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The Best Men’s Cowboy Boots For Under $200. Work or Play.

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If you work long hours on your feet, participate in horseback riding, or just like wearing cowboy boots, you know the importance of choosing the right pair of boots. Here is my list of best cowboy boots you can find for under $200.

The best men’s cowboy boots you can buy for under 200 dollars are the Ariat Workhogs, Justin Ropers, Lucchese cowboy boots, and Ariat men’s Rambler square toe western cowboy boots.

You can find a nice comfortable pair of cowboy boots for under $200. There are many styles and brands I tried and here are my favorites.

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Update: I just bought a new pair of Ariat Amos boots for under 200 dollars, and so far, they are great. After I wear them for a while, I feel confident I’ll update my list of best cowboy boots for less than $200 to include these.

Pro Tip: Always go to Ariat’s website before buying from other retailers, they have the newest styles and the widest selection of colors in addition they often sell their boots the cheapest.

Best Men’s Cowboy Boots For under $200

The problem is getting the perfect boots without breaking the bank. Don’t worry; we found some gems at affordable prices. Cowboy boots are by far the most commonly worn footwear of my family and friends.

For a few, it’s all they put on their feet. And when buying western riding or work boots, most of us spend less than $200. From our group experience and the research I’ve done, I can say with confidence these are all quality boots.

Here is our list of best cowboy boots for men priced under $200:

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Best All-Around Cowboy Boots for Under $200

Ariat Rambler Western Boots

Ariat makes a lot of different styles of boots, and the Men’s Ramblers are one of their most versatile models. It combines comfort, fashion, and durability for under $200, making it the best value on our list of men’s boots.

Ariat Ramblers are high-quality boots made in the tradition that has made Ariat boots so successful. They are made from 100 percent leather and have a gripping rubber sole that is flexible and resistant to oil, slips, and acids, making them functional boots for work.

The shaft of the boot is low, only rising 10 1/2 inches from the arch of the boot. The heel is 1 1/2 inches tall, which is just the right height for walking comfortably or riding horses.

The square toe, distressed leather, and decorative stitching make them fashionable enough to wear with casual attire for a night on the town. Overall these pull-on boots check all the necessary boxes.

These versatile boots make suitable footwear for work, riding, and going out on the town. They may not be ideal for each activity, but they are sufficient for all.

Unbelievably the Ariat Ramblers have over 2,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. You should be able to find answers to all your questions in their reviews. Here is a link to Amazon Customer reviews:

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Best Men’s Workboots for Under $200

ARIAT Men’s Workhog H2o Work Boot: Review

Ariat is a relative newcomer compared to some of the other bootmakers in the industry, but they have been really impressed by introducing unique designs and superb craftsmanship.

The Workhog H20 is made of exceptional high-quality waterproof leather that provides protection and withstands harsh environments. The H20s are comfortable, durable, and safe.

I wear Workhog H20 boots more than any other footwear I own. However, mine is old and not quite as nice looking as this updated model. Their shock-absorbent midsole provides the support I need when working long hours, and they have a durable rubber sole that grips most surfaces.

Notice, that I mentioned most surfaces because while wearing these boots in Breckinridge Colorado, I slipped on ice and landed on my backside. These pull-on boots have a wide enough opening to allow your feet to slide in easily.

I’ve found Ariats to run a little smaller than standard shoe sizes. For example, I typically wear a ten but wear size 11 Ariats. My current pair of Ariats are over a year old and show little sign of wear.

Ariat Workhog’s come with their U-Turn system to ease pulling on boots. The U-Turn system is a flexible panel at the back of the shaft, it’s especially beneficial for people with wide feet or high arches.

Overall these are excellent boots that you can wear when working around the barn or on the job. The only complaint I have about the H20s is they are not functional riding boots. The sole is so broad that it is difficult to get your foot in and out of the stirrups. I prefer riding boots with leather soles.

Sometimes, I’m too lazy to walk to the house and change out of my Ariat Work Hogs before mounting a horse, and every single time I regret it. The boots always hang up in the stirrups when dismounting.

