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The 5 Best Cowboy Boots for High Insteps: Picks for Women

Last updated: April 3, 2024

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

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Finding cowboy boots that fit well and look great can be challenging for women with high insteps. In this guide, ‘The 5 Best Cowboy Boots for High Insteps: Picks for Women,’ we’ll introduce you to top picks that combine comfort, style, and a perfect fit for high insteps.

We’ll explore options tailored for those with specific foot needs, ensuring every woman can enjoy cowboy boots’ rugged charm and elegance. Whether you’re a fan of country style, an urban fashion enthusiast, or simply looking for comfortable and stylish footwear, this article has you covered.

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Understanding High Insteps

Before diving into our curated selection of the best cowboy boots for high insteps, let’s explore what a high instep is and its significance in the quest for the perfect boot. A high instep refers to the raised area of your foot between the ball and the ankle. Think of it as the foot’s bridge—higher than average in some; it creates a unique challenge when slipping into boots.

Why does this matter in footwear selection? A high instep affects how a boot fits and how comfortable it feels throughout the day. For women with high insteps, the struggle is real. Standard boots can pinch, leading to discomfort or, worse, not fit. This is where the proper cowboy boot can make a world of difference.

When selecting boots, common issues for high-instep individuals include tightness across the top of the foot, difficulty sliding the foot in and out of the boot, and undue pressure on the top, which can lead to discomfort or pain. It’s not just about getting your foot in the boot; it’s about enjoying a comfortable fit once it’s on.

In our journey to find the best cowboy boots for high insteps, we’ve kept these challenges in mind. I aim to ensure that style meets comfort and functionality so every step you take is as comfortable as it is confident. Stay with us as we guide you through our top picks, each chosen for their ability to cater to the unique needs of a high instep without compromising on the cowboy charm and style we all love.

Best Cowboy Boots for High Insteps

Ariat Women’s Heritage Lacer II Western Cowboy Boot

Laced ropers are ideal for people with high insteps, and the Ariat Heritage Lacer boots are among the best on the market. Because they are not standard pull-on cowboy boots, you can open the shaft wide to slip in your foot comfortably.

They are made of 100 percent soft leather, and the shaft is only six inches high. Like most roper-style boots, the heel is only 1 inch tall, making these Ariats extremely comfortable even when worn all day.

When worn with jeans, the Heritage boots look like any other roper cowboy boots. Many people ride their horses with laced ropers and have no complaints. I have a pair, but I prefer to ride with pull-on boots.

Ariat Boot Company has a reputation for incorporating the best materials and the latest technology to provide consumers with the highest quality products. These Ariat Women’s Heritage Lacer II Western Cowboy Boots uphold that reputation.

Why we like the Ariat Heritage Lacer II Cowboy Boot

  • The 6-inch laced shaft makes it easy for people with high arches to get this boot on and off easily.
  • The roper-style heel
  • The overall look of the boot
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Moisture-wicking lining

Overall impression

These are excellent options for people with high insteps. They look great, and you can’t see a difference between these laced ropers and traditional ropers when you wear them with jeans.

Customer reviews

Over 350 Amazon consumers have reviewed the Ariat Women’s Heritage Lacer II Western Cowboy Boots, which earned a 4.4 out of 5-star rating. Here is a direct link to their comments to read what others think of these boots.

PIKOLINOS Women’s Cowboy Boots

This is an excellent boot for people with high insteps. The zipper opens the shank wide, allowing you to slip your foot in and out easily.

As you can tell from the picture, Pikolino boots are striking. I haven’t worn the boots, but the only things that concern me a little bit are the two-inch heels. I think the heel’s height adds to the footwear’s look, but I’m not sure how comfortable it is for high-arched feet.

But if you’re accustomed to wearing boots or shoes with heels, you shouldn’t have any issue with these. They are described as having a padded footbed, which I assume is a padded insole for added comfort.

Here is a list of features from Amazon:

  • Rubber sole- Rubber soles are excellent for walking on slippery surfaces and are typically durable.
  • Calfskin leather uppers with stitching and strap accents– Calfskin leather is soft and flexible.
  • Comfortable fabric linings: Lining in leather boots is always welcome.
  • Side zipper closure for easy on / off– Great for high-arched feet!
  • Lightly padded footbed– This should add to the boot’s overall comfort.
  • 2-inch stacked heel– This could be a problem for some.

