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68 Funny Horse Names: Galloping Giggles Await

Last updated: January 26, 2024

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

Welcome to the playful art of horse naming! As a seasoned equestrian, I’ve always been captivated by the creativity behind these names. They’re not just labels but reflections of personality and humor. Join me in exploring the world of funny horse names, where each one tells its own unique story. Let’s dive into this amusing aspect of horse culture together.

Funny Horse (166725609)

Funny Horse rolling around.

Pun-Based Names

Each of these names brings a touch of wit to the stable, reflecting the horses’ unique personality.

  1. Neigh Sayer: Perfect for a vocal horse, this name humorously plays on the phrase “naysayer.”
  2. Hay Fever: Ideal for a horse that stirs up excitement, much like the allergy season.
  3. Mane Event: Suited for a horse with a stunning mane, turning heads wherever it goes.
  4. Bit of Fun: For the horse that adds a playful spark to every ride, a pun on the horse’s bit.
  5. Gallopath: A clever twist for a horse known for its strong, path-forging gallops.
  6. Hoof Hearted: Say it fast, and you’ll catch the humor, fitting for a mischievous, spirited horse.
  7. Colt Forty-Five: A nod to the wild west, ideal for a horse with a bold, adventurous spirit.
  8. Furlong Shot: For the underdog with a surprising turn of speed, playing on racing distances.
Funny Horse Faces

Funny horse faces. Source: Jussi You-S-See, CC BY-SA 2.0

Pop Culture References

These names add a touch of humor and connect these horses to the wider world of entertainment, celebrating their unique personalities and talents.

  1. Harry Trotter: Inspired by the famous wizard, this name suits a horse with a magical charm and a knack for ‘spells’ in the paddock.
  2. Usain Colt: A tribute to the legendary sprinter Usain Bolt, perfect for a swift, agile horse that dominates the racetrack.
  3. Sherlock Neighs: For the intelligent, inquisitive horse, echoing the deductive prowess of Sherlock Holmes.
  4. Marey Poppins: Ideal for a nurturing, almost magical mare, reminiscent of the beloved nanny from the classic film.
  5. Pony Stark: A fitting name for a technologically savvy or exceptionally smart horse, playing on Iron Man’s alter ego, Tony Stark.
  6. Forrest Jump: Suited for a horse with a talent for jumping or one that loves long, adventurous runs, a nod to Forrest Gump’s famous line, “Run, Forrest, run!”
  7. Gandalf the Grey: Perfect for a wise, older grey horse, mirroring the revered wizard from ‘The Lord of the Rings.’
  8. Equestrian Bieber: For a horse with a ‘pop star’ quality, charming and popular, much like the singer Justin Bieber.
Paard is vermoeid

This horse has a habit of holding his head to the side.

Funny Horse Names Based on Character Traits

These names humorously capture the unique character traits of these horses, making their personalities an integral part of their identity.

  1. Lazy Dazy: Ideal for a laid-back mare who loves leisurely strolls more than brisk gallops, capturing her relaxed demeanor.
  2. Mischief Managed: Perfect for a playful, prankster horse always up to something, reminiscent of a troublemaker who’s just been caught.
  3. Sir Neighs-a-Lot: Suited for a vocal horse who loves to express himself, whether in the stable or out in the field.
  4. Twinkle Toes: For a horse with exceptionally graceful movements, as if it’s always dancing or tiptoeing around.
  5. Shadow Dancer: A fitting name for a horse with a sleek, dark coat that seems to glide like a shadow, especially in the twilight.
  6. Bolt Buster: Ideal for a horse with a surprising burst of speed, unexpectedly outpacing others like a bolt from the blue.
  7. Giggles: Perfect for a horse with a quirky, almost laugh-inducing gait or personality that brings joy to everyone around.
  8. Cuddle Bug: Suited for an exceptionally affectionate horse that loves close contact and cuddles with its human companions.
Picture of a foal, we are looking at funny horse names for her.
Young foal still waiting on its name.

Historical and Literary References

Each of these names brings a touch of history and literature to the horse barn, connecting horses to our rich cultural heritage.

  1. Napoleo-neigh: Named after Napoleon Bonaparte, this fits a horse with a commanding presence and leadership qualities, much like the famous French military leader.
  2. Julius Squeezer: Ideal for a strong, powerful horse, echoing the strength and influence of Julius Caesar, with a playful twist on the name.
  3. Shakes-neigh-re: Perfect for an expressive horse, this name pays homage to William Shakespeare, reflecting a horse with a dramatic or poetic flair.
  4. Mare-curie: Suited for an intelligent, perceptive mare, named after Marie Curie, the pioneering scientist known for her groundbreaking work.
  5. Trojan Horse: A fitting name for a horse with a strong, imposing stature, reminiscent of the legendary wooden horse from the Trojan War.
  6. Don Quixote: Ideal for a horse with a noble, adventurous spirit, mirroring the chivalrous character from Miguel de Cervantes’ famous novel.
  7. Pony-an: For a horse with a resilient and enduring spirit, named after the ancient city of Troy, known for its legendary siege.
  8. Galloping Gatsby: Perfect for a charismatic, charming horse, this name draws inspiration from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic character, Jay Gatsby.
Picture of a broodmare and her foal.
This baby horse is still waiting for her name.