Over 500 customers have reviewed the Ariat Work Hog H20s and have given them 4.5 out of 5-star ratings. I’m a firm believer in the old saying, “you can never have too much information.”

Here is the link to Amazon’s customer review page so you can read for yourself what other customers have to say about these boots:

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Best Men’s Riding Boots for Under $200

Justin Ropers: Review

I wrote an article focusing on the best cowboy boots for riding, regardless of price, and chose Justin’s ropers. These are clearly my favorite boots for horseback riding.

Unlike Ariats, Justin Boot Company has been making boots for a long time, over 100 years. The company provides excellent customer service and a quality product for a reasonable price.

Justin ropers have a couple of features I prefer over standard cowboy boots; they have a short shaft, short heel, and soft leather. Standard cowboy boots have 15-inch shafts as opposed to the 10-inch shaft of the ropers.

The short shaft is cooler, which is essential if you happen to live in a warm climate as we do. Also, standard cowboy boots often have 2-inch heels, and ropers heels are 1 1/8 inches.

The short heel of a roper is tall enough to fit a stirrup without being cumbersome to walk comfortably. Many standard cowboy boots are made with stiff leather, and a Justin roper is made with supple kipskin leather.

The two most important considerations when choosing a riding boot are comfort and safety. Justin ropers get high marks on both accounts. They are incredibly comfortable boots and are designed for safe riding with leather soles and a good heel.

Justin ropers durable and flexible leather soles slip in and out of stirrups with ease, unlike other boots made with rubber or composite soles. For the price, quality, and customer service Justin boots offer, there is no better choice of riding boots on the market.

We’ve ridden horses with many different boots, but most of us agree that Justin Roper’s are our favorite. Here is a link to Amazon customer reviews so you can read what other horsemen think about these boots:

Justin’s are our favorite horseback riding boots; however, some other brands also make functional riding boots, such as LuccheseAriats, and Twisted X.

Best Classic Western Cowboy Boots for Under $200

Picture of Lucchese men's lizard leather cowboy boots,

Lucchese Men’s Lizard Leather Cowboy, Western Boots

Lucchese Boot Company is known for making high-quality boots. Celebrities like John Wayne and even President Lyndon Johnson have worn Lucchese boots.

Classic western boots typically have a shaft that extends at least 12 inches high, with a minimum heel height of 1 1/2 inches tall. They look good worn with jeans, slacks, or a suit.

Cowboy boots add uniqueness to an outfit, and also height for short guys like me. Well-designed boots like these Lucchese’s are also comfortable and slide well on a dance floor.

I like the looks and comfort of my Lucchese; however, I paid well above $200, but they have lasted me a long time and still look good. However, I only wear them with slacks or a suit, so they haven’t been worn too often. I typically wear ropers with jeans.

The Lucchese Lizard Western Boots are a bargain, and they are currently priced just under our $200 threshold. Most Lucchese are very expensive and worth every penny.

The Lucchese line sold on Amazon are exceptional boots for the price, but may not be the same handmade ones you get directly from Lucchese. Just be sure you have all the information when you compare prices.

I’ve researched these boots extensively, but here is a link to Amazon reviews so you can read what others have to say about their Lucchese boots.

Picture of my Lucchese boots.

Below is a helpful YouTube video showing how to fit cowboy boots.


What are the best men’s cowboy boots for under $100?

You can find a few good cowboy boots for less than $100, but my favorite is the Guide Gear Men’s 12″ Cowboy Boots; they are good-looking and durable. Here is an article I wrote on cowboy boots for under $100 you may find helpful: Best Men’s Cowboy Boots for Under $100

Are there any good cowboy boots made in the USA?

Yes there are many bootmakers that still produce good high-quality cowboy boots in the USA such as Anderson Bean, Abilene, Lucchese, and Tony Lama. In addition, there are small companies across Texas and a few other states that make custom handmade boots.
You can see my favorite boots that are made in the USA in this article: Best Men’s Cowboy Boots that are made in the USA