Overall impression

Pikolinos’ side zipper makes getting their cowboy boots on and off easy, and this is a significant concern for most women with high arches. However, sometimes high heels are off-limits for high arches. The verdict: Pikolinos boots suit some women with high insteps and not others.

Justin Women’s Gypsy Collection Western Boot

The Justin Gypsy Western boot slides on smoothly and is wide enough for those with high-arched feet who need a zipper or laces to get into a boot. These boots are made from 100 percent leather and have superb arch support.

The synthetic sole is flexible and provides grip, although it’s not ideal for horseback riding. I prefer leather soles, and my favorite horseback riding boots are Justin Ropers. The Gypsy Western boots are designed for comfort, with a 1 1/2-inch heel and an 8″ shaft.

These attractive, built-to-last boots are the Gypsy Western boots. They are ideal for working around the barn or going to town. They have a round toe and elaborate stitching on the shaft.

What we like about the Justin Gypsy Western Boots

  • The short shaft makes it easy to get your foot in and out
  • The 1.5-inch heel is comfortable
  • The decorative stitching and round-toe
  • Justin brand is reliable

Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Heritage Dapper

These are fun, comfortable cowboy boots. Most Ariat boots work well for people with high arches. They may start a little tight across the vamp, but with time, they loosen up.

If you cannot walk through the break-in period, take your boots to a western store and have them professionally stretched, or you can try our recommended method to break in cowboy boots.

Ariat Fatbaby boots have an 8-inch shaft that is easy to get your foot into. The toe box is roomy, and the soles are flexible, providing exceptional traction. The boots are comfortable and fashionable.

Although Ariat advertises them as riding boots, they shouldn’t be your first choice. The soles are too broad and have too much grip for safe use with most stirrups.

What we like about the Ariat Fatbaby boots

  • They’re stylish, comfortable, and versatile
  • Their short shaft makes them easy to put on
  • The rounded toe
  • Ariat brand

Overall impression

Ariat Fatbabies are fabulous-looking boots that are exceptionally comfortable, reasonably priced, and durable. If you’re a horse person, they are suitable for groundwork, but not riding.

Customer reviews

Over 5,500 Amazon customers provided written reviews of the Ariat Fatbaby boots. Their average grade is 4.6 out of 5 stars. Here is a link to Amazon customer reviews for you to see what other customers have to say about these boots:

Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boot

Charles Albert boots are not your typical cowboy boots, and they are much less expensive; however, they are well-made boots. These western-style boots look great with their rounded toe and 2 1/2-inch heel.

They are designed with a wide opening and a short shaft, which makes them ideal for women with high arches and thick calves. Their pull-on tabs make it easy to put the boot on quickly.

The sole of this Charles Albert boot is made of synthetic material and has an excellent tread to prevent slipping. When worn with jeans, these boots look like traditional Western boots.

What we like about these Charles Albert Cowboy Boots

  • Price, stylish boots for under $50!
  • Charles Albert is an established brand.
  • The rounded toe looks good with everything
  • Comfort

Overall impression

These are exceptional boots for the price but don’t expect to work in them. Overall, you can’t go wrong with these Charles Albert boots, and the full design with the low shaft is ideal for women with high arches.

Customer reviews

Over 1,700 Amazon customers reviewed the Charles Albert boots and rated them an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Here is the link to their reviews to read what they think of these boots.

Lucchese Women’s Handmade Vanessa Cowgirl Boot Round Toe

Lucchese bootmakers are known for their high-end cowboy boots. They are handcrafted boots designed with attention to the most minor details. The feel of their footwear is unmatched.

The Lucchese Vanessa Cowgirl boots are no exception; they are incredibly comfortable, even for people with high arches. The boots are made from fine leather and have a quality leather sole. If properly cared for, they will last a lifetime. When the sole wears out, it can be replaced.

Lucchese Vanessa boots have a tall shaft, 16″ from the arch. The length of the cylinder could be a problem for some with extremely high arches, but the opening is large enough for most individuals.

What we like about the Lucchese Vanessa Cowgirl boots

  • Quality leather that forms to your foot the more you wear them
  • Leather soles are the best material for horseback riding
  • Round toe and decorative stitching on the shaft
  • Pull-on straps to make getting the boots on your foot easy
  • Lucchese brand

Overall impression

The Vanessa Cowgirl boots are versatile boots that you can wear horseback riding, dining, or dancing in. They are made with attention to detail and are extraordinarily comfortable. But there is a problem: although they have a wide opening, the shank is long and might be too difficult for some women with high insteps to wear.

