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84 Palomino Horse Names for Males, Mares, and Dapples.

Last updated: March 13, 2024

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

Palomino horses, with their stunning golden coats and flowing manes, evoke images of sun-drenched fields and the rich allure of myth and legend. Selecting the best name for a palomino horse involves more than just a nod to their beautiful color; it’s about capturing the essence of their grace, temperament, and unique personality that makes each horse an individual.

This guide, infused with suggestions and inspired by everything from Greek mythology to iconic horses in movies, will help you find a fitting name for your palomino mare or stallion, ensuring it reflects their majestic spirit.

Palomino MaresBoy PalominosDapple Palominos
Daffodil (Daffy)Golden FlameBrindle.
BlondieLion Buckeye (Bucky)
PrincessAlexanderGolden Rod
Sunflower (flower)SonnyGolden Cloud
Mellow YellowDustyApache
Gold StarBeauCheetah
Picture of a palomino looking at the camera.
This palomino seems to be a bit nosey.

The Best Palomino Horse Names and Their Meanings

Choosing a name for your palomino horse is a significant decision, one that reflects the horse’s personality, your personal interests, or even your horse’s lineage. Here, we delve into some of the most captivating names for palomino horses, exploring the stories and meanings behind them:

  • Beau: Celebrating the French influence in Louisiana, “Beau” translates to handsome—a fitting tribute to the striking beauty of palomino colts.
  • Calamity: Named after the fearless Calamity Jane, this name suits a mare with a whirlwind of spirit and strength.
  • Elsa: Drawing from the magical and powerful characters in “Frozen” and “Born Free,” Elsa is ideal for a feisty filly with a strong presence.
  • Gabe: Short for Gabriel, this name, inspired by the angelic messenger, suits a swift, light-colored palomino with a divine streak.
  • Bella: A nod to Queen Isabella’s love for palominos, Bella is perfect for a mare with a regal and golden presence.
  • Phoebe: With ties to Greek mythology and a quirky character from “Friends,” Phoebe could fit a palomino with a playful and whimsical side.
  • Pilgrim: Reflecting an easy-going nature and a love for exploration, Pilgrim is ideal for a horse with a calm and adventurous spirit.
  • Tabitha: Inspired by the mischievous character in “Bewitched,” this name suits a mare with ambition and a knack for getting into playful trouble.
  • Daisy: Symbolizing simplicity and natural beauty, Daisy is a sweet and classic choice for a palomino that embodies grace and cheerfulness.
  • Titus/Titan: Evoking strength and bravery, these names are suited for a horse with a noble and courageous heart.
  • Woody: Reminiscent of the loyal sheriff from Toy Story, Woody is a classic name for a dependable and friendly trail companion.

Each name carries its own story and significance, offering a way to honor the unique qualities of your palomino horse. Whether inspired by historical figures, mythology, or the natural world, the perfect name awaits, ready to reflect the spirit and beauty of your equine friend.

palomino stallion
Palomino horse trotting in a paddock.

The Inspiration Behind Palomino Horse Names

Golden Hues and Nature’s Beauty: Names like Saffron, Goldie, Buttercup, and Aurora draw inspiration from the palomino’s golden coat, reminiscent of the warmth of sunrise or the soft glow of dawn. These names celebrate the horse’s natural elegance and the radiant beauty that sets palomino horses apart.

Legendary Figures and Mythological Roots: Drawing from the rich well of mythology and legendary tales, names such as Pegasus, Atlas, and Aurora not only highlight the horse’s majestic presence but also their connection to stories of strength, adventure, and divine grace. Greek goddesses and celestial bodies offer a treasure trove of names that mirror the palomino’s ethereal quality.

Iconic Horses and Cultural References: Trigger, Roy Rogers’s famous palomino, and other notable horses from movies and television, like Mister Ed and the Lone Ranger’s Silver, provide timeless inspiration. These names carry a legacy of fame and character, ideal for a horse with a strong personality and show-stopping charisma.

Reflecting Personality and Temperament: Names such as Grace, Ginger, and Mellow Yellow can beautifully reflect a palomino’s demeanor, from serene and gentle to spirited and lively. Observing your horse’s unique traits and behaviors can lead to a name that is as distinctive as its personality.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Palomino Horse Name

  1. Consider the Horse’s Characteristics: Beyond coat color, a palomino’s individual traits—whether they’re calm and serene like Luna or bold and adventurous like Dakota—can inspire a name that’s a perfect match.
  2. Look to Cultural and Historical References: From the golden fields of Spain, where the breed has historical roots, to names inspired by characters in “Lord of the Rings,” cultural and historical references can provide meaningful and unique names.
  3. Think About the Horse’s Role: Whether your palomino is a competitive show horse, a trusted trail companion, or a cherished family pet, their role can influence the name choice. A name like Blaze might suit a competitive jumper, while Indigo could be ideal for a horse with a calm, healing presence.
  4. Personal Connections and Preferences: Sometimes, the best name holds personal significance. A favorite flower, a cherished memory, or a name that’s been in your family can make for a deeply meaningful choice.
Picture of Trigger and Roy Rogers.
The famous palomino horse, Trigger.

Famous Palomino Horse Names.

Few individual palomino horses became famous; probably the most famous is Trigger, Roy Rogers’s mount. Next, I guess, would be Mr. Ed, the talking horse.

Old Fred may not be too famous outside of the hardcore quarter horse family, but his legacy continues today because most palomino quarter horses flow from his bloodline.

Old Fred was a foundation stud for the American Quarter Horse breed. He was born in the late 1800s and sired some of the best racing and working quarter horses.

Palominos are renowned for their shiny, brilliant coats, strength, speed, and intelligence. These traits made them the favored horse of kings, queens, crusaders, and Native Americans.

