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Best Cowboy Boot Brands Made in Mexico

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There’s just something about a good pair of cowboy boots. Maybe it’s the way they make your feet feel or the sound they make when you walk. Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that cowboy boots are a classic piece of Americana. And if you’re looking for a good pair of cowboy boots, you should definitely check out the brands made in Mexico.

Some of the best cowboy boot brands made in Mexico include Tecovas, Ariat, and Old Gringo. These brands are all known for their high-quality construction and beautiful designs. If you’re looking for a pair of cowboy boots that will last you a lifetime, one of these brands is definitely the way to go.

So if you’re in the market for a new pair of cowboy boots, be sure to check out the brands made in Mexico. You won’t be disappointed.

Picture of Tecovas "The Doc" cowboy boots
Tecovas “The Doc” cowboy boots

In this guide, I cover why some of the leading cowboy boot brands make their products in Mexico. We will also cover the following:

  • Why is Mexico known for making Cowboy Boots
  • Best Cowboy Boot Brands made in Mexico?
  • And more.

Let us dive right into it:

Cowboy boots are made worldwide, but some of the best brands come from Mexico. In the following sections, we discuss some of the top cowboy boot brands that make their footwear in Mexico.

We’ll also talk about why these brands are so popular and what makes their boots stand out from the rest. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about cowboy boots made in Mexico.

Below is a YouTube video that shows the Tecovas bootmaking process used in Leon, Mexico.


Tecovas boots impress from the time they arrive. When I opened my box, the packaging of these boots was top-notch; each boot had its own plastic bag with a divider inside and wrapped in paper. There was also a koozie inside.

Tecovas’ commitment to quality, customer service, and satisfaction is a mainstay for the company. Paul Hedrick, the founder of Tecovas, loved cowboy boots so much that he decided to make them himself.

Hedrick wanted everyone to experience the craftsmanship, quality, and superior feeling of comfort and confidence one gets when one slips into a pair of exquisitely handcrafted cowboy boots.

Every pair of Tecovas cowboy boots are designed in Austin, Texas, and made in the cowboy boot-making capital of Leon, Mexico.

Picture of Tecovas boot box.

A single pair of Tecovas cowboy boots takes 200 steps to finish!

  • The handcrafting process takes place in Leon, where artisans use supple custom leather to create the unique Tecovas shape. 
  • They lay western designs over the leather before hand-stitching it. Everything is handstitched: the shaft quarters, the vamp, and the counter. 
  • The leather is then cut according to molds conforming to US shoe sizes. 
  • Next comes the cork lining – this creates a comfortable footbed that molds to the feet. 
  • Artisans also use the traditional western hand-hammering process to lay the lemonwood pegs. This makes the boots more malleable.
  • Next, the stacked heels are hand-shaped and secured to the boot. 
  • Finally, every boot undergoes stringent inspection before hitting the shelves.

I own a pair of Tecovas Doc Men’s Cowboy Boots and find them quite comfortable. Plus, they have a classic cowboy profile that is dressy enough to wear with slack and looks great with jeans.

These boots are made with bovine leather and have a broad square toe that makes them stylish and provides adequate toe space. Tecovas Docs also feature the brand’s signature stitching with a double-welt construction that keeps them waterproof. Their 1½-inch heel has enough stacking to let you show those bootcut jeans in style.


Chisos is located in Austin, Texas, but their workshop is in Guanajuato in, Mexico, the same place that mentored their founder, Will Roman. All Chisos boots are made from heritage leather, and the Company uses sustainable practices to source them.

They also use lead-free tanning processes and believe in fair pay for workers with health benefits and pension contributions. Check out Chisos No.2, which is made with superior cowhide leather.

It’s great that Chisos is taking care of their employees and are conscious of the environment, but most importantly, they are making one of the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn.

They also feature scuffs that develop a handsome patina over time. Chisos No.2 men’s cowboy boots are available in brushed brown and magic black shades. Chisos are exceptionally comfortable and well-crafted cowboy boots.


ARIAT boots are made in Mexico and China except for the range of products they have named Two24. However, all product designing happens in California.

ARIAT was founded by two women, Beth Cross and Pam Parker. The former has even worked with top boot companies like Reebok. ARIAT cowboy boots are extremely popular because they feature supple leather uppers, Duratread sole, mid-calf shaft, and advanced technology that makes them reliable in the saddle. They are also affordably priced.

Pro Tip: Check out Ariat’s website before buying; they often have the best prices and always have the widest selection and latest styles.

I own a few Ariat boots; my favorite casual cowboy boots are Ariat Amos; however, I wear my Ariat Groundbreakers much more. Both are well-made and comfortable.

Check out the top-selling ARIAT Men’s Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot.

This is a versatile piece of footwear you can use for barn chores, trail riding, and an evening out in town. It features the brand’s 4LR (Four Layer Rebound) technology for added comfort.

Its Duratread outsole supports your heel and provides traction on oil, water, and slick surfaces. The 90-degree heel offers stability to the feet, and 4LR ensures extra cushioning and support for all-day use.

