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Horse Names: The 10 best names in 5 different categories!

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Every horse owner wants to find the perfect name for their new companion. It’s not enough that the horse has a good temperament, is well-behaved, and looks great – it needs an awesome name too! Our list of top 10 names includes some basic classics as well as more unique options. So what are the best names?

Here are the 10 best horse names with personalities, easy to pronounce, and that aren’t too trendy. Plus, these sound good when you call for your equine buddy! 1) Buster 2) Sugar 3) Smoky 4) Mindy 5) Rose 6) Jack 7) Tucker 8) Scout 9) Hank 10) Beau

Some people will disagree with my list of the 10 best horse names, but that’s ok because naming a horse is personal, and deciding the “best” name is subjective.

Picking the Right Horse Name

Choosing a name for your horse can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider, such as personality, color, and breed of the animal.

What are its unique talents and skills? Is there anything about him that makes him unique among others in his breed (i.e., he has three blue eyes)? You can use these qualities to name your animal according to its defining characteristics.

Picture of a foal in a pasture.

For example, if one of my horses pranced around proudly and looked majestic in the process – I might name him Bucephalus (Beau) after Alexander the Great’s steed.

Do you have a favorite color? If so, is it in the same family as your horse’s coat? Many people find that choosing something from their favorite color helps them settle on an appropriate name. A gray mare, for example, could be called Pearl.

There are many ways to choose a good horse name; now, onto my list of the top ten names.

The 10 best “cute” names for a horse?

When planning to name your horse, you have tons of cute names from which to choose. The perfect one for the new family member will depend on their personality and demeanor.

If they’re a funny little guy that loves attention, then “Marley” might be just right! But if he’s more aloof and independent, maybe pick something like Thunder or Cinnamon instead?

Many horses are named after things they love, so one way to find a cute horse name is to think about what they like. You could put these words together and make your own unique name that suits your little equine’s personality!

Have fun coming up with a cute name- it can take time, but in the end, it is well worth all the effort spent. So here are 10 cute names you should consider for your new horse:

  • Rosanna – This name has a sweet sound and can also be shortened to “Rosa” if preferred. It means “rose” in Latin, which symbolizes beauty that a horse should represent too!
  • Clown– If you have a horse who has been acting like a fool, then calling her “Clown” is just what she needs!
  • Sugar-Pie is another cute name, and you can call your horse “sweets” or “sugar” since you know she loves treats,
  • Pipsqueak,
  • Lucky – Who doesn’t want their horse to bring them good luck?
  • Brownie– For a brown horse, naming them after their coat color is always cute. For a chestnut horse, you could call it Chesty, or if black, go for the traditional Black Beauty!
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy– You can call your horse Fuz; this cute horse name initially came from a Rudyard Kipling poem.
  • Sugar-Pie is another cute name, and you can call your horse “sweets” or “sugar” since you know she loves treats,
  • Princess: I don’t know about you, but my horses sometimes act like royalty, so why not make them official with this adorable name?
  • Misty – The word “misty” brings thoughts of foggy mornings and clear skies with puffy white clouds on sunny days.

Top 10 best “funny” names for a horse?

You might be a cowboy or cowgirl at heart, but it’s time to put your horse sense to the test! Horse names are serious business. After all, naming your equine friend is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in their life.

Sometimes you have to stretch your imagination, especially when naming racehorses which often results in some weird names. But for my purpose, I just wanted to choose some funny horse names.

A lot of the time, it’s a personal preference, but other times there are certain types that seem more popular than others, such as “Prince of Farts” or silly-sounding ones like “Foxtrot” and “Disco.” Here are my top 10:

  • Chuck Norris –This was one of my favorites. Chuck Norris has been an icon in pop culture, and he even had his own tv show back in the day!
  • Saddlesore Biscuit– is a funny name for a horse because, well, it’s a funny name.
  • Sea Horse is comical because it‘s not a horse but a type of fish, and you can call it “C” or “Horse,” for short.
  • Dolly Parton Dinglehopper is another one that will make people laugh because of how ridiculous (but true) the name is; of course, stick with the short version of Dolly.
  • Joe Sixpack– Naming your foal after tough guy “Joe Sixpack” will have people thinking, “Wow, what a badass horse!”
  • Porkchop– is a good funny name for horses that eat a lot or carry excessive weight around their barrel.
  • Pants– This is a good name for a paint horse with a particular pattern around its hindquarters.
  • Houdini-A good name for a horse that escapes pastures and stalls
  • Horsy The Horse-Ok, I’m not really sure why this one is funny, but the first time I thought of funny names, the word horsey jumped out at me. The words ‘horsey’ and ‘horse’ sound similar enough to make a funny name for your horse.
  • King Henry VIII– Would be funny to use for the smallest but most important horse in his herd. We had a shetland pony that ruled over all the horses in the pasture; King Henry VIII would’ve been a perfect moniker.
My horse Ashton

10 Best Names for Male Horses

There are many names out there for horses, but what are the best ones? In this, I give you my 10 best male horse names. These names have been carefully selected to ensure they are masculine and strong. Whatever you decide on, your horse will be proud to carry his name!

