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How Tall is a Horse Trailer? Heights of Popular Models

Last updated: November 4, 2022

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

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I was looking at horse trailers, and the salesman was telling me about the different features. He told me that one of the most important things to consider was how tall the trailer was. I asked him why that mattered, and he said, “Well, if you have a taller horse, you need a taller trailer.”

Most horse trailers range from 7′ to 7’6″ in height, an a/c unit it will add 12″ to its height. Taller trailers are available for large horse breeds, and manufacturers typically make trailers up to 8′ in height.

You can order a custom-built trailer for your desired height, but be aware there are trailer height regulations. I’ve compiled some information below to help you get a general idea of the heights of the various types of horse trailers.

Picture of a horse with its head in a trailer.

Get the right trailer height for your horse.

The most common reason a person needs to know the height of a horse trailer is to ensure it will haul their horses safely and comfortably. So how tall should a trailer be for your horse?

A trailer with a 7′ height will fit a horse from 14 hands to 16 hands without any problems. A trailer with a 7’6″ roof should be fine hauling horses from 16.3 hands up to 17 hands tall. Horses over 17 hands can be hauled in a trailer 7’8″, but it would be better to use a trailer with an 8′ ceiling height.

How to measure your horse trailer for storage

Often prospective buyers have a barn on-site and need to ensure the trailer they buy will fit through the opening, or they’re building a new storage facility and need measurements to be sure their new horse trailer fits.

Measure the trailer while it’s hitched to your tow vehicle. The addition of your truck and hitch may increase its height. Also, make sure you are on level ground when taking measurements; uneven ground could give you an inaccurate result.

Measure the trailer from the tallest point of the roof to the point where the tires meet the ground. Including roof additions, such as an a/c unit, or vents, in your measurements is also essential.

Confirm the height of the storage facility entryway. You want to have at least 18 inches of clearance from the top of the horse trailer to the top of the doorway.

While you have your tape measure out, go ahead and explore the interior measurements of the trailer as well. The outside measurements are essential for storing the trailer, but the inside is critical when hauling your horses. Confirm it is as tall as advertised and has enough space for your horses to fit safely and comfortably. .trailer edited

How tall is a four-horse trailer with living quarters?

Most trailer manufacturers design trailers based on standard measurements. So, what’s the standard height for a four-horse trailer with living quarters?

Standard four-horse trailers with living quarters are 7’6″ to 7’8″ tall. These models are popular with equestrian eventers. They typically have a gooseneck hitching system, roof-mounted a/c units, and roof vents.

Below are a couple of examples of the dimensions of four-horse trailers I’ve compiled for you to see.

Featherlite’s Living Quarters Trailer, Liberty Model

  • Interior height: 7’6″
  • Width: Comes in either 7′ or 8′ models
  • Weight: The weight depends on the number of amenities in the living quarters. Expect over 8,000 lbs.

For more information on this Featherlite trailer, visit their company website here.

EquiSpirit 4 Horse Trailer CenterLoad/Head-to-Head.

  • Interior height: 7’8″
  • Width: 6’8″
  • weight: 8,400 lbs.

To learn more about EquiSpirit trailers and review other models, you can click here to visit their company’s website.

Picture of a gooseneck horse trailer.

How tall is a two-horse bumper-pull trailer?

Bumper-pull trailers are light and easy to tow. But do they have sufficient height for full-sized horses? I did some research to find out how tall popular brands of two-horse bumper pull trailers are.

The standard height of a two-horse bumper pull trailer is 7’6″ tall. Manufacturers also have taller models to accommodate large horses or will custom-build trailers to meet specific needs.

Two-horse bumper pull trailers are convenient and more comfortable to tow. They are great for horse owners with small tow vehicles. (read our article here on weight distributing hitches). Most two-horse trailers can accommodate horses up to 17 hands tall.

EquiSpirit 2 Horse Bumper Pull w/ dressing room.

  • Height: 7’6″
  • Weight: 3,300
  • Overall axle width: 8′, interior width is 6′

To learn more about this trailer and see other models, you can click here to visit their company’s website.

Townsmand Bumper Pull Two-Horse Trailer

  • Height: 7’6″
  • Weight: 2,600 lbs
  • Overall axle width: 8′, interior width is 6′
Picture of a horse loading in a trailer.

Below is a helpful YouTube video that discusses safety considerations when hauling horses in your trailer.

YouTube video

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