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Cowboy Boots for Guys With Big Calves and Wide Feet

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Cowboy boots are a great addition to any cowboy’s wardrobe. Not only do they look great, but they also provide protection from the elements and help to keep your feet dry and comfortable. However, finding the right pair of cowboy boots can be a challenge, especially if you have wide feet or big calves.

Luckily many of the major brands offer cowboy boots with a roomy toe box and a comfortable shaft to accommodate guys with big calves and wide feet. Some of the best options are Ariat Ramblers, Loredo’s Lodi, and Guide Gear cowboy boots.

Men with big calves and wide feet may face some issues others don’t understand, especially when it comes to cowboy boots, but don’t despair. This article is very informative and provides some great boot options.

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Picture of my Chisos cowboy boots.
Chisos Boots

What Are the Best Cowboy Boot Toe Shapes for Wide Feet?

The most popular cowboy boot style is the traditional pointed toe. While this style looks great, it can be tight for someone with larger-than-average feet. If you’re looking for a cowboy boot that will fit better, try opting for a square toe or a round toe.

These styles have more room in the toe area, making them more comfortable for those with wide feet. There are also cowboy boots available in sizes EE and up, so don’t hesitate to ask about special orders if you can’t find what you’re looking for in a store.

With so many options available, there’s no reason to settle for a pair of cowboy boots that doesn’t fit well. Here are some other factors to consider:

Price: There is no doubt that cowboy boots are costlier than regular shoes. This is the reason why you should consider all the factors before you spend all your money on them. Shouldn’t they be worth it, then?

Width: You need to consider the width of your cowboy boots before buying them. Your shoes should be snug and fitting. However, the stitching on the outsoles should be visible.

Heel: Your boots should have the proper height. Initially, they may slip, but in the long run, as the wear and tear occur, your shoes will get more resistant and robust.

Size: You should never base your cowboy boots’ size on your tennis shoes’ size. It is also crucial that you do not ‘guess’ your size. You can measure the foot size using a pencil and paper and by checking tutorials on how to do it.

Toe-shape design: If you’re new to buying cowboy boots, the toe-shape design might get a little uncomfortable. So, try to find the one that fits in your feet snugly, especially if you’ve wide feet.

Shaft circumference: The shaft of a cowboy boot is measured from the bottom of the foot to the top of the boot, and the circumference is determined by the size of the opening of the shaft. Generally, the taller the boot, the wider the shaft and the greater the circumference. Most cowboy boots have a 14-inch circumference.

The above factors are some of the main ones. You can also look for other features like water resistance, slip resistance, sturdiness, and durability while searching for the best cowboy boots.

Cowboy boots used to be a one-style kind of footwear, pointy-toe, high shaft, and bulky heel. But these days, you can find cowboy boots in all sorts of different widths and toe shapes to accommodate feet of all sizes.

This is great news for anyone with wide feet, as cowboy boots are now more accessible than ever before. And with so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair that fits your personal taste.

So whether you’re looking for a classic cowboy boot or something a little more modern, don’t be afraid to try on a pair of cowboy boots – they just might be the perfect fit.

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right pair of boots. The first decision you need to make is what is your primary purpose for buying the boots. For example, if riding is the primary consideration, then you don’t want boots with a bulky soles that could hang up in a stirrup.

Picture of a rack of cowboy boots, some for men with wide feet or big calves,

My favorite cowboy boots for guys with big calves and wide feet.

Now you know all the factors to look for before buying cowboy boots, let’s move on to the next step of finding the right boots for you.

It’s a hassle to find boots when you have wide feet. We understand that it is even harder to find the perfect set of cowboy boots when you have big calves and wide feet. However, we have selected the three best cowboy boots for comfort and ease of getting them on and off.

Picture of Ariat Men's Rambler Western Cowboy boot.

1.   Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boot

After talking to friends and doing research, I found the best pair of boots for men with wide feet and thick calves. It’s the Ariat Ramblers. These Ariat boots are made of 100 percent all leather.