Picture of a palomino stallion,
A Palomino stallion is grazing peacefully.

Naming Your Palomino Stallion or Gelding

Here are some suggested names for your Palomino stallion or gelding, along with their meanings, to help you find the perfect fit:

  1. Atlas: Symbolizing strength and endurance, ideal for a strong and dependable horse.
  2. Blaze: Represents energy and speed, a fitting name for an energetic and spirited horse.
  3. Caspian: Suggestive of nobility and grandeur, perfect for a majestic and commanding stallion.
  4. Dante: Meaning ‘enduring,’ suitable for a steadfast and reliable horse.
  5. Eclipse: For a horse with a striking and unforgettable presence.
  6. Falcon: Symbolizing freedom and agility, ideal for a quick and graceful gelding.
  7. Gideon: Meaning ‘mighty warrior,’ perfect for a brave and bold horse.
  8. Hawthorn: Named after the strong and resilient tree, suitable for a hardy and robust horse.
  9. Indigo: For a horse with a calm and thoughtful demeanor.
  10. Jasper: Signifying treasure, a fitting name for a horse that is highly valued.

The name you choose for your Palomino stallion or gelding should resonate with his personality, appearance, and the special connection you share.

Choosing Names for Palomino Mares

The goal is to choose a name that not only sounds beautiful but also holds meaning or significance. Here are some suggestions for names that combine elegance with meaning:

  1. Aurora: Suggestive of beauty and the break of dawn, ideal for a mare with a radiant personality.
  2. Celeste: Reflects a sense of heavenly beauty, suitable for a graceful and majestic mare.
  3. Elara: Inspired by mythology, a name for a mare with a strong and captivating presence.
  4. Willow: Evokes a sense of grace and flexibility, perfect for a gentle and serene mare.
  5. Luna: Captures the mystique and allure of the moon, fitting for a mare with a mysterious charm.
  6. Sienna: Named after the earthy, warm tone, ideal for a mare with a nurturing and grounded nature.
  7. Bella: Meaning ‘beautiful,’ a classic choice that suits almost any mare.
  8. Serenity: Reflects a calm and peaceful demeanor, ideal for a tranquil and gentle mare.
  9. Zara: A name that signifies radiance and light, perfect for a bright and spirited mare.
  10. Harmony: Symbolizes balance and peace, suitable for a mare that brings calmness and stability.

Remember, the name you choose for your mare should reflect her unique personality and the special bond you share. Consider the nuances of her character and the elegance of her appearance when deciding on a name.

Picture of a palomino pony horse.
This light palomino is used a pony horse on the race track.

Creative Name Ideas for Dappled Palominos

Dappled Palominos are particularly captivating due to their distinctive coat patterns. Dapples are circular patches that appear in their golden coats, creating a stunning contrast and a unique visual texture.

When naming a dappled Palomino, consider names that reflect their artistic and speckled coat. Here are some creative ideas:

  1. Marble: Suggestive of the horse’s mottled, marble-like coat pattern.
  2. Freckles: A playful name that captures the essence of the small, scattered spots.
  3. Mosaic: Inspired by the intricate, patchwork-like appearance of their dapples.
  4. Dusty: For those with a more subtle, dusted dapple pattern.
  5. Sierra: Evokes the image of a sunlit, golden mountain range, similar to the horse’s dappled coat.
  6. Galaxy: Perfect for a horse with a coat that reminds you of a starry night sky.
  7. Speckle: A straightforward yet endearing name for a horse with pronounced dapple spots.
  8. Eclipse: For a dramatic dapple pattern that stands out against the golden coat, like the moon against the sun.
  9. Pebble: Suits a horse with small, pebble-like dapples.
  10. Glimmer: Reflects the shimmering quality of their coat in the sunlight.
Picture of a western rider on a palomino, Palomino horse names can be tricky.
Cowboy riding a palomino.

Western Palomino Horse Names

Horses in the West initially came from herds brought to the New World by Spanish Conquistadors. Well, maybe not originally, because horses were native to North America thousands of years ago but became extinct on the continent.

  2. LEVI
  5. BILLY
  6. RIO
  7. DALE
  8. DUKE
  9. CASH
  10. OZZY

Below is a YouTube video about Palomino horses.

YouTube video


What is a great name for a palomino horse with Latin origins?

A great name with Latin origins for a palomino horse is “Aurelius,” meaning golden or gilded. This name not only reflects the horse’s beautiful cream coat but also carries a sense of nobility and strength, resonating with the majestic presence these horses often have.

Are there any horse breeds named after a goddess?

Yes, the “Selene” breed, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, is known for its ethereal beauty and grace. While not a specific breed in reality, the name Selene could be a fitting choice for a palomino mare, symbolizing her luminous coat and elegant demeanor, much like the goddess’s association with light and beauty.

What does the cream color signify in palomino horses?

The cream color in palomino horses is due to a specific gene that dilutes the red pigment in their coats, resulting in their stunning golden hue. This cream shade is not just visually striking but also symbolizes richness, warmth, and a sense of calm, making it a distinctive feature of the palomino breed.

Conclusion: The Art of Naming Your Palomino Horse

Selecting a name for your palomino horse is a creative and heartfelt process that celebrates their beauty, spirit, and the special bond you share. Whether inspired by their golden coat, drawn from the pages of mythology, or chosen to reflect their unique personality, the perfect name is out there, waiting to be discovered.

As you consider your options, remember that the best names are those that resonate with you and honor the magnificent creature that your palomino horse truly is. We invite horse enthusiasts and palomino owners to share the stories behind their horses’ names.

What inspired you, and how does it reflect your horse’s personality or your personal journey? Your experiences can inspire others in their quest for the perfect palomino horse name.