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Tecovas Pearl Snap Shirt Review

Published on: November 1, 2022

By: Miles HenryFact Checked

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Tecovas makes excellent cowboy boots, but I was a bit hesitant when they decided to start making western snap shirts. They look nice, but I’m of the opinion that bootmakers should stick with what they know best and leave it to others to make clothes. However, I decided to try one of their new shirts anyway, and I’m so glad I did.

As I opened the box, I could immediately tell it was well-made and high-quality. I decided to try it on and am amazed at how good it looks. The fit is perfect, and the fabric is soft and comfortable. The pearl snaps add a touch of elegance, making me feel like a million bucks. I’m thrilled with my purchase; this shirt is my new favorite.

Tecovas Pearl Snap Shirt has all the qualities to make it the perfect indoor-outdoor shirt – so you can wear them for work and play. I will tell you all about this great shirt, so read on.

Picture of my new Tecovas pearl snap shirt.
My new Tecovas Brushed Cotton Pearl Snap Shirt

What is the Tecovas Pearl Snap Shirt?

Tecovas pearl snap shirts have front closure pearl snaps instead of buttons. I feel snaps are easier than buttons – not only to use as you snap them on but also to remove them quickly. Moreover, snaps are brass accented, adding to the shirt’s overall elegance and giving a classy antique look.

Tecovas pearl snap shirts also feature a classic western-inspired yoke across the shoulders on the front and back – something that will help you channel your inner cowboy. 

Most importantly, it is made with soft and lightweight cotton, enhancing the users’ comfort. They are also available in stripes and plaid in various colors to make you look dapper – in and out of the saddle. In short, this shirt has functionality, comfort, and looks.

Tecovas Pearl Snap Shirt uses 100% cotton, which is soft and has a subtle texture. As mentioned before, this lightweight shirt is ideal for daily wear. 

Here is a list of features of the Tecovas Pearl Snap shirt for your perusal:


  • 100% Cotton
  • Relaxed fit
  • Triple stitched for durability
  • Pearl-snap front closure with button closure at neck
  • Brass-accented pearl snaps
  • Two chest pockets with pearl snaps
  • Front and back western yoke
  • Three pearl snaps on cuffs
  • Banded collar
  • Available in 7 patterns/colors and six sizes from Small to 3 XL.

You Need a Tecovas Pearl Snap Shirt in Your Closet.

Cowboys are a rugged bunch, and their clothing reflects that. One of the most iconic items of cowboy attire is the pearl snap shirt. These shirts are usually made from tough materials like denim or cotton and often feature western-style details like yokes and contrast stitching.

But why do cowboys wear pearl snap shirts? There are a few reasons. First, the snaps make it easy to take the shirt on and off, which is essential for ranch work. Second, the snaps keep items secure in your front shirt pockets while providing easy access.

And finally, pearl snaps add a touch of style and flair – after all, there’s nothing like a little flash of pearly white to make a cowboy stand out from the crowd. Tecovas pearl snap shirts fit the bill and more. Here are some benefits you’ll find in their shirts.

Value for Money

At first glance, the Tecovas Pearl Snap Shirt might seem more expensive than the pearl snap shirts from other brands. I typically buy cheap snap shirts for working around the barn; however, these shirts are more than that, and I guarantee you are getting value for money.

Its quality and materials are worth the extra price. This is an exceptional shirt with beautiful prints, and the brand has paid careful attention to details. Therefore, it is justified to charge slightly more for it.

Soft and Comfortable

I cannot stop raving about the shirt’s comfort- it is so beautifully soft and lightweight. If you live an active lifestyle like me – either on the ranch or go fishing from time to time- this is a great travel shirt or outdoor shirt. 

When you are in the saddle (or constantly on your toes all day, the last thing you want is a shirt that weighs you down. Needless to say, this is the ideal summer attire as it will keep you cool and sweat-free. In cold weather, you can always layer the Tecovas pearl snap shirt with jackets or undershirts.

I don’t plan to wear this shirt for work right away. It’s too nice looking; it is my go-to shirt to watch the races or attend rodeos.

(While you’re here, don’t forget to check out my recent Ariat Pendleton Jackets For Men and Women review. You’ll find the Ariat Pendleton perfect for layering with these Tecovas shirts.)

Tons of Variety

Tecovas Pearl Snap Shirt is super light, making it great to pack along for your trips. I even purchased them in other prints (as I mentioned, they have almost seven different colors and patterns), so I always have a variety. Who says men’s wardrobe has to be boring? 

The Tecovas Guarantee (Square Deal)

Tecovas stands by its products. Their motto is: “If you’re not happy with anything you buy from us, we’re not done, and we mean it!” 

Tecovas have very high size, fit, comfort, and quality standards. If unsatisfied, you can always return or exchange the shirt hassle-free. They have free returns/exchanges for orders over $100. You can also browse their website, where friendly and helpful staff is always available to help you find what you need.

tecovas.shirt .snap

My Review of Tecovas Pearl Snap Shirt 

So, as mentioned above, I own two Tecovas Pearl Snap shirts (The Blue Diamond Stripe and the Golden Azure Plaid). I love them both but reserve the Diamond Stripe for horse riding and the Plaid when I go out. Both are lightweight and breathable.