Rujo Boots

Rujo Boot Company is the brainchild of native Texans who claim they were literally born in cowboy boots. So passionate they were about cowboy boots that they took things back to their origins to understand the intricacy of making them. Naturally, their search led them to Leon, Mexico.

Like Tecovas, every stitch of Rujo is painstakingly put in, and every peg is carefully hammered in place. Each finished product is carefully scrutinized to ensure it meets the highest standards. 

When you hold a pair of RUJO’s cowboy boots in your hand, you hold two centuries of rich western history distilled and refined into a modern cowboy boot.

RUJO ROSCOE cowboy boots combine the comfort of a square toe with the elegance and durability of Caiman tail leather. Their soft footbed ensures all-day comfort. RUJO cowboy boots marry form with function and promise easy repair and lifelong durability thanks to the Goodyear welt construction.

 RUJO Roscoe boot is available in 3 attractive colors.


Unmarked’s workshop is located in a 1958 warehouse in Leon, Mexico, and the brand creates contemporary boots using antique machinery. They believe that the best boots combine more than just durability, design, and comfort – they also believe in fair wages and full-time employment with fair trade practices.

Unmarked uses contemporary techniques like Goodyear welt stitching, sidewall stitching, and stitching down with heritage designs. Every boot is designed and produced in Leon, Mexico itself.

Durango features five rows of handmade multicolor fancy stitching on the shafts. They also use mini-welt construction with a brass-nailed wooden pegged waist and a full stacked heel that you can ride in comfort all day.

J.W Boot Company

Blake Baker, the founder of J W Boots, grew up in Texas, where he learned to love and appreciate a pair of comfortable cowboy boots. He always wanted to own a pair of $700 Caiman leather boots, which led to him moving manufacturing to Leon, Mexico.

Thanks to J W Boot Company’s partnership with Leon, Mexico, Blake Baker can now provide boot enthusiasts with great-looking, high-quality boots made from exotic animal skins like ostrich, lizard, eel, etc., all under $500.

Check out their Dallas Boots in Ostrich skin. These are French-toe designed and take 4 to 5 weeks to make. Their salient features include a lightweight shank supported by wooden pegs and brass nails, deerskin pull tabs, embroidered shaft, bovine leather outsole with Goodyear welt construction, and hand-lasted ostrich leg for vamp and counter.

Old Gringo

Old Gringo Boots Company was founded by Ernie Tarut and Yarn Ferry in 2000. The former has leather manufacturing experience, while the latter is a skilled bootmaker with mastery over European boot design.

Old Gringo boots are based on the philosophy of art, quality, and innovation. As Ernie once said: “ It is and always will be about making the right pair of boots. You know those boots you always turn to and never want to take off.”

Today, Old Gringo is known for its distinctive handmade boots that combine futuristic designs while staying true to its traditions.

Check out their WAXAHACHIE line. These boots are made with scoured suede finish and traditional embroidery on the shaft. The soft shaft leather is comfortable and features holes for easy pull-on.

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Lane Boots primarily have a collection of cowgirl boots. They make a few men’s boots, but women’s boots are their bread and butter. The Company was formed in 2007. The founders wanted western-influenced boots that were stylish, comfortable, durable, and influenced by contemporary designs.

So they went back to basics, and today, every pair of Lane Cowboy boots is handcrafted using unique designs, genuine leather, and classic techniques.

Check out Lane’s Plain Jane for cowgirls. It is a classic stylish pair with floral detailing and inlay with topstitching.

Hondo Boots

Hondo Boots is a family-owned boot company from El Paso, Texas, that has been around since 1965. Today, they manufacture their handcrafted leather cowboy boots in the south of Mexico.

In an age where all boot companies are moving to computerized designs and machine assembly, Hondo proudly makes their boots the way boots are supposed to be made: using nailed-sole leather, steel shanks, and brass and wood pegs. 

Their tall handcrafted boots feature soft and supple leather that ensures all-day comfort – you can wear them for barn chores or dance the night away in them. Hondo Boots are also ready for the spurs.

They also feature stacked-sole leather heels, Goodyear welt construction, and colorful stitch patterns that contrast against vamp hues. Hondo also carefully trims and treats every boot for an impeccable finish.

Check out Men’s Hondo Emerald Green Stove Top Boot. They utilize soft, 100% genuine leather and are handcrafted for extreme comfort.


Bachesto Boots are designed in Texas but handcrafted in Leon, Mexico. This world-class bootmaker has been around for nearly seven decades, and the family-owned company honors tradition while utilizing contemporary techniques and innovation. 

All Bachesto boots undergo an extensive handmade process. They use Goodyear welt construction, lemonwood pegs, 100% leather outsole, hand-laid decorative cording, and hand-switched quarters.

Check out these Bachesto Ropers that feature a clean silhouette. The lower-than-normal heel makes it easy to get in and out of stirrups.

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Why is Mexico Known for Making Cowboy Boots?

