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The 3 Very Best Horse Fly Mask With Ears

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Most of us expect a lot from our horses, but when they are annoyed by flies, bugs, and other insects hovering around the eyes, noses, and ears, it’s difficult for them to retain focus. So I recommend using one of these three brands to protect your animal.

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You might think masks hinder your horse, bother its ears, or block its vision. But today’s horse fly masks protect your horse face better from pests and are less intrusive than they used to be.

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A friend recently complained that I didn’t include the Kensington Signature Fly Mask with Removable Nose and Soft Mesh Ears, it’s his favorite. I’ve agreed to try out this mask and update my list if it’s as good as he thinks. Here is a link to the Signature Fly Mask on Amazon if you want to check it out.

Ear protection is essential when choosing a horsefly mask.

Many of the new styles of horsefly masks are ultra-soft with skin-friendly fabric, and they have semi-transparent eye-covers that allows your horse to see through it.

Mask with ear protection is essential in most areas; however, if you live in regions infested with black flies, or buffalo gnats, then it’s critical to protect your horse’s ears. The reason is that these particular pests tend to attack horses’ ears more than other insects.

While choosing the best Horse Fly Mask for your horse, you should always consider purchasing one with ear protection. As you know, flies often burrow in horses’ ears and create havoc, and transmit diseases.

Breathability and UV protection are vital.

Other factors to consider are the ease of getting it on and off your horse, vision obstruction, UV protection, and the mask material’s breathability. Breathability is especially important in hot and humid climates like ours here in south Louisiana.

Mask that block UV rays are essential for horses sensitive to sunlight like those with bald faces or pink skin. When horses sunburn, they suffer typical symptoms humans face, redness, blistering, and peeling skin.

These conditions are painful and can be harmful to horses, a good fly mask like the Cashel Crusader helps prevent sunburn.

You will find numerous Horse Fly Mask in the market, but here is a list of the top 3 best horse fly masks with ears that should be an essential item for your horse’s safety and comfort.

1. Cashel Crusader Standard Mule Donkey Fly Mask with Ears:

Picture of a horse wearing a cashel crusader fly mask,

Best overall

Price: $16.68 – $36.74 

Where to buy: Amazon

Don’t be put off by the name; this fly mask is very effective for horses even though it professes to be for mules and donkeys. Just be sure and check the sizes, but it fits horses and works great, keeping flies and bugs at bay.

This product has a secure fit hook and a single strap loop tape closure, which protects the delicate area around your horse’s eyes and forehead.

It’s soft coated nylon micro-mesh construction eliminates any forelock damage and blocks 70% of the damaging UV rays. It also has a durable and breathable mesh cap that provides extra comfort to your horse.

And most importantly, its patented forelock hole will keep the hairs out of your horse’s eyes to relieve it from any irritation.

All these features prove this product to be a must-needed product for your horse’s protection and comfort. These masks come in a wide variety of sizes that can fit a small pony to a large draft breed.

So, click on the link below and get your horse the comfort that it deserves.
Cashel Crusader Standard Mule Donkey Fly Mask with Ears

2. Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask with Ears:

Picture of a horse wearing a fly mask,

Most comfortable

Price: $23.39 – $33.99

Where to buy: Amazon

This is yet another effective fly mask for your horse. It is rated as number one for its comfort and fit. This product has almost the same design as you saw on the last product. It just has more transparent fabric on its eyes that will allow your horse to see everything.

This horse fly mask is made up of a very light material that will protect the horse’s eyes and ears even on the go. It has a soft and breathable nylon mesh that fastens quickly and secures over or under most bridles without even affecting its vision.

It has a soft micromesh nylon sleeve over your horse’s ears to protect it from any type of insect bites or flies.

Having this product on your horse, you can remain assured that your horse is protected against any harmful insect bites, and you can enjoy your quieter and safe ride.

You can also worry less about the size as they deliver this product for various sizes starting from an Arabian Horse to Large Pony.

So, click on the link below and get your horse fly mask now for a safe and quiet ride on your horse.

Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask with Ears

3. Professional`S Choice Comfort Fit Fly Mask

Picture of a horse wearing the professional choice fly mask with ears,

Most popular and best design

Price: $21.29 

Where to buy: Amazon

The Professional’s Choice Comfort-Fit fly mask is the most popular on our list. It is made from Lycra, which is the form-fitting material used to make spandex shorts and is lightweight, breathable, and extraordinarily comfortable.

It is made by Professionals Choice, a trusted brand for equine products. If you search for a tried and true horse fly mask to protect your horse’s eyes, ears, and nose, you should try this fantastic product. It is also easy to put on and get off.

This fly mask provides your horse the ultimate protection from flies, and also it is a safer alternative to toxic fly sprays. The Professional’s Choice comfort fit fly mask has design ensures your horse’s comfort and prevents forelock damage.

This fly mask is overall soft and flexible that will provide maximum comfort, and it is also durable and long-lasting that also keeps the mesh away from the eye area.

The smooth lycra stretches to fit your horse head snug, and the large mesh areas cover its eyes and ears without hindering the horse’s vision. It’s able to do all this while keeping flies and bugs away. This model is designed with a tab at the poll so you can easily remove it.

So, if you have a horse and you want to protect it from those irritating flies and dangerous diseases, I recommend getting your Professional`S Choice Comfort Fit Fly Mask today.

Customer reviews

Before you purchase a product, it advisable to read what others who’ve used it have to say. Thousands of consumers of horse fly masks have provided their feedback on these models. Here are the links to Amazon customer reviews for all three of our recommended horse fly masks:

These are the top 3 best horse fly mask with ears. Before getting any fly mask for your horse, you should always check for the perfect option available for your horse.

You should always check that the product is comfortable enough for your horse to wear. And that, it is neither too tight nor too loose on your horse’s face. Also, always purchase a durable fly mask, one that should last for at least a year. Each year plan to buy a new mask for your horse.

Check for the fabric when you purchase the fly mask; it should be comfortable for your horse to wear for a long time. Also, keep hygiene in mind and wash it regularly to avoid infection to your horse’s eyes, ears, and nose and never leave a wet mask on your horse’s face because it will irritate your horse and make it more vulnerable diseases.

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