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The 3 Best Ariat Steel Toe Work Boots

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Finding comfortable, durable, and stylish work boots with steel toes can be difficult. However, since 1993, Ariat International’s work boots are well-known and famous because of their durability and comfort. Ariat makes many fine steel-toe work boots, but I found these three to be the best.

Ariat steel toe work boots are made of high-quality leather that can bear external pressure and withstand harsh weather conditions. Ariat’s work boots are unique and stylish without compromising on comfort and performance at the same time.

Pro Tip: You can buy directly from Ariat’s website and save money plus check out their latest designs.

Picture of my Ariat Workhog cowboy boots.
My Ariat Workhogs

Steel toe boots provide extra protection.

When it comes to work boots, steel-toe boots are the gold standard. They provide extra protection for your toes in case of dropped objects or other accidents. Steel-toe boots are also more durable than other types of work boots, so you can trust them to last.

In addition, steel-toe boots typically have better traction and insulation, making them ideal for work environments that involve slippery surfaces or extreme temperatures. Whether you’re looking for extra safety or simply want a pair of work boots that will last, steel-toe boots are a great option, and Ariat makes some of the best.

When shopping for boots, I go to Ariat’s website to check out the latest boot styles and prices. You can often save a few dollars buying directly from them, and they typically offer a wider range of options than retailers.

Whether you buy from Ariat or not, visiting their website is worthwhile. Here is a link to Ariat’s page for steel-toe work boots.

Whether it is work, athletic, or casual, there are boots for every occasion! From high-top to low-top lace-ups and western pull-on to safety clogs, they are available in high-quality leather, synthetic materials, and combinations.

They also come in different shades and with waterproof technology. Ariat work boots are the perfect choice for people who spend most of their time outdoors or on construction and manufacturing units.

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Best Ariat Steel Toe Work Boots

With so many models available, finding the perfect work boot is quite challenging. To help you find the best one, here are the three very best Ariat Steel Toe Work Boots for your comfort and protection.

picture of round toe Ariat Sierra wide steel toe work boots.

Best Overall- Ariat Sierra square steel toe work boots

This boot is the most preferred boot among the masses. The company uses imported quality leather for the best of its line. The Sierra Wide Square Steel Toe Work Boot is made from 100% pure and durable quality leather.

It’s a stylish western-style work boot and a perfect choice for an energetic cowboy on the ranch. The shaft measurements are about 10” from the arch, making it a comfortable fit for most people.

They also come in round-toe styles for men who like the more traditional look.

The mesh lining makes the boot unique. You’ll surely receive compliments from your peers! The ATS technology gives the boot an ample amount of steadiness and balance. Along with ATS, the non-slip feature makes the boot lightweight.

The boot comes with a rubber sole that makes it very comfortable. Moisture-wicking and gel-cushioned footbed gives extra comfort and can shield your feet against all sorts of impact. The boots have a Duratread outsole that offers prolonged longevity and water resistance.

I haven’t found a better pair of steel-toe work boots for overall comfort, value, and durability than these Ariat Sierras.


  • The boots have a non-marking tread that provides resistance to stains anywhere you walk.
  • They have exceptional balancing features.
  • The boots are more lightweight than your other work boots.
  • They are non-resistant.
  • Stylish and unique design.

Overall Impression

Ariat Sierra Wide Square Steel Toe Work Boot is comfortable, durable, functional, and stylish to wear. No matter where and what you’re working on, this is a flawless boot to buy.

Customer Reviews: 4.5. Click here to read what over 500 people had to say about these boots.

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Best Price: Ariat Groundbreaker Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

If you need boots that provide the best foot protection, then the Groundbreaker Waterproof Steel Toe Pull-on model is for you. The boots are made of a full leather grist body.

Its combination of shoe-toe and waterproof technology has garnered great appreciation from the masses.

It is a well-designed and sleek boot that provides all-day comfort. Though the boots are full leather grist designs, they are comparatively lighter than other models. The Groundbreaker Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot involves a four-layered footbed that provides high protection and the best cushioning from any harmful or spiky objects.

These boots have a two-row stitch pattern that provides a reliable insole with a more significant rebound. They come with a 90-degree heel design that allows you to walk comfortably without your feet feeling tired for a long day.


