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Ariat Pendleton Fleece Jackets: Review of Men and Women’s

Published on: October 4, 2022

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

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When the temperature drops, I’m on a mission to find myself an excellent new jacket for riding, working, and wearing to town. And after hearing good things about Ariat’s Pendleton Fleece jackets and Insulated Vests from fellow riders around town- it seems like they’re worth considering.

Ariat Pendleton fleece jackets are some of the most stylish and well-crafted western jackets on the market. Ariat is known for its attention to detail and use of high-quality materials, and these jackets are no exception. The Ariat Pendleton fleece jacket is an excellent choice for a stylish, well-made, and warm jacket.

Check out the Ariat Pendleton line if you’re looking for a new fleece jacket. They have various styles available and in different colors. Keep reading to learn more about these jackets and find out if they’re the right fit for you.

Picture of AriatPendleton soft shell jacket.

Are Ariat Jackets Worth the Price?

Ariat Pendleton Fleece jackets are perfect for those cold winter days when you need to stay warm while horse riding. With men’s and women’s styles available, these durable clothes will last several seasons of rugged use.

Ariat has a vast collection of jackets for men and women. You can choose from water-resistant, insulated, soft shells, flame-resistant vests, or rebar jackets. Almost all of these offerings are wind-and-water-resistant, durable, warm, and comfortable.

I like the Crius Insulated vest. My wife wears the Ariat Pendleton Women’s Fleece Jacket, while my daughter uses the Ariat Women’s Pendleton New Team Softshell Jacket. I have reviewed each of these in the subsequent sections.

Most of Ariat’s jackets are perfect for all-year-round layering. Not only are they beautiful but functional as well. The best part is that they will keep you warm without the bulk, which makes them perfect for riding.

Here are my overall ratings for ARIAT jackets:

Overall Rating

  • Design – 4 / 5 stars. (the ARIAT logo in bold takes away one star)
  • Quality of materials – 5 / 5 stars
  • Size and Fit – 3/ 5 stars (the jackets usually run small for most users)
  • Value for money – 5 / 5 stars
  • Customer service – 5 / 5 stars
  • Overall – 4.5 / 5 stars


  • Ariat jackets are comfortable and lightweight
  • The fleece used is very soft, and all other materials are high-quality
  • You get to see excellent craftsmanship in all of them
  • They are perfect for layering – so you can do your barn chores or ride comfortably without sweating.


  • Some jackets have the ARIAT logo written in bold on them. Not everyone likes that.
  • A few size issues – most users find that Ariat jackets tend to run small. (My wife had to reorder hers for the perfect fit.)
Ariat Pendleton Crius vest.

ARIAT Crius Vest 

I own a lot of Ariat boots, and they are, without a doubt, some of the most comfortable cowboy boots. However, it wasn’t until recently that I tried out their jackets.

I live in Louisiana, where it doesn’t get cold, but for a few months out of the year. But, when the temperatures drop, it bothers us southerners more than our brothers and sisters from the north.

As I age, I find that I’m getting to be like an old horse and need time to warm up, so I need comfortable and warm clothing for riding and working in the barn during the cold early mornings.

And I find that wearing bulky jackets is OK for some tasks but not when grooming, tacking, or riding. Wearing heavy coats is not just bulky; when you’re working with your horse, you can get overheated and sweat a lot.

This is why I like to layer clothes and wear Ariat’s Crius vest. The breathable fabric keeps me warm during the early mornings, but I can peel away extra layers when it begins to warm up.

Comfort, Durability, and Function

I am glad I listened to my friend and purchased the Crius. I love that this vest is functional, good-looking, and super comfortable. It fits well, and its excellent craftsmanship is evident in its stitching. The zippers are sturdy as well.

The most crucial part is that Crius’s Cool Climate Insulation™ technology keeps me warm without any added bulk. The lightweight vest does not weigh me like other heavier jackets. 

I can easily layer the Crius vest with other jackets or button-downs on frigid days without feeling discomfort or heaviness. The vest’s embroidered logo, zippered hand, and chest pockets are also great. I love how the vest’s interior concealed pockets help me safely store my mobile phone, keys, horse treats, etc.

The outer shell of the Ariat Crius vest is made of a synthetic water-resistant coating- which makes it perfect for those rainy days. Its brushed lining keeps things soft and comfy, and the best part is that the pockets are also lined with the same soft lining, so my hands remain warm.


I found Crius’s length perfect for my height. However, if you are on the taller side, you could choose this vest in the ‘tall’ option. Worry not – even if you are on the shorter side, the vest cinches on the bottom- so you can constantly adjust it. I always prefer more oversized vests as they help me layering – I can comfortably wear a hoodie.


Ariat Crius vest is available in 10 unique colors, so you can buy two or more for different days of the week. Their affordable price also makes them a perfect gift for the men in your life. 