There are also three shades – brown, wicker, and grey, from which you choose the one you like. The boots have a distressed leather foot and upper, which can provide stability to your feet and prevent it from slipping.

But the most important factor is that it comes in EE size, has a wide-toe bed, and has a large opening for men with wide feet and big calves. In addition, these boots include a footbed that can keep your feet dry even during hot conditions.

Additionally, this footbed is also gel-cushioned and acts as a shock absorber by preventing any harm to your feet and joints. These boots also have a Duratread sole. This type of sole is great for resistance and reducing the wear and tear of boots. Plus, they fit men with big calves and wide feet.

Brand: Ariat

Category: Under $200

Where to buy: Amazon

Customer reviews: Over 2,000 customers provided reviews of the Ariat Ramblers.

picture of Laredo men's Lodi western cowboy boots,

2.   Laredo Men’s Lodi Western Boots

The second-best boots on my list are the Loredo Men’s Lodi Western Boots. They are a cheaper alternative to the first pair of boots and have some of the best features too.

These boots are extra wide and suitable for your big calves and wide feet. Additionally, the design looks traditional, with its intricate stitching pattern. This makes these boots one of the best options to consider.

The boots are made up of pure leather that provides them with durability and sturdiness. The synthetic outsole also helps in keeping your feet dry and prevents them from slipping.

Some of the best features of these boots are their extra width that can accommodate your feet perfectly. It also has excellent resistance that gives stability to your feet and avoids any mishaps. As the material is leather, the boots are quite durable too.

However, these boots are not fully waterproof and can get wet and muddy. To read my article on waterproof cowboy boots, click this link.

Brand: Laredo

Category: Under $135

Where to buy: Amazon

Customer reviews: Customers rated these Laredo boots 4.6 out of 5 stars.

picture of Guide Gear men's cowboy boots,

3.   Guide Gear Men’s Cowboy Boots

Guide Gear Men’s Cowboy boots are the best for you if you have a fixed budget. These boots have an excellent stitching design that you can show off wherever you go. It also comes in two colors – black and tan, so you can choose whichever color you like.

The material is not fully leather, as it is semi-synthetic. However, both the leather and synthetic material give the boots additional features. These boots have a rubber outsole that makes them flexible and durable too. It has a 2” inch heel for stability.

Some of the best features of these boots are the padded insole for extra comfort and ease, the rubber outsole for more durability, the reasonable price, the excellent design, and the perfect height. Plus, they are suitable for men with big calves and wide feet.

However, the design is not traditional and may not appeal to all.  Additionally, these boots are not slip-resistant, so if you’re looking for boots that can sustain in rough terrains, these boots may not be the perfect match.

Brand: Guide Gear

Category: Under $90

Where to buy: Amazon

Customer reviews: Find out what over 700 people have to say about Guide Gear boots by clicking here.

Picture of me wearing Chisos #2 with wrangler jeans.
Chisos #2


This brings us to an end. We sincerely hope this guide helped you to find the perfect pair of boots. After all, just because you have big calves and broad feet, you don’t have to be left out. You can still find comfortable boots that display your personality and appeal the most to you.

Below is a YouTube video that discusses stretching cowboy boot shafts to fit wide calves.


Can you wear cowboy boots if you have high arches?

Although bootmakers don’t typically promote cowboy boots for people with high-arched feet, there are some suitable boots. I suggest lace-up or cowboy boots with zippers for high-in steps. You can check out this article for my top cowboy boots for people with high-insteps: The 5 Very Best Cowboy Boots for Women With High Insteps.

Are cowboy boots ok to wear for business casual?

Yes, cowboy boots look great with casual business attire, and there are various styles you can choose from, exotic skins, pointy toe, or square toe, to name a few. Here is a list of boots that I recommend: Good Looking Cowboy boots you can wear with slacks or a suit

Are Ariat cowboy boots made in the USA?

No, most Ariat boots are made outside of the United States in either Mexico or China; however, they do have one line of boots they make in the U.S., Two24.
You can read more about why companies export boot making and specifically about Ariat boots here: Ariat Boots Where are they Made, and Does the Country Matter?

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