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30 Of The Best Funny Horse Names: Galloping Giggles Await

Last updated: November 27, 2023

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

Ever laughed out loud when hearing a horse’s name? If not, you’re in for a treat. In the world of horses, a quirky tradition thrives – bestowing upon these noble animals names that tickle your funny bone and leave you chuckling.

Horse naming has long been an art form of its own. From displaying a horse’s pedigree to showcasing their unique personality, a name can say a lot about our four-legged friends. And let’s not forget the comedic value — many names are crafted with humor in mind, leading to belly laughs at barns and racetracks alike.

In this blog post, I delve into the humor-filled world of horse naming. So, saddle up and prepare for a hearty chuckle as we trot through the top 20 funniest horse names. Whether you’re a seasoned rider, an avid horse racing fan, or simply someone who appreciates a good laugh, this galloping gallery of hilarious horse names is sure to brighten your day.

The 20 Best Funny Horse Names

20. Horse Power: A great name for a strong, energetic horse, the pun on automotive horsepower never fails to raise a smile.

19. Bucktooth Betty: For a horse with a unique smile, this humorous name is guaranteed to lighten the mood in any barn.

18. Sir Neighs A Lot: Combining equine behavior and nobility, this name is perfect for a horse that isn’t shy about expressing itself.

17. Mane Attraction: For a horse with beautiful, flowing hair, this punny name hits the mark while also acknowledging its beauty.

16. Colt Following: Perfect for a young horse who’s popular in the barnyard, this pun on ‘cult following’ is clever and charming.

15. Foal Play: This name, playing off the term ‘foul play’, belongs to a playful young horse who loves to horse around.

14. Hay There: A friendly horse with this name can’t help but bring a smile to anyone’s face.

13. Galloping Goofball: This horse, full of playful energy, brings laughter wherever it goes.

12. Unstable Genius: This name, a pun on the word ‘stable,’ is reserved for those horses that are as smart as they are humorous.

11. Hoof Hearted: Say this one quickly, and you’ll understand why it often leaves people in stitches.

10. Ewe Move: Perfect for a horse that shares its space with sheep, this name is a playful nod to farm life.

9. Clip Clop Clumsy: This is the perfect name for a horse known for its loveable, clumsy nature.

8. Neigh Slayer: With a touch of Game of Thrones reference, this is the perfect name for a strong, independent horse.

7. Taco Belle: A fun and whimsical name that would suit a horse with a large appetite and a pretty face.

6. Pony Soprano: A humorous nod to the famous TV show, “The Sopranos”, this name is for a horse with a personality as big as Tony’s.

5. Jockey’s Jester: This name is perfect for a horse that always seems to be up to something mischievous, making its jockey laugh.

4. Cereal Killer: This name is a humorous way to acknowledge a horse that just can’t get enough of its grain.

3. Gallop Poll: This name, a pun on ‘Gallup Poll’, is perfect for the horse that seems to take its own survey of who’s who in the stable.

2. Usain Colt: A homage to Usain Bolt, the world-renowned sprinter, this name is sure to get a few laughs on the racing circuit.

1. Pasture Bedtime: Coming in at number one, this name is a clever play on words that’s perfect for a horse who likes to stay out late grazing under the stars.

Picture of a broodmare and her foal.
Foals without names

Honorable Mentions

Clippity Clop Kardashian: Yes, even horses aren’t immune to the reality TV phenomenon. This horse isn’t famous for being famous, but its name sure gets a few laughs!

Fifty Bales of Hay: A horse who loves its food as much as its pun-loving owner loves literature. This name playfully alludes to the famous novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Sherlock Neighms: Ideal for a horse with an uncanny ability to find the carrot you’ve hidden in your pocket. It’s a fun nod to the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes.

Al Capony: This humorous name belongs to a horse with a boss-like attitude, referencing the infamous gangster Al Capone. This horse isn’t involved in organized crime, but he sure runs his paddock like a boss.

Furlong Distance: A pun on the unit of distance used in racing; this name is for a horse that loves to stretch its legs on a long gallop.

Vincent Van Trot: This name belongs to a horse with a smooth, artistic gait, and it’s a delightful play on the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh’s name.

Houdini Horse: Reserved for a horse renowned for its escape artist tendencies. Whether it’s gates, stall doors, or fence lines, nothing can contain this clever equine.

Trotting Hillbilly: Perfect for a horse that has a distinctive gait, reminding its owner of the unique charm and simplicity of rural life.

Barn Door Betsy: This one is for a horse that’s known for accidentally bumping into things. It’s a lighthearted way of saying, “Yep, she can’t even miss the barn door.”

Pegasus Wings: This name belongs to a horse with an unusually lofty jump. No, it can’t fly, but seeing it leap might make you think twice!

While these names didn’t make it to the top 20, they each carry their unique charm and humor, adding joy to their owners and anyone who hears them.

Picture of a foal, hopefully she'll get one of the funniest horse names.
Thoroughbred broodmare and her unnamed foal.

