some incredible horse apparel. These winter breeches have a fleece lining and are also highly durable. This makes them ideal for riding and doing chores on cold, wet days.


  • Available in several sizes
  • Warm fleece lining
  • Low-rise waist with drawstring
  • Contoured sock bottom for wearing with riding boots
  • Zippered pockets to keep belongings safe
  • Made using 96% micro-polyester and 4% spandex for stretchability
  • Ultragripp® patches


  • Flattering
  • Warm and comfortable


  • Do not wash well – prone to pilling

Expert Tips

  • Use a fabric shaver on them after washing, and they will look brand new!

How they compare

These are wonderful breeches from TuffRider. Their fleece lining keeps them very warm. The pads on the knees grip well in the saddle. Their drawstring helps with fitting. Thanks to the contoured sock bottoms, they even fit nicely inside the riding boots. Their price is attractive too.

Picture of Mountain Horse Unisex winter riding breeches

#7. Best Unisex Winter Riding Breeches: Mountain Horse Unisex Polar Breeches

Mountain Horse Polar riding breeches are perfect for men and women who do not want the weather stopping them from doing what they love.

These fully sealed pants keep moisture and wind out and seal the warmth in. They also have 100% fiberfill with 120g insulation. Mountain Horse polar breeches are perfect to wear on long winter trail rides.


  • The outer shell and lining are 100% polyester
  • Fiberfill with 120g insulation
  • Available in 6 sizes


  • Warm
  • Waterproof


  • Not very durable

How they compare

Mountain Horse Unisex polar breeches are pricier compared to the other entries here. However, if you live in a very cold area, they are the perfect choice for winter riding.

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What Is the Difference Between Riding Tights and Breeches?

The main difference between riding tights and breeches is that the latter are not full-length. They are shorter and stop just above the ankles. Breeches are best for pairing with tall riding boots and cowboy boots. Riding breeches have been around for several years.

On the other hand, riding tights are a recent entry into the world of riding apparel. They run longer than breeches and can be worn with paddock boots and half chaps. Riding tights also have athleisure elements in them – they are stretchy and often made from modern technical fabrics and blends, including Spandex, Lycra, polyester, etc. Riding tights are also usually thinner and may not be lined.

Are Breeches Better Than Jodhpurs?

In English riding, Breeches and jodhpurs are both popular choices for riding. This makes one wonder whether one is better than the other.

The answer boils down to personal choice. Jodhpurs are longer, so you need to roll them up. You also need to wear them with riding clips and short riding boots. Jodhpur pants also have an elastic strap at the bottom of the ankles that go outside the boot and help secure the boot to the pants. 

Some equestrians feel that Breeches are smarter looking than Jodhpurs. However, you get stylish Jodhpur pants these days too, so it depends. Traditionally, equestrians wear jodhpurs for informal events only or schooling for adults. They are usually made of cotton or cotton blends. On the other hand, modern breeches are made with technical fabrics and are a better choice for show rings and formal clinics.

Picture of girl wearing winter horse riding tights.

Key Takeaways – Best Winter Horse Riding Tights and Breeches

Winter riding tights and breeches can keep you warm when riding your horse despite the chilly wind and wet weather. Unique winter breeches and riding tights are fleece-lined, and some even have insulation to ride in temperatures below 40 F.

I recommend the HORZE women’s active winter silicone full seat tights. They are incredibly well-made, moderately stretchy, and perfect for winter riding. You can also wear them in the summer months – they won’t make you sweaty. HORZE riding tights are also attractively priced under $100. All in all, they are the best riding tights for year-round wear.

FAQs – Best Winter Horse Riding Tights and Breeches

How do you wear riding breeches?

Always buy a pair of riding breeches that fit snugly. Nothing is more uncomfortable than riding in breeches that are too long or short. Select a waist with low, mid, or high-rise according to your comfort level. Pair the Breeches with comfortable riding boots.

Are breeches comfortable?

Yes, riding breeches and tights are very comfortable. They are made with 4-way stretchy fabrics. You also get Breeches for summer and winter riding. Accordingly, you can have IceFil or Fleece-lined breeches. 

How to look good in breeches?

To look good in breeches, tuck your shirt in. This will flatter your figure, no matter your body shape. Use a correctly fitted vest to hide problem areas—select breeches made of thicker materials and a wider waistband, as these flatter all body shapes.