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The Best Women’s Cowboy Boots You Can Buy for Under $200

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We took our time and found the best women’s cowboy boots that cost less than $200 look good, and are also functional. Our lists include riding boots, work boots, fashionable boots, and the best all-around cowboy boots.

Some of the boots come in different toe styles and colors. No matter what kind of cowboy boots you’re seeking, these are great choices that will fill your needs and look incredible.

Best women’s horse-riding cowboy boots for under $200

When choosing western riding boots, you want a comfortable boot that fits a stirrup properly and protects you in case your horse inadvertently steps on your foot.

If the sole of your footwear is cumbersome, broad, or doesn’t have a heel, it can hang up in the stirrup. Having your foot get stuck in a stirrup is dangerous; if you fall from a horse, your feet need to come out of the stirrups straight away.

Picture of the girls wearing cowboy hats and cowboy boots.

I often jump on a horse with my work boots, and inevitably my foot gets caught in the stirrup when I dismount. If my horse were to walk away or bolt while I have one foot on the ground and the other stuck in the stirrup, I would undoubtedly be injured.

Good quality leather, even without protective toes, provides adequate foot protection from horse hooves. You’ll likely have some pain, but it’ll be a lot less severe than if your foot was stepped on while wearing tennis shoes.

Here is a review of the best women’s cowboy boots for horseback riding you can buy for under $200.

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Best Women’s Cowboy Boots for Horseback Riding that are under $200

Ariat Women’s Unbridled Roper Western Cowboy Boot

Ariat offers a wide variety of cowboy boots. They built a large following of dedicated customers by using quality material and craftsmanship to make their boots. The Unbridled Roper follows this tradition.

Pro Tip: Visit Ariat Unbridled Ropers: customer reviews

Best women’s cowboy work boots for under $200.

The first and foremost consideration when you choose your work boot is safety;  I know most of you thought I was going to say color. But proper footwear on the job helps you perform more efficiently by combating workplace hazards and avoiding fatigue and discomfort.

Footwear designed for your task is essential to workplace safety. The proper workboots for your workplace protect your feet and toes while also improving your traction and stability on slippery surfaces.

Do you need work boots with safety toes for your job? Safety toes are essential to workers in a lot of industries and are often required in workplaces. Grooms and others that work around horses usually wear steel-toed boots, including me.

After having my toes stepped on years ago, I started wearing steel-toed boots around horses, and they’ve proved themselves useful on numerous occasions. There are three types of protective toes made for work boots, composite, steel, and aluminum.

What type of sole do you need for your work boots? The answer to this question depends on the surface you work on, but most work boots need to be made of durable, slip-resistant materials.

Rubber outsoles are typically oil and slip-resistant, making them an excellent choice for work sites. However, all rubber soles are not the same. Some are made of durable, chemical-resistant materials that add additional functionality.

Best all-around women’s cowboy boots for under $200

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Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot

Ariat’s Fatbaby collection fits all your needs. They are uniquely stylish boots that you can wear to town, sturdy enough for working and fit a stirrup nicely.

They make many different models, the Fatbaby cowgirl is better for riding, and the Fatbaby steel toe is designed more for working. But these are hybrid boots and can be worn for a multitude of purposes.

The shaft is only 8 inches, and the boot is made from 100 percent leather. Over 5,000 customers have reviewed these boots on Amazon, and have rated them 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Here is the link, I’m sure any question you have can be found in these reviews:

Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot: customer reviews

Most comfortable Women’s cowboy boots for under $200

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Ariat Women’s Quickdraw Western Cowboy Boot

Ariat is dominating the boot market, and for a good reason. They design rugged good looking boots that are comfortable. The Ariat Quickdraw boots are a perfect example of their work.

The Quickdraw boot is made versatile enough to wear riding or out on the town. In either setting, your feet will be comfortable. The boots are made from 100 percent leather and have a 10-inch shaft.

This is high enough to protect your leg when riding but not too high to be uncomfortable walking. The heel is two inches, which I like because it fits a stirrup well and gives me a little boost in height.

These boots are made for the hardworking cowgirl, that likes to step out. Ariat offers them in a broad range of shaft colors; there’s a choice for everyone. Visit Ariat’s website to check out their latest colors and styles.

Best Women’s Work Boots for Under $200

picture of twisted x womens work boots,

TWISTED X Women’s Steel Toe Lite Western Work Boot

These Twisted X work boots are comfortable, safe, and look good. They are made with durable leather and come standard with steel toes and rubber, an anti-slip sole.

Twisted X steel toe lite western work boots are surprisingly comfortable and are handcrafted from full-grain leather. Full-Grain leather is the highest grade of leather and is extremely strong and durable.