Why Do People Give Funny Names to Horses?

Humor is a universal language, and in the world of horses, it finds a special place. Naming a horse is a joyous event, signifying a deep connection between the animal and its human caregivers. So, why not infuse this special occasion with a healthy dose of laughter?

Tradition of Unique and Funny Horse Names

The tradition of giving unique and funny names to horses has historical roots and practical reasons. Horse racing is one context where this tradition is deeply ingrained. Horse names are used to grab attention, showcase creativity, and express personality, both of the horse and the owner.

These names become a talking point, adding a layer of enjoyment to the races. After all, who wouldn’t chuckle when they hear names like “Whykickamoocow” or “Pants On Fire” being announced at the starting gate?

But it isn’t just about humor. Unique names also serve a practical purpose. In many racing jurisdictions, no two horses can have the same name, leading to an arms race of creativity where the bar is continuously raised, often leading to amusing outcomes.

Examples of Humorous Historical Horse Names

Historically, there have been many horses with amusing names that have made their mark. For instance, the name “Zippy Chippy” is well-known, not only because the horse lost 100 races in a row, but because its name is memorable and brings a smile to the face.

Another example is “Odor in the Court,” a horse who, while never making it big in the racing world, did manage to create a few giggles with its clever play on the legal term “order in the court.”

Then there’s “Arrrrr” (pronounced as a pirate’s “arrr”). Despite his name leading to some comical race calls, Arrrrr was a formidable competitor on the track.

Ultimately, the tradition of funny horse names isn’t just about the chuckles; it’s about community and connection. These names spark conversations, bring people together, and add an element of delight to the serious business of horse ownership and racing.

quarter horse looking edited

Criteria for a Great Funny Horse Name

Naming a horse can be both a fun and challenging task. As we’ve seen, many horse owners love to inject a bit of humor into these names. But what exactly makes a horse name funny, and how can you come up with a great one yourself? Let’s explore.

What Makes a Horse Name Funny?

In essence, a funny horse name often involves clever wordplay, puns, or cultural references that are unexpected in the context of a horse’s name. Puns and wordplay involve exploiting multiple meanings or similar sounds of words to create humorous effects.

For instance, “Sir Neighs A Lot” makes use of a homophone (neighs and nays) to inject humor into the name. Cultural references can also make a name amusing, especially when it’s a pun on a well-known phrase, like “Usain Colt,” playing on the famous sprinter Usain Bolt’s name.

The Importance of Originality, Personality, and Humor

Creating a great funny horse name involves a mix of originality, an understanding of the horse’s personality, and a good sense of humor. Originality is important because it helps the name stand out.

The horse racing industry has a rule against duplicating names, but even for horses not intended for the racetrack, an original name is more memorable and enjoyable. The horse’s personality should also be considered.

A name that captures a horse’s unique traits, quirks, or habits tends to be more fitting and entertaining. For example, a horse who’s notorious for escaping its stall might be amusingly named “Houdini Horse.”

Lastly, but most importantly, is the element of humor. The best funny horse names are those that bring a smile (or, even better, a laugh) to people’s faces. Whether it’s a clever pun, a humorous cultural reference, or a play on words that tickles the funny bone, humor is the key ingredient in these names.

So, when you’re trying to come up with a funny name for a horse, remember to be original, consider the horse’s personality, and don’t be afraid to show your sense of humor. After all, a well-named horse can bring not only joy to your life but also laughter to everyone who hears its name.

Picture of gemologist son, one of the funniest horse names I have.
Gemologist stallion


In the lively, dynamic world of horse ownership and racing, where strength and agility are often the focus, there exists a tradition of humor that adds a unique charm. Funny horse names, whether they’re clever puns, surprising cultural references, or plays on the horse’s personality, bring joy and laughter to barns and racetracks alike.

They remind us not to take life too seriously and to appreciate the lighter, funnier side of things. As we’ve trotted through the top 20 funniest horse names and beyond, we hope you’ve had as much fun reading as we did to compile this list. Maybe you’ve even found some inspiration for naming your own horse, or perhaps you’ve just enjoyed a few minutes of equine-induced hilarity.

Either way, the next time you find yourself at a stable or a horse race, keep an ear out for those funny horse names. They’re sure to bring a smile to your face, a chuckle to your lips, and a lightness to your heart. After all, in the endearing world of horses, humor truly is a galloping gift.


What is a good name for a black horse?

Choosing a name for a black horse can be exciting. Consider names that reflect the horse’s ebony color, such as “Black Beauty,” “Midnight Magic,” “Ebony Star,” “Shadow Dancer,” or “Obsidian Dream.” Remember, the best names often reflect the unique personality and spirit of your equine companion.

What is a good name for a female horse?

Naming a female horse can reflect her personality, grace, or strength. Consider names like “Daisy,” “Bella,” “Lady,” “Mystique,” or “Starlight.” Historical or mythical names like “Artemis” or “Cleopatra” can also work. The best name for your mare will capture her unique spirit and charm.

Miles Henry