  • Stylish
  • Ultra comfortable; lightweight warmth
  • Great for layering
  • Excellent craftsmanship; very durable


  • A few users reportedly had some size issues.
Picture of Ariat Pendleton Fleece Jacket.

Ariat Pendleton Fleece Jacket

Whenever my wife wears the Ariat Pendleton fleece jacket, she gets so many compliments! People always ask her where she bought it from.

Pendleton’s iconic Southwestern-style pattern takes this cozy fleece jacket from staple to style statement! 

My wife mainly wears it for riding and shopping. She calls it the perfect jacket for chilly winter rides, walks, and all other ‘I-can-see-my-breath’ activities.


100% fleece and polyester make this soft jacket very comfortable. The lightweight and breathable Pendleton jacket locks in the warmth thanks to its tightly knit fibers and soft lining. It keeps you cozy on the chilliest of days. The microfibers of the fleece polyester also keep water out, so you are sure to remain dry on rainy days.

This light fleece jacket is ideal for layering as well. My wife pairs her Pendleton with her thick winter jacket when she goes out in sub-zero temperatures. Once indoors, she can quickly shed the outer layers and stay warm in her gorgeous Pendleton.


Ariat Pendleton Fleece jacket is excellent for cold weather and ideal to wear in a drizzle. The coat is water resistant and dries quickly, so if you’re caught in a downpour, you can remain dry and comfy inside the jacket. 

Ariat Pendleton has a sturdy zipper that closes up to the neck. The sleeves have cuffs on the wrists to prevent cold air or water from entering. Ariat fleece jackets for women also have lined pockets to keep your hands warm.

Style and Fit

Pendleton fleece jacket’s Southwest-inspired print and bold colors will keep you looking stylish in and out of the saddle. The beautifully patterned jacket is wide and roomy at the shoulders and long and slim in the torso. My wife finds it super comfortable to ride in. She especially loves how the jacket zips up to her neck; it even holds shape when the zipper is down.


  • Beautiful and stylish
  • Cost-effective
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Dries quickly 
  • Water-resistant


  • Like all fleece apparel, this jacket builds static electricity
  • Prone to piling after washing
Picture of the Ariat Pendleton Fleece Jacket.

Ariat Women’s Pendleton New Team Softshell Jacket

Ariat Pendleton Team Softshell Jacket is ideal for riding in the crisp air. It is designed with the equestrian athlete in mind. The lightweight jacket can fulfill multiple purposes – from layering, as a riding jacket, or even as wind and water-resistant outerwear.

Functionality and Comfort 

Ariat Pendleton Team Softshell Jacket for women is constructed from softshell fabric, a combination of Spandex and polyester fleece. This makes it wind and water-resistant.  It offers plenty of warmth to my daughter irrespective of whether she rides early or late.

On rainy days, she remains dry in this jacket. At the same time, the jacket’s breathable lining ensures that she does not get overheated inside it. The best part about Ariat Pendleton Team Softshell Jacket for women is its flexibility.

My daughter said she could easily bend and move around in this jacket, doing her barn chores without feeling restricted. This makes it an excellent choice for all those who want athletic workout wear.

The jacket comes with two zippered hand pockets, ensuring no moisture or cold can enter it. It also features a sturdy zip that goes up to her chin. The stand collar is not only functional, but it also imparts style as well.

Style and Fit

My daughter loves the slim fit of the Ariat Pendleton Team Softshell Jacket for women. It is not at all bulky, which makes it ideal for layering. Furthermore, it slims down the arms and torso, leaving room to move around comfortably.

ARIAT’s bold logo is printed down the arms, and while some people might not like it, my daughter loves it. ARIAT Team Softshell jacket is also available for men.


  • Lightweight and comfortable; non-bulky
  • Great for layering
  • Slimming fit
  • Stylish; Designed with equestrian athletes in mind.
  • Wind and water resistant


  • Some people might not like the ARIAT bold logo on the sleeves.

Conclusion – Ariat Pendleton Jackets

Ariat jackets are a must-have for the upcoming winter season – especially for equestrians. Their jackets are known for their quality craftsmanship. They are perfect for wet and dirty conditions and are light enough for layering, yet sure to keep you warm and cozy.

I hope this guide helps you find the perfect Ariat jacket for your needs.

Watch the Youtube Video below for more information about the lightweight Ariat jackets.

FAQs – ARIAT Jackets for Men and Women

Do Ariat jackets run small?

Yes, many users (men and women)  have complained that they need to size up for Ariat jackets. Always measure yourself and use the manufacturer’s chart to buy the correct size.

When did the Ariat jacket come out?

The Ariat brand was founded in 1993. It first began making athletic and equestrian boots. Later, in 2006, the firm ventured into making apparel. By 2018, they had released their waterproof FR HiVis H2O jackets.

Can Ariat jackets get wet?

Most of the Ariat jackets are water resistant. Even their fleece jackets absorb very little water and dry quickly.