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84 Palomino Horse Names for Males, Mares, and Dapples.

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Palomino horses’ have charisma, beauty, and charm, so not any old name will suffice. But finding the perfect palomino horse name is challenging because they need to equal the horse’s star power. They deserve a well-thought-out and impressive name.

Palomino MaresBoy PalominosDapple Palominos
Daffodil (Daffy)Golden FlameBrindle.
BlondieLion Buckeye (Bucky)
PrincessAlexanderGolden Rod
Sunflower (flower)SonnyGolden Cloud
Mellow YellowDustyApache
Gold StarBeauCheetah

Horses are unique; every palomino isn’t the same shade, nor do they have identical personalities. They need a good name that fits not only their coat color but also their individual character.

Choosing a name for a Palomino Horse.

If I had to guess, palomino horses are likely the most desired of all equine coat colors. These golden horses evolved their striking color thousands of years ago in the Middle East’s desert regions.

In Europe, they were the color of choice for Spanish royalty. Queen Isabella cherished them and kept 100 palominos on hand, expressly for nobility. She also helped develop the palomino color to expand to the new world by sending foundation stock with the explorers to North America.

Picture of a palomino in a paddock,

There are many shades of palomino horses, and they range in color from light cream to dark gold.

  • Golden palomino
  • Chocolate palomino
  • Light palomino (Sandy)
  • Pearl palominos
  • Champagne palomino

Their coat color provides great name options, but don’t forget the horse’s personality, which is also essential when choosing a name.

Picture of a palomino stallion,

Names for boy palomino horses-geldings and stallions.

Male horses need a name that fits their personality more than their gender. Some stallions and geldings wear their masculinity like a badge of pride, but many are silly and playful.

I included a range of names in my list of favorite names for boy palominos to help you choose one most fitting for your horse.

  1. Pharaoh
  2. King
  3. Prince
  4. Marquis
  5. Cash
  6. Duke
  7. Olaf
  8. Champ
  9. Chief
  10. Scout

Names for Palomino Mares

On a few occasions, I have found characteristics of a relative in a mare and named the horse for them if the horse is deserving. There are feminine names in nature to use, such as flowers, birds, and pets.

We can also look to literature, history, and the females in television and movies.

  1. Athena
  2. Aurora
  3. Dolly Parton
  4. Luna
  5. Millie
  6. Nellie
  7. Duchess
  8. Vanilla
  9. Wildflower
  10. Shimmer
Picture of a palomino pony horse.

Names for palomino horses with dapples.

Some palominos display rings in their coat that circle lighter hairs. These rings are called dapples and are most commonly found on a horse’s hindquarters, underbelly, neck, and shoulders.

Some horses always have dapples, while others only display the circles when they are exceptionally fit and eating a balanced diet. Brushing your horse’s coat regularly and genetics also play significant roles in developing dapples.

Here are some of our favorite names for palomino horses with dapples.

  1. Dusty
  2. Powder
  3. Bubbles
  4. Dapple Dan
  5. Dove
  6. Moondust
  7. Spot
  8. Cloud
  9. Mable
  10. Bambi

Palomino horse names and the meanings behind the names

BEAU – I live in Louisiana, and there is a heavy French influence in our region. Beau is a popular name for boys because it means handsome in French, making it a favorite name for palomino colts.

CALAMITY – Calamity Jane was an American frontierswoman who fought in some Native American skirmishes, was possibly married to Wild Bill Hickock, and later became a Buffalo Bill Wild West Show member in the late 1800s.

Picture of a palomino horse eating.

The word calamity brings to my mind a whirlwind of activities and destruction. Is it an apt description for one of your mares?

ELSA – Is a magical larger-than-life fictional Disney character in the movie Frozen. But before the Elsa of Frozen, there was the orphaned Lioness Elsa of the film and book “Born Free.”

Both Elsa’s embody strength, power, and mystery making it an excellent name for a feisty filly.

GABE– Gabe, short for Gabriel, is an angel and messenger of God. He appeared to the prophet Daniel, Zechariah. And to the virgin Mary, Gabriel delivered to her the news that she would bear a son named Jesus.

Gabe would be a great name for a swift light-colored palomino.

BELLA: Bella, short for Isabella the Queen of Spain, adored palominos and spread their color to the New World. Bella would be a perfect name for a golden palomino mare.

PHOEBE – In Greek mythology, Phoebe is the personification of the “moon.” In the series “Friends,” Phoebe was a dingy blond that seemed lost in half the shows. Do you have a silly palomino?

PILGRIM – John Wayne often referred to non-violent characters in his westerns as pilgrims. I took this to mean easy-going people that don’t easily rile.

In the literal sense, pilgrims are the people that traveled to the New World and helped to settle our wild country. Pilgrim is a good name for a horse that likes to explore but takes things at an even pace.

TABITHA – Tabitha was the feisty pre-teen daughter on the famous television show “Bewitched.” She caused mischief using her magic powers that were too powerful for her young mind.

Tabitha would be a suitable name for a mare that wants to attempt more than she can accomplish.

DAISY – A simple, pleasant-sounding name. Daisy flowers are one of the most common flowers, and nearly everyone can recognize them. They display white petals surrounding a bright yellow center.

There are thousands of different kinds of daisies, ranging in size, shape, and naturally occurring colors. And don’t forget Donald Ducks’ girlfriend is named Daisy Duck.

TITUS -Titus Andronicus is the tragic character in William Shakespeare’s play “Titus Andronicus.” He was a Roman general who bravely fought the Goths.

You could also use Titan both to bring to mind strength and foresight.

WOODY-Short for Woodrow and the name of the Sheriff in the Toy Story movies. Woody is an excellent classic horse name, and it would fit well with a horse that is a dependable trail riding companion.

Picture of a western rider on a palomino,

Western Palomino Horse Names

Horses in the west initially came from herds brought to the New World by Spanish Conquistadors. Well, maybe not originally because horses were native to North America thousands of years ago but became extinct on the continent.

So it is more accurate to state that horses were brought back to North America by Spanish explorers. The horses that populated the west either escaped were captured or were turned out by these men.

The wild horses, or mustangs, were captured by Native Americans. They were natural horsemen and developed outstanding horses; one of the more popular Native American breeds is the Appaloosa.

Native Americans favored palomino’s golden coats, and often they were ridden by the tribal leaders. They were so well-liked that they often were depicted in many paintings and Native American artifacts.

  2. LEVI
  5. BILLY
  6. RIO
  7. DALE
  8. DUKE
  9. CASH
  10. OZZY

Famous Palomino Horse Names.

Few individual palomino horses became famous; probably the most famous is Trigger, Roy Rogers’s mount. Next, I guess, would be Mr. Ed, the talking horse.

Old Fred may not be too famous outside of the hardcore quarter horse family, but his legacy continues today because most palomino quarter horses flow from his bloodline.

Old Fred was a foundation stud for the American Quarter Horse breed. He was born in the late 1800s and sired some of the best racing and working quarter horses.

Palominos are renowned for their shiny brilliant coats, strength, speed, and intelligence. These traits made them the favored horse of kings, queens, crusaders, and Native Americans.

Below is a YouTube video about Palomino horses.