I have worn both shirts with and without a T-shirt – it was comfy both times. Now that winter is almost here; I will use them for layering with my Ariat Pendleton jacket.

The shirts are true to size and fit well. They also have a slimming effect. I recommend going for your regular-size that you buy from other brands.

The Good

Fit and Comfort

There is a lot to cover here. I loved the shirts in terms of fit. Many brands of shirts are either too loose or tight – especially in the sleeves – but not these pearl snap shirts. They are the comfiest shirts I have owned; believe me, I own quite a few :).

Tecovas have also nailed the colors right – you will love the plaids with brighter shades like orange, rust, red, etc. They are perfect for an evening out. If you want something lighter, go in for the striped shirts in lighter shades of blue and green.

As mentioned earlier, I use one of these shirts for horseback riding, which is extremely comfortable and lightweight. I wasn’t sweaty or hot in it. 

Let me highlight some more pros of these awesome shirts:

The Collar

Tecovas pearl snap shirt’s standing collar comes with the same brass-accented pearl snaps that look dapper. The best part is that, on hot days, you can flip the collar up to protect the backside of your neck for that extra sun protection.

The Sleeves

The reinforced cuffs with three brass-accented pearl snaps make the sleeves look great. You can also roll them up to make them shorter when you work in the barn or when it is warmer. The snaps hold them in place, so you don’t have to keep pulling the sleeves up. 

Picture of the shirt pockets on Tecovas snap button shirts.

The Pockets

The chest pockets are great for holding essential items like keys, phones, etc. I traveled recently, and the convenient pockets held my boarding pass safely while leaving my hands free. They also have snaps so you can close the pockets securely.

Easy to Wash

The last and most important thing in the ‘Good’ section for the Tecovas Pearl Snap shirts is their ease of maintenance. 

Each shirt has clear instructions on its hem tag label regarding its care. Just follow the instructions, so your shirts last long. I dry-clean all my new shirts for the first few times after wearing them three to four times. Later, I toss them in the washer and run the gentlest cycle. Then I air-dry them in the shade. (These cowboy-friendly shirts can go long without washing unless you sweat a lot.)

They are also wrinkle-free and don’t need much ironing. As mentioned earlier, I took one on a recent journey, and when I unpacked it upon arrival, it did not have too many wrinkles.

The Bad

This section is going to be very short. I could not find many faults with the Tecovas pearl snap shirts.

However, if you check the review section on the Tecovas website, you will find there are a few complaints users have had about these shirts:

  • Size issues – A majority of the complaints were about the sizing. A couple of buyers felts that the shirts ran smaller or wider than their usual sizes. One user mentioned that he was too tall and that the same cut was a tad too short for him. Another said the sleeves felt too tight, and he could not roll them up comfortably.
  • Durability – Only one or two users mentioned that their snap buttons fell off after just one wearing. (I haven’t had any such problem despite wearing and washing my shirts several times. In fact, the buttons are intact despite washing them in the machine.)
  • Material – One buyer mentioned that he found the shirts “sheer” and had to wear something underneath. Again, I don’t see it this way.

The best part is that someone from the Tecovas team promptly replied to each of these users. They also mentioned taking the feedback and passing it on to their design team. They even encouraged the reviewers to reach out to them directly on their email – so they could rectify the problem.

Where to Buy the Tecovas Pearl Snap Shirts?

Tecovas stores are located in several states – Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Kansas, North and South Carolinas, Tennessee, and Virginia. You can always buy their products directly from their website; they offer free shipping for orders over $100. Most of the Pearl Button Snap shirts cost around $88 (at the time of writing this review).

While Tecovas boots are available on retail sites like Amazon, I haven’t found these shirts there.

Final Verdict

I think it is pretty obvious what I think of the Tecovas Pearl Snap Shirts. I thoroughly research the product when buying shirts (or any apparel, for that matter). Therefore, my reviews aren’t just about what I think of the product but also a ton of that research. 

There are a lot of pearl snap shirts out there. But a lot of them are “flash and no substance.” Not the Tecovas. Their quality is par excellence. They also stand by their Square Deal – if you aren’t satisfied, so aren’t they. 

Tecovas shirts wash well. They are rugged and durable. They are also stylish. Their lightweight breathability makes them an excellent choice for horse riding.

If you plan to buy the Tecovas Pearl Snap Shirt, keep in mind the feedback and reviews that stated they ran small, especially in the sleeves. I am pretty tall, but the size I buy in other brands is what I chose, and I had no issues.

The length is something I read was on the shorter side for some people. Also, the sleeves were tight for a few people. It is a good idea to check out Tecovas’ size guide or speak to their representative if you plan to order the shirt online.

I found the best price on their website if you plan to buy the Tecovas Pearl Snap shirts. If you already own one, let me know your thoughts or questions in the comments below.

Here is a YouTube video reviewing western style shirts.

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