  • The boots are made from full-grain waterproof technology.
  • The four-layered 4LR(TM) footbed effectively absorbs shock and gives excellent support.
  • It is a wide square steel toe model that provides more space for your feet and the highest protection.
  • It comes with mesh lining, offering breathability.
  • Affordable.

Overall Review

The Groundbreaker Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot is the best-in-price shoe that comes with the installation of a high-quality insole. The boots provide the best cushioning, ventilation, water resistance, and protection for your feet.

Customer Reviews: 4.1 There aren’t many customer reviews of these boots. However, you can click here to read what they have to say about the Groundbreakers.

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Best Stability and Flexibility-Ariat Rambler Wide Square Toe Boot

The Ariat Rambler Wide Square Toe Boots are western-style cowboy boots made of 100% pure imported leather. It has a short heel and rubber soles that offer extra protection against slipping.

The shaft is very flexible and flops over when you’re not wearing them. Some people may find this offputting, but I like the short shaft’s soft feel and flexibility.

The rambler model is a delicately designed all-day protective and comfortable cowboy boot. ATS technology is used to support the forefoot and minimize metatarsal stress. Rambler models are one of the most polished styles with decorative and delightful stitching.


  • The boots are made with ATS technology to provide a composite forked shank.
  • They come with a slight heel, offering sophistication and stability.
  • The boots are durable, with a rugged appeal and decorative stitching details.
  • The rubber outsole is durable and slip-resistant.
  • 10.5″ shaft

Overall Review

The Ariat Rambler Wide Square Toe Boots are durable, stylish, and comfortable work boots that provide stability and flexibility.

Why Ariat Work Boots?

Ariat work boots are designed to provide superior comfort and support for people working on their feet all day. In addition to providing excellent support and stability, Ariat work boots are also known for their durability.

The company’s use of premium materials and cutting-edge construction methods results in a boot that can withstand even the most extreme conditions. Whether you’re looking for a boot to wear on the ranch or the job site, Ariat is a brand you can trust. Here are some of the qualities you can expect from Ariat boots:


Ariat steel toe work boots meet or exceed most workplace safety requirements in any environment. They provide a variety of work boot platforms, such as the work ride platform, the grip strip platform, the safety clog platform, and the expert safety clog platform.


Ariat work boots use Thinsulate ultra insulation to protect your feet from extreme cold weather conditions while also being lightweight. This is an excellent feature not offered in many other brands.


Ariat uses ATS and 4LR technology to make their world-class boots that provide stability, comfort, and traction. Moreover, some varieties of work boots are made with waterproof technology that acts as an impermeable waterproof barrier.

Keeping your feet dry during long shifts is essential to prevent blisters and painful cracks in your skin. If your feet get to become too damaged, it can limit your mobility and cause you to miss time from work.

Rough Work Environment

Ariat work boots are primarily designed for the frontline workforce that is exposed to harsh and rough environments. Ariat uses advanced footwear technologies and high-quality, durable leather to offer critical protection and superior performance in any work environment.


Ariat work boots come with slip, oil, abrasion, and heat-resistant sole to provide traction and grip on any floor surface. They also offer a midsole that protects the lower part of the feet from any harmful or spiky object.


If you love boots, then you should have a pair of Ariat’s work boots in your collection because they are high-quality, comfortable, and come in a wide array of style choices.

Customer reviews: 4.2 It’s always a good idea to learn what others think of a product. More than 450 Amazon customers provide feedback on the Ariat Ramblers; click here to see what they have to offer.

Below is a YouTube video review of the Ariat Sierra wide square steel toe work boots.


Where are Ariat boots made?

All Ariat boots are made outside of the U.S. in either China or Mexico, except for one line of boots called Two24.  You can find out more about where Ariat makes their boots and why in this article: Ariat Boots Where are they Made and Does the Country Matter?

What are the best cowboy boots for under $200?

You can find plenty of good cowboy boots for under $200, but my favorites are the Ariat Amos and Justin Ropers. Here is a helpful article that includes some additional quality cowboy boots you can buy for less than $200. Best Men’s Cowboy boots for under $200