Wordplay and Homophones

  1. Hoarse Whisperer: A playful take on “horse whisperer,” ideal for a horse known for its soft neighs or gentle demeanor.
  2. Rein It In: This name uses a homophone to create a pun, perfect for a horse known for its discipline and control, echoing the phrase “reign it in.”
  3. Bridle Shower: A clever twist on “bridal shower,” suited for a mare that loves attention and pampering, as if she’s always the center of a celebration.
  4. Mane Squeeze: Playing on the phrase “main squeeze,” this name is fitting for a beloved horse, often considered the favorite in the stable.
  5. Stirrup Trouble: A humorous name for a mischievous horse, using a play on “stir up trouble,” reflecting a knack for causing playful chaos.
  6. Cant-her: A pun on “canter,” ideal for a horse with a distinctive, easy-going canter or one that’s known for being a bit stubborn.
  7. Bit of Happiness: A play on the phrase “bit of happiness,” this name suits a horse that brings joy and is also a nod to the bit used in horse riding.
  8. Gallop Poll: A witty twist on “Gallup poll,” perfect for a horse that seems to have opinions on everything, as if conducting its own surveys in the stable.
Funny Cide

Funny Cide, relaxing with his tongue out. Source: sWrightOsment, CC BY 2.0

My 20 Favorite Funny Horse Names

  1. Horse Power: A great name for a strong, energetic horse, the pun on automotive horsepower never fails to raise a smile.
  2. Bucktooth Betty: For a horse with a unique smile, this humorous name is guaranteed to lighten the mood in any barn.
  3. Sir Neighs A Lot: Combining equine behavior and nobility, this name is perfect for a horse that isn’t shy about expressing itself.
  4. Mane Attraction: For a horse with beautiful, flowing hair, this punny name hits the mark while also acknowledging its beauty.
  5. Colt Following: Perfect for a young horse who’s popular in the barnyard, this pun on ‘cult following’ is clever and charming.
  6. Foal Play: This name, playing off the term ‘foul play’, belongs to a playful young horse who loves to horse around.
  7. Hay There: A friendly horse with this name can’t help but bring a smile to anyone’s face.
  8. Galloping Goofball: This horse, full of playful energy, brings laughter wherever it goes.
  9. Unstable Genius: This name, a pun on the word ‘stable,’ is reserved for those horses that are as smart as they are humorous.
  10. Hoof Hearted: Say this one quickly, and you’ll understand why it often leaves people in stitches.
  11. Ewe Move: Perfect for a horse that shares its space with sheep, this name is a playful nod to farm life.
  12. Clip Clop Clumsy: This is the perfect name for a horse known for its loveable, clumsy nature.
  13. Neigh Slayer: With a touch of Game of Thrones reference, this is the perfect name for a strong, independent horse.
  14. Taco Belle: A fun and whimsical name that would suit a horse with a large appetite and a pretty face.
  15. Pony Soprano: A humorous nod to the famous TV show, “The Sopranos”, this name is for a horse with a personality as big as Tony’s.
  16. Jockey’s Jester: This name is perfect for a horse that always seems to be up to something mischievous, making its jockey laugh.
  17. Cereal Killer: This name is a humorous way to acknowledge a horse that just can’t get enough of its grain.
  18. Gallop Poll: This name, a pun on ‘Gallup Poll’, is perfect for the horse that seems to take its own survey of who’s who in the stable.
  19. Usain Colt: A homage to Usain Bolt, the world-renowned sprinter, this name is sure to get a few laughs on the racing circuit.
  20. Pasture Bedtime: Coming in at number one, this name is a clever play on words that’s perfect for a horse who likes to stay out late grazing under the stars.

Join the Fun

Now that we’ve explored a range of creatively named horses, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Which of these names did you find most amusing or fitting? Cast your vote for your favorite, or better yet, share your own inventive horse name suggestions. Let’s see who can come up with the most clever or humorous name that could one day grace the stables!

Travellers Rest - 2009 02

I could come up with a funny name for this horse. Source: John Harwood, CC BY 2.0

Why Do People Give Funny Names to Horses?

Humor is a universal language, especially in the horse world. Naming a horse is often a joyous event, deepening the bond between the animal and its human caregivers. Infusing this occasion with laughter adds a special touch.