Many cowboy boot company from the United States make their boots in Mexico for a reason. The country has a longstanding history of artisanal craftsmanship combined with skilled labor and decades of boot-making experience. Since the era of the conquistadors,

Mexico is well-known for its leather items. All these factors have led to a rise in demand for Mexican footwear. Many top US-based cowboy boot brands have their production units in Mexico.

Mexican cowboy boots are well-known for their finest craftsmanship, high-quality leather, and beautiful traditional embroidery. They use techniques like Goodyear welt construction, lemonwood pegs, and intricate hand-stitching that make them unique, elegant, and durable.

Here are more reasons why bootmakers choose to have their boots built in Mexico:

Generations of shoemaking

Not many people know that the city of Leon in Guanajuato, Mexico is the world’s boot capital. Leon is one of Mexico’s largest cities, having a population of more than 1.5 million. It is well known for leather boots, shoes, and other leather products like purses, wallets, handbags, and belts.

When Juan Bautista de Orozco established the village of Leon in the 1500s, its residents mainly relied on farming and cattle-raising as their source of income. However, by 1645, the proliferation in the cattle industry led to the development of tanneries and shoemaking, boosting the local economy.

The industry flourished, and soon there were generations upon generations of leather-goods manufacturers in Leon. Expert bootmakers passed on their trade secrets to their offspring, making it a community steeped in the rich history of leatherworking. For them, boot-making and leatherworking became a way of life.

Other influences

Soon immigrants from Italy, Spain, and Argentina came to Leon and contributed their inputs in boot designs and techniques. This gave rise to an amalgamation of designs, leather lining, invisible channels, and intricate embroidery – elements you won’t find in footwear from any other part of the world.

During the Second World War, the US military looked to Leon Mexico to supply boots for their soldiers. Resultantly, the city imported machines from all over the world to ramp up production.

Bootmakers then started implementing techniques like Goodyear welt technology. They utilized a strip of leather or rubber that ran along the outsole allowing the boots to be re-soled repeatedly. The process gained popularity as it made the boots affordable, strong, and water-resistant. 

Mexican bootmakers also use lemonwood pegs in their boots. When compared with metal pegs, lemonwood pegs have several benefits. They expand and contract with the leather in water.

This ensures they won’t fall out, unlike metal pegs. All these elements significantly contributed to the popularity of Mexican-made cowboy boots.

Fair labor practices

Today, many of the top US-based cowboy boot brands have partnered with boot manufacturers in Leon, Mexico, because they have the same “philosophical priorities” as those of the family-owned boot companies in the USA. These mainly include fair labor practices, ethical sourcing of leather, and the use of the highest quality raw materials.

In the United States, many cowboy boot manufacturers may have to use different locations for the complete production process, which is bad for the environment and causes the final product to suffer.

Picture of cowboy boots made from exotic skin.

Are Boots made in Mexico High-Quality?

Indeed, Mexican boots are unmatched in quality and craftsmanship. It is no wonder that more and more American boot brands have moved their production to Mexico. Sure, many bookmakers also choose China – but nobody can beat Mexican-made cowboy boots.

In fact, statistics show that the Mexican shoe industry lost a great deal of its international shoe market share to China. In 2006, Mexican shoe imports were 40% lower than that in 2000.

But the cowboy boot industry of Mexico not only survived- it doubled. This can be attributed to the more complex production process of cowboy boots, not to mention the use of exotic hides local only to Mexico. In fact, Mexico is the largest producer of hides worldwide.

I’m sure that these attributes will continue to make the country the biggest and the best producer of cowboy boots for decades to come. Now let’s look at some of the top cowboy boot brands making their boots in Mexico.

Key Takeaways – Best Cowboy Boot Brands Made in Mexico

Leon, Mexico, is hailed as the hub of leather boot manufacturing for several reasons. Many cowboy boot manufacturers from El Paso, Texas, have moved their manufacturing units to Mexico.

This is thanks to the brilliant craftsmanship of artisans backed by centuries of boot-making. Using sustainable practices, they also source their raw materials such as cowhide, calfskin, ostrich, eel, lizard, etc.

Many US bootmakers have also established fair trade practices with the country. I recommend Tecovas Doc Men’s cowboy boot as it is a dressy boot having a classic western profile and is exceptionally comfortable.

Its broad square toe provides a wide toe-box which is comfortable boots for men with wide feet. Its contrasting stitch pattern is attractive and sure to grab eyeballs. Do check out the other top-rated boot companies from Mexico listed above.

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Below is a revealing YouTube video showing cowboy boots made in Mexico.

FAQs – Best Cowboy Boot Brands Made in Mexico

Are Ariat boots made in Mexico?

Yes, Ariat has outsourced its boot manufacturing to facilities in China and Mexico. Check out my guide,  Ariat Boots – Where are They Made? I discuss this topic in detail.

What brand of cowboy boots do real cowboys wear?

Cowboys wear boots from Lucchese, Justin Boots, ARIAT, and Corral. Check out my guide for details on What are Real Cowboy Boots?