  • Maximus: This Latin name is short and sweet. It was the nickname of a Roman general who had defeated his enemies in battle many times, so it’s no surprise that this name would be perfect for your horse!
  • Lancelot: If you are looking for a strong and masculine-sounding name, then Lancelot might just be what you need to find. Remember that this name doesn’t have many nicknames because of its uniqueness.
  • Magnum: The word Magnum is derived from the Latin word Magnus which means “great or large” – another great choice if you want to give an animal with strength and power a powerful symbol like their own namesake!
  • Dante: If you want a name that is Italian in origin, this would be the perfect choice. Dante can also mean “endured” or “longing for God,” so it could also symbolize your horse’s strength and power as well as their loyalty to you.
  • Zorro: Zorro was originally from Spanish literature, where he was depicted as a cunning hero with many skills who fought tyranny during Mexico’s colonial period. Zorro is an excellent candidate if you are looking for a name that captures these qualities.
  • Oliver Twist: If you are looking for something that captures some of the more traditional aspects of male horses in literature, then Oliver might just do the trick. Plus, you can call him by a cool nickname: Ollie.
  • Buddy: What better way to show your appreciation than by naming your horse Buddy? You’re sure to get along if you choose this one.
  • Vincent: I find this name to be very elegant, and it is a great choice for the classy horse.
  • The Earl: This is a name that has been around for some time, and it’s one of those names you can use regardless of gender. It also carries with it an air of aristocracy, and nobility – qualities you’re entirely happy to associate your horse with.
  • Smokey: Smokey is the name for your horse if you want something both powerful and cool without being too pretentious or fancy,
Picture of my two year old horse Aunt Addie.
My horse “Aunt Addie”

10 Best names for female horses

What’s in a name? Quite a lot, if you’re talking about horses. In the horse world, names are chosen for many reasons: to indicate gender, mark them as favorites of particular people or owners, and even just because they sound nice.

The best part is that there are many options out there! Whether you want your horse to have an elegant-sounding name or something more down-home and country-like “Lady,” we’ve got the perfect list of 10 female horse names right here!

  • Arabella: for an elegant, regal-sounding name
  • Gypsy: a whimsical and energetic option
  • Stormy Night: perfect for a horse with a dark coat that’s always getting into trouble!
  • Sunny: so many people associate this with happiness and optimism that it might be worth checking out if you’re looking for something cheerful to call her.
  • Breeze:  an easy nickname, and it also fits with the idea of “wind in your face.” You can easily shorten it to Breezy.
  • Bonnie Blue: Bonnie Blue was the name for the unofficial Confederate flag, and it has a nice ring to the name. It would be a good name for a blue roan mare.
  • Moonbeam: is probably one of my favorites on the list because I think it’s such an enchanting choice! It also has a nice ring to it when paired with “misty,” as in Moonbeam Mist or Misty Moonlight.
  • Luna is another good female horse name. It means “moon” in Latin, and many people associate it with magic.
  • Sugar: for a sweet girl or one who likes to eat snacks always! Variations include Suger Belle, Sugar Feather)
  • Aurora means “dawn” in Spanish, which goes along nicely with a horse that has a beautiful, dark coat.
mean filly edited
My horse Tee Tee

Top 10 Cool horse names

When you are naming your horse, there are so many factors to consider. Do you want something clever? Something that sounds good with the name of your ranch? Or do you just want a cool-sounding name for your equine friend?

  • Raging Bull or Rocky are cool names for a horse because they symbolize raw power and strength.
  • Comet goes well with horses who have white markings on their coats or manes.
  • Cosmo was one of my favorite horses growing up because it reminded me of Jerry Seinfeld’s cool neighbor Kramer!
  • Rocket -“rocket” is great for the horse, displaying speed and always ready to go. 
  • Grave digger-invokes a sense of power, strength, and danger.
  • Doc Holliday is a name from the old west and easily shortened to doc.
  • Cool Hand Luke is a cool horse name because it’s a movie about an inmate trying to keep his cool; plus, it gives you many options for nicknames, Cool, Hand, or Luke.
  • Rust Cohle-fans of the TV series True Detective will get this! It’s the name of the main character, played by Matthew McConaughey.
  • Firefly– is another cool name from one of my favorite television shows.
  • River Tam– Super cool name, River Tam was a bright and talented teenager who took refuge aboard Malcolm Reynolds’ Firefly-class transport ship known as Serenity.