Customer reviews

Not too many customers reviewed these boots, but the few who rated them gave them an average score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Here is a link to their reviews:

Below is a YouTube video on women’s Western boot fashion you may find helpful.

Criteria for Selecting Cowboy Boots for High Insteps

Certain features are non-negotiable when choosing the right cowboy boots for high insteps. These characteristics ensure that your boots are a fashion statement and a comfortable fit for your unique foot structure. Here’s what to look for:

  1. Arch Support: Essential for high insteps, proper arch support ensures your foot is comfortably positioned within the boot. This support helps distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on your instep.
  2. Wider Fit: Boots with a wider fit around the instep area provide extra room, accommodating the raised arch without squeezing or pinching. This feature is a game-changer for comfort and ease of wear.
  3. Flexible Materials: Look for boots made with flexible materials, especially around the instep. Materials like soft leather can adapt to the shape of your foot, providing comfort without compromising the boot’s structure.
  4. Easy Entry Design: Features like side zippers, elastic panels, or a wider opening make slipping your foot in and out of the boot easier – a critical consideration for those with high insteps.
  5. Cushioned Insoles: A cushioned insole provides comfort and helps accommodate and support high arches, making a long day on your feet much more bearable.
  6. Quality Construction: Well-constructed boots can improve their fit and feel. Quality craftsmanship ensures that the boot retains its shape and support over time.

Remember, comfort and style go hand in hand with cowboy boots. While the aesthetic appeal initially draws you to a pair, the comfort and fit will determine your satisfaction in the long run. The right cowboy boots for high insteps should complement your style and provide the support and comfort needed for your unique foot structure. My top picks for the best cowboy boots for high insteps have been chosen with these criteria in mind, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on either comfort or style.

Picture of my daughter wearing Lane Ankle Cowboy boots. She finds these comfortable for her high insteps.
Lane Lexington Booties

How to Choose the Right Cowboy Boots for Your Instep

Selecting the ideal cowboy boots for a high instep involves more than just picking a style you love; it’s about ensuring a perfect fit for your foot. Here’s how you can make sure your new boots are as comfortable as they are stylish:

  1. Measuring Your Instep and Foot:
    • Use a Measuring Tape: Wrap a measuring tape around the highest part of your foot’s arch (your instep) to get the circumference. This measurement is crucial in determining the right boot fit.
    • Foot Length and Width: Don’t forget to measure the length and width of your entire foot. This ensures that the boots fit well at the instep and in length and width.
    • Consult Size Charts: Use your measurements to consult size charts provided by boot manufacturers, as sizes can vary between brands.
  2. Trying On and Testing Cowboy Boots:
    • Time of Day Matters: Try on cowboy boots in the afternoon or evening, as feet naturally expand throughout the day. This ensures a fit that will be comfortable all day long.
    • Wear the Right Socks: Wear the socks you plan to wear with the boots. This affects the fit, especially with high insteps.
    • Check the Instep Fit: When trying on the boots, focus on how they fit around your instep. The boot should not be too tight or press uncomfortably against the top of your foot.
    • Walking Test: Walk around in the boots. They should feel comfortable and supportive, with enough room to move your toes but not so loose that your heel slips.
    • Ease of Entry and Exit: Ensure you can wear and take off the boots without excessive struggle. A boot that’s too difficult to slip into or remove is a sign that it’s not the right fit for a high instep.

Remember, the right cowboy boots will feel comfortable when you wear them. They should accommodate your high instep without pinching or squeezing, allowing you to enjoy cowboy boots’ unique style and comfortable fit.

Note: There are specially made boot stretchers designed to increase the vamp of cowboy boots. You just place them in your boots and crank up the pressure. Let them sit for twenty-four hours, and they should increase your foot space.


In summary, finding the right cowboy boots for women with high insteps doesn’t have to be daunting. By understanding what a high instep is, knowing the essential features to look for, and following tips for measuring and trying on boots, you can find a pair that offers both style and comfort.

Remember, the perfect boots are those that not only accentuate your style but also cater to the unique needs of your feet. So, embrace the journey and step confidently in tailor-made cowboy boots for your high insteps.


Are cowboy boots with zippers good for people with high insteps?

Yes, cowboy boots with zippers are good for people with high insteps. The zipper on the boots typically opens wide, making it easy for people with high arches to get the boots on and off. Putting on and taking off cowboy boots is the primary problem for most who have high insteps.

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