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Smoky Mountain Boots: Are They a Quality Kids Boot?

Last updated: December 6, 2022

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

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We intend to buy our six-year-old grandson some new boots. So I did some research to learn more about the quality of Smoky Mountain boots for kids. Currently, he wears Smoky Mountains Stars and Stripes Western Boots – Square Toes pictured below.

Smoky Mountains are affordable and functional quality kids’ boots. They are also attractive, comfortable, and long-lasting. Our grandson likes this brand, and so do we.

Many parents select boots based on the brands they wear. However, when choosing kids’ boots, the best adult boot brand is not always the best choice.

The kids love their Smoky Mountain boots.

Our grandson is not shy when it comes to what he likes. He loves the fashion look of the stars and stripes print on his boots’ shaft. But there’s more to buying a good pair of kids boots than looks.

Smoky Mountain cowboy boots are durable.

He’s put his Smoky Mountain boots through an intensive quality control test, and they’ve held up well against severe abuse. He is a typical boy; he stays outside as much as possible and wears his chosen footwear for all activities.

His Smoky Mountain boots are used for climbing trees, riding horses, racing, and working. He wears them through the mud and water, and during hot or cold days.

Through all of this abuse, his parents tell me they spray his boots with water to rinse them and set them outside to dry, and they are ready to wear the next day. And maybe once a month, they will apply some mink oil.

picture of my grandsons' smoky mountain cowboy boots,
Grandson’s smoky mountain boots

Most members of our family wear cowboy boots, and we know how to care for our footwear to make them last. And yes, we understand the importance of teaching our children to care for their things, but kids do outgrow footwear quickly.

Smoky Mountain makes girls cowboy boots.

Smoky mountain cowboy boots are a good option for both boys and girls footwear because:

  • They’re easy to get on and off: no laces, straps, or zippers
  • They’re durable
  • They’re comfortable
  • They’re versatile

I’ve researched the Smoky Mountain Boys’ Stars and Stripes Western Boots extensively and recommend these boots. However, it’s always a good practice to get as much information as possible before buying a product.

So, here is a link to Amazon’s customer review pages for both boys and girls Smoky Mountain boots so that you read what other people have to say about these boots:

Smoky Mountain boots are full-grain leather.

The Smoky Mountain boot company is a wholesaler of boots. I couldn’t determine anything about the actual manufacturer of the boots. This is a typical trait of products made overseas.

picture of my granddaughters' smoky mountain cowboy boots,
Granddaughter’s smoky mountain boots

The Smoky Mountain company claims to use full-grain leather in making their boots. Full-grain leather is the highest quality grade of leather. Inexpensive kids boot made of full-grain leather, is this too good to be true?

High-quality leather is costly to produce and is not typically used to make kids boots, especially ones offered for sale at such a low price. However, the shaft is synthetic, so this could offset the cost of the full-grain leather portions.

Smoky Mountain fails to provide the method used to build their boots. Are the machine-made or handmade? For the price, I would assume they are machine-made, plus if they were handmade boots, they would promote this feature.

Machine-made boots are more likely than hand-made boots to separate between the upper and the soles. Handmade boots are entirely leather and have pegs to hold the shaft in place. There are high-quality machine-made boots, but none are made to last as long as hand-made boots.

These factors would concern me more if I were buying boots for an adult, but not so much for kids’ boots. Children’s boots will likely only fit their feet for a matter of months, but I expect my boots to last years.

picture of a young boy riding a horse with a man walking alongside. smoky

If I have a problem with my boots I know the manufacturer will stand behind their product. Most U.S. boot manufacturers have built their brand by providing a great product and outstanding customer service.

Products made outside of the United States aren’t necessarily inferior; however, it’s nice to know the company building your boots, but this is the way of things in our global market.


The boots have leather uppers and pull tabs, so a child can easily pull on his boots without any help. They also have a square toe which is popular in adult brands, so these kids’ boots aren’t kiddie looking.

The boots also have a nice heel to prevent their feet from slipping through a stirrup when horseback riding. The leather upper is flexible enough that they can use the boots to run and play.

The stitching on our grandson boots has held up well to his abuse. However, I’ve read some other customer reviews that complain about sole separation. This may be because the manufacturer provides and inconsistent.

Overall, these boots are a good value, and our grandson loves his Smoky Mountain boots, we will buy him another pair. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of Smoky Mountain boots, you can click this link to check prices on Amazon.

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