Tradition of Unique and Funny Horse Names

  • Historical and Practical Reasons: The tradition of giving unique and funny names to horses is rooted in history and practicality, particularly in horse racing. These names grab attention, showcase creativity, and express the personality of both the horse and the owner.
  • Attention-grabbing: Funny names become a talking point and add enjoyment to races. Names like “Whykickamoocow” or “Pants On Fire” often elicit chuckles at the starting gate.
  • Practicality: In many racing jurisdictions, duplicate names are not allowed, leading to creative and often amusing naming choices.

Examples of Humorous Historical Horse Names

  • Zippy Chippy: Known for losing 100 races, its name is memorable and brings smiles.
  • Odor in the Court: A play on “order in the court,” this name created giggles despite the horse’s modest racing success.
  • Arrrrr: Pronounced like a pirate’s “arrr,” this horse’s name made for comical race calls but was also a strong competitor.
  • Community and Connection: Beyond humor, funny horse names foster community and connection, sparking conversations and adding delight to the world of horse ownership and racing.
quarter horse looking edited

Creating A Funny Horse Name

Understanding What Makes a Horse Name Funny:

  • Clever Wordplay and Puns: Utilize wordplay and puns, exploiting multiple meanings or similar sounds for a humorous effect.
  • Example: “Sir Neighs A Lot” uses a homophone (neighs and nays) for humor.
  • Cultural References: Incorporate puns on well-known phrases or names, like “Usain Colt” for Usain Bolt.

Key Elements in Creating a Funny Horse Name:

  • Originality: Aim for uniqueness to make the name stand out and be memorable.
  • Personality Reflection: Choose a name that reflects the horse’s traits, quirks, or habits, like “Houdini Horse” for an escape artist.
  • Humor: The most important element. The name should bring a smile or laughter, whether through puns, cultural references, or clever wordplay.

Tips for Naming:

  • Be original and avoid duplicating existing names.
  • Consider the horse’s unique personality and traits.
  • Don’t shy away from showing your sense of humor.

Remember, a well-chosen funny horse name not only adds joy to your life but also brings laughter to everyone who hears it.


What is a good name for a black horse?

Choosing a name for a black horse can be exciting. Consider names that reflect the horse’s ebony color, such as “Black Beauty,” “Midnight Magic,” “Ebony Star,” “Shadow Dancer,” or “Obsidian Dream.” Remember, the best names often reflect the unique personality and spirit of your equine companion.

What is a good name for a female horse?

Naming a female horse can reflect her personality, grace, or strength. Consider names like “Daisy,” “Bella,” “Lady,” “Mystique,” or “Starlight.” Historical or mythical names like “Artemis” or “Cleopatra” can also work. The best name for your mare will capture her unique spirit and charm.

What is a good name for a Palomino horse?

For a Palomino, consider names that reflect their golden coat and graceful demeanor. Names like “Golden Glory,” “Sunny Mane,” or “Blonde Beauty” can be perfect. You might also think of names that evoke images of sunshine and light, such as “Aurora” or “Solshine.”

What is a good name for a Dun horse?

Dun horses, known for their distinctive coats, can carry names like “Dusty Trail,” “Desert Shadow,” or “Canyon Whisper.” Names that highlight their earthy tones, such as “Clay Runner” or “Sandy Echo,” also work well. For a more playful approach, consider “Dun Dancer” or “Mocha Mystic.”

What is a good name for a Bay horse?

For a Bay horse, names that highlight their rich, warm coat color can be quite fitting. Consider names like “Copper Charm,” “Mahogany Mist,” or “Autumn Blaze.” For a touch of elegance, names like “Espresso Elegance” or “Sienna Spirit” can also complement their striking appearance.

Why are racehorse names so weird?

Racehorse names often seem weird due to the need for uniqueness, as duplicate names are not allowed in racing registries. Owners get creative within character limits, leading to quirky, memorable names. These names may also hold personal significance or humor, adding to their unusual nature.

Picture of gemologist son, one of the funniest horse names I have.
My Gemologist stallion. He got his funny name from his father’s side.


In the lively, dynamic world of horse ownership and racing, where strength and agility are often the focus, there exists a tradition of humor that adds a unique charm. Funny horse names, whether they’re clever puns, surprising cultural references, or plays on the horse’s personality, bring joy and laughter to barns and racetracks alike.

They remind us not to take life too seriously and to appreciate the lighter, funnier side of things. As we’ve trotted through the top 20 funniest horse names and beyond, we hope you’ve had as much fun reading as we did to compile this list. Maybe you’ve even found some inspiration for naming your own horse, or perhaps you’ve just enjoyed a few minutes of equine-induced hilarity.

Either way, the next time you find yourself at a stable or a horse race, keep an ear out for those funny horse names. They’re sure to bring a smile to your face, a chuckle to your lips, and a lightness to your heart. After all, in the endearing world of horses, humor truly is a galloping gift.