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Unique and Fun Horse Decoration Ideas For A Boy Or Girls Party

Last updated: August 5, 2022

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

Every child looks forward to their birthday parties for the chance to be surrounded by their family and friends for their special day filled with sweets, yummy food, and who can forget the cake!

My grandkids always want a horse-themed birthday party. For my granddaughter, the current obsession is anything related to Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron or barrel racing; for the boys, it’s roping and cowboy hats that have their interest.

But horse-themed parties aren’t just for kids with horses; they’ve become a popular choice for both girls and boys that simply like horses, and there are several horse decoration ideas that you can do to make their party be the talk of the neighborhood without breaking the bank.

picture of horse related party favors,

Planning ideas for your horse-themed party

So stick around as I go over some great tips on making their horse-themed party a remarkable one! In planning a boy or girl party, equestrian-themed decorations are an excellent addition for any party, including western, ranch, and farm animal-themed ones.

You can consider adding horse decorations such as prize ribbons, horse party favors, and western invitations to add the finishing touches to your child’s special day. So, while your child may want an actual horse on their birthday, you can give them the next best thing by doing things like:

• Including horse activities for the kids to enjoy
• Create western-themed invitations
• Include games regarding horses
• Birthday cake with horse decorations

Now I know this sounds pricey, but luckily, there are so many things you can do yourself at home to keep you within your budget, and some are with materials found right in your home!

A party wouldn’t be complete without some yummy sweets for all the guests to enjoy, and some fantastic snacks to include for this theme would be cake pops with horse decorations on them, cupcakes with cowgirl decorations, and many more!

Parties with a horse theme for girls

Suppose you’re planning a horse theme party for girls but have no idea where to begin. In that case, you’ll be glad to know that some excellent ways of incorporating horses into the party would be by adding cake toppers on the cake that include horses and decorating the main table with items such as prize ribbons and horseshoes.

picture of a girls birthday party,

You can add desserts in little mason jars such as cakes or trail mix, horse-shaped cookies, and you can top it off by adding an equestrian-themed piñata. You can choose piñatas with horseshoes, or if they are a fan of fictional horses, you can check to see if they make them or customize one for her special day.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a party without any western-themed invitations to add that cowgirl essence to her special day!! You can make the invitations horse-shaped or add a picture of your child riding a horse to the invitations. Either one will be a great way to get your guests pumped for the party.

That said, the birthday girl’s outfit has to match the theme, and what better way than having her dress up as a cowgirl! You can decide whether you prefer to make her outfit at home or purchase one online; regardless, it is a great way to have them look and feel fabulous on their big day.

You can include a cowgirl hat, cowgirl boots, along with an adorable western-style outfit such as a beautiful tutu skirt or leggings and a checkered shirt to complete the look. If you prefer to purchase the clothes online, you can find many different styles to choose from to fit your desired style.

You can plan to include activities and games in the party to have all the little boys and girls participating to guarantee everyone has a good time. A fun little project you can plan for the kids would be to print out coloring sheets that include our equestrian pals so the children can each have fun coloring their horse to their liking.

It’s a great way to keep the kiddies entertained, and you can print them in your own house if you own a printer, which saves you time and money! A horse-themed party wouldn’t be complete without having cowboy hats for the kids to decorate with stickers and accessories.

For this, you might want to have the cowboy hats purchased before the party to make sure you have enough for all the children to partake in this fun activity. An excellent classic game like Pin The Tail On The Horse is a great game to include in your equestrian-themed party, as well as having them play horseshoes.

If you want to be more creative with the games, you can choose to play Lasso with a wooden or plastic horse. The game’s main point is to have them throw hula hoops that have ropes attached to each one and have the children try to land the hula hoop around the horse’s neck.

It’s a cute and fun way for them to interact with each guest while showing off their cowboy and cowgirl skills. Did I mention how adorable they look playing this game? If it’s within your budget, you can surprise the child by planning a visit to the stable with their friends.

A stable is a neat way for them to have an up-close encounter with Horses, all while learning how to feed them, brush them and even paint the horses for the party! Just make sure to let the parents you’re inviting know of the event so they can make sure to dress for the occasion.

picture of a boy with two horses,

Parties with a horse theme for boys

Are you planning a party for the special little cowboy in your life? With so many options to choose from, you might not know where to begin. Luckily I found some great ideas that you can incorporate to make the party a success!

A cowboy isn’t complete without his horse; that said, you can include activities such as making horse sticks for the kids to do with simple materials such as tape, glue, staples, and white paper if cardboard isn’t available. It’s an excellent way for the kids to enjoy the party without leaving a dent in your wallet.

If riding ponies is on their wish list, and your budget allows it, you can think of hiring pony rides so that he and the guests can enjoy it. If this isn’t within your budget, then you come up with an alternative and create horsetails and horse ears as a costume for the children to wear.

This idea will surely be a fun and easy way to entertain your guests while including horses in your theme. As far as party favors items, you can include horse stickers, plastic horse figurines, cowboy hats, and bandanas to add that western style.

You can make it original by putting the favors in a horse-decorated favor box versus the typical favor bags that we usually see at these parties. If you want to make the party stand out, you can find unique party favors such as small soaps to hand out that contain horses inside them; this will surely be a fun way to get them excited to obtain the toy while getting them to shower; without a fuss!

Luckily, there are various styles to choose from when decorating your child’s party. You can choose from adding haystacks by the center table for that authentic cowboy feeling and include balloons with horses for unforgettable pictures!

Additionally, if you’re unsure of which decorations to choose, you can select decorations with cowboy boots or horses on them, which will be a great addition to the party’s theme. Thankfully, there are so many different styles to choose from nowadays that you won’t have an issue finding the perfect decorations to suit your desired look.

To make your cowboys day special, consider opting out of purchasing regular, boring cups and invest in cowboy-shaped plastic cups to hand out the drinks for all the guests. These cups can be found online for around $20 and will be a favorite at the party.

I suggest jotting down some ideas and calculating your budget goal so you know where you stand and what you can afford to assure smooth party planning. Summing it all up, whether the party you’re planning is for your son, daughter, or your grandkids, I gathered up some essential information to prepare you for a successful equestrian-themed party.

You can choose to get creative and craft most of the things yourself to make it more personal, or you can always find all of these mentioned items online or in stores near you. You are now equipped with some essential information to make their day an unforgettable one!