This high-quality leather is breathable, and as full-grain leather ages, it develops unique characteristics that can’t be duplicated. Indeed, the more the boots are worn, the better the leather looks and feels. Most full-grain boots exceed our $200 limit for this article.

Another feature I liked about this boot is the low shaft. It measures only 11 inches, which is the perfect length for most jobs. Boots with long shafts are cumbersome and hot.

Inside the boot, Twisted X provides air-mesh lining and washable insoles. If your job requires you to stand for long periods, you will appreciate the comfort afforded by these boots.

The outsoles of Twisted X work boots are made of slip-resistant rubber that provides added durability and improved traction. The boot’s midsole disperses weight for foot stability, is lightweight, and flexible, and cushions the foot with every step.

Over fifty Amazon customers reviewed these boots and awarded them 4.3 out of 5 stars. Here is a link to Amazon customer reviews so you can read what others have to say about Twisted X work boots:

Best women’s fashion cowboy boots for under $200

When picking a fashion cowboy, look for traditional styling with a unique look that is versatile enough to wear with a few different outfits. Cowboy boots come in a wide variety of skins, colors, and styles. If you shop around you can find a pair to fit almost any occasion.

Cowboy boots styles include the buckaroo, roper, stockman, and of course, the classic western. Buckaroos are the high-shanked flashy boots that reach just below the knees.

They typically have elaborate embroidery work with bright colors and tall heels. Ropers, on the other hand, are designed for comfort. They have short shafts, a one-inch heel, and a rounded toe. These boots are widely worn by rodeo competitors because they are the least restrictive and most comfortable.

Stockman boots are a cross between classic western boots and ropers with a twist. They have a low comfortable heel, but with a toe and stitching, you expect to see on traditional western boots. The unique feature of a stockman is the deep cut of the scallop- the top of the shaft.

Classic western cowboy boots have an angled heel, and typically the shaft reaches mid-calf, about 13 inches from the boot arch, and are often decorated with fancy embroidery.

Here are our choices of the best women’s cowboy boots you can wear out on the town.

Best-Fashion Cowboy Boots for Less than $200

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Laredo Women’s Miss Kate Western Boot

The Miss Kate Western Boots offer a quality pair of boots at an affordable price. Laredo is owned by the same company that makes Dan Posts’ boots and offers similar boots at lower prices.

Miss Kates Western boots are made from 100 percent leather and have a cute design on the vamp of the boot that nicely compliments the decorations on the shaft. (The vamp is the section of your boot that’s exposed when you wear pants over the shaft.)

The shaft is 12 inches, which should reach just below mid-calf, and the heel is 1 3/4 inches. The height of the heel is ideal, it gives you a little extra height, but it’s not too tall that it hinders dancing or will be uncomfortable on long walks.

The opening is a little wider than most, which makes it easy to slide your foot in and out; however, the shaft may be too wide for some pants. Overall this is a nice-looking and comfortable pair of cowboy boots at any price.

Over 300 Amazon customers provided a review of these boots and rated Miss Kates a 4.4 out of 5 stars. Here is a link so you can read what those customers had to say about Miss Kates boots:

Below is a helpful YouTube video showing how to fit cowboy boots.

What’s the best women’s cowboy boots for under $100?

There are many good women’s cowboy boots you can buy for under $100; two of my favorites are the Laredo Women’s Bridget Western Boot and Ariat Fatbaby’s.
You may find this article helpful, and it includes more quality cowboy boots you can buy for less than $100: The Best Women’s Cowboy Boots You Can Buy for under $100

What are the best cheap cowboy boots?

Coconuts By Matisse Women’s Gaucho Boots are my top choice of cheap cowboy boots; currently, you can buy a pair for under $50. They are made with synthetic leather, but it looks authentic, and you have a wide choice of colors to choose from.
For more cowboy boots for under $50, check out this article: Best women’s cowboy boots for under $50

What are the best women’s cowboy boots to wear dancing?

Corral Boots with white glitter inlay & crystals are my choice for the best cowboy boots to wear dancing. These boots are handcrafted from high-quality leather and have smooth soles to glide across the floor. To find other great cowboy boots to wear dancing, click on this article: The 6 Best Women’s Cowboy Boots for Dancing

Are there any comfortable cowboy boots for women with high arches?

Yes, there are a few good cowboy boots for women with high arches. I recommend the Justin Gypsy Western boots and the Ariat Heritage Lacer II Cowboy Boots. Some other styles are suitable for women with high arches, and you can learn more about them here: Best cowboy boots for women with high-insteps