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The Best Men’s Cowboy Boots You Can Buy for Under $100

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Honestly, I’m not a boot snob, but I don’t own a pair of cowboy boots that cost less than $100. So, I researched and also interviewed some frugal friends about their recommendations for the best cowboy boots for under $100 and came up with my list.

Here are the boots I think are a steal for under $100:

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As the cowboy boot market gets, more and more competitive boot companies are producing affordable options that are capable of meeting customer demands.

There’re many good reasons to buy inexpensive cowboy boots. Maybe you’re just getting into horseback riding and want to get a good pair of cowboy boots at a reasonable price. Or you’ve always wanted to try cowboy boots but were unsure if the look or feel of the boots would be right for you.

picture of a man wearing a cowboy hat with a woman, cowboy boots, under $100

Or maybe you’re like one of my friends, he likes to wear his boots through hell and doesn’t feel bad if he ruins them. He doesn’t want to spend the time or energy needed to condition and preserve fine leather boots. Cheap boots are his preference.


Best men’s cowboy boots for under $100.00.

Guide Gear Men’s 12″ Cowboy Boots

The Guide Gear Men’s 12″ Cowboy Boots are the boots my buddy, Frank, wears around the barn and also for riding. He says he abuses the boots daily and doesn’t take care of them at all.

He bought these particular boots so he didn’t have to be concerned about ruining them because they were so inexpensive. So far, he’s been pleased with his purchase, and the boots have held up well. Frank said that he finds them just as comfortable as his other, more expensive boots.

Picture of Guide Gear cowboy boots, cowboy boots, under $100,

These cowboy boots are affordable, attractive, and versatile. Guide Gear successfully designed a traditional-looking cowboy boot at a discount price. To accomplish this feat they sacrificed real leather shafts, but otherwise held fast to design quality.

The Guide Gear boot shaft is made from synthetic material; however, the vamp is leather. (The vamp is the exposed portion of a boot that covers the top of your foot.) The shaft and the vamp have stitched patterns that add to the boot’s authentic appearance.

Some other excellent features include, pull tabs at the top of the boot shaft to ease pulling the boots on. They also have two-inch heels and a rubber sole that’s not too bulky, which makes them suitable horseback riding boots.

These boots are durable boots made from hardy material that should withstand outdoor work around the farm. However, I wouldn’t consider them heavy-duty enough for construction work.

Guide Gear cowboy boots are comfortable and look good with jeans or cotton slacks. They are casual boots, so I don’t expect to wear them with dress slacks or a suit.

The interior of the boot is lined with a soft material that keeps your feet comfortable and secure. The insoles have enough cushion to provide adequate comfort, and the opening of the shaft is sufficiently wide enough to get your foot in without too much work.

Overall the Guide Gear 12″ cowboy boots are a bargain.

Wolverine Rancher Square Toe Steel Toe Work Boot

Of all the boots on this list, this is my favorite. The Wolverine Rancher provides every feature the working man looks for in a pair of western-style work boots. First, Wolverine is an established brand with a reputation for building quality products that are right there with Ariats and Justin boots.

They’ve made high-quality footwear for more than a century, and stand behind their products. All their boots are manufactured exceptionally well from top-notch material and with superior craftsmanship.

picture of wolverine work boots, cowboy boots, under $100,

Aesthetically these boots look great. I really like the square toe and 100 percent leather. And the overall style of the boot is simple but pleasing. They are very comfortable boots, yet they provide the protection you need.

Wolverine Ranchers come with steel toes, and provide excellent traction, thanks to the rugged slip-resistant sole that’ll keep you upright even in the slickest conditions. The shaft is only 11.5 inches tall, which allows you to move freely while working.

Why Wolverine Rancher Square Toe Steel Toe Boots are Bargain for under $100?

  • A traditional brand I’m familiar with
  • 100 percent leather that should last (if you maintain it properly)
  • Comfortable enough to wear all-day
  • The shaft opening is wide, so you can get your foot in and out with ease. (Important feature for me)
  • Anti-slip soles are critical when working around oils and other slick materials.
  • Steel toe

These boots are high-performance work boots with all the features you would expect in more expensive work boots.

Old West Tbm3010

Old West has been making men’s top-quality cowboy boots at affordable prices since the mid-1960s. And they continue this tradition with the Tbm3010 model, which is impossible to beat for the price.

They’re made from 100 percent leather and have an authentic style that pairs well with jeans and dress wear. I really like the simple look with a touch of class.

picture of old west cowboy boots, under $100,

The smooth leather vamp is elegant and cleans easily with a quick wipe of a soft cloth. These Old West boots have a typical R-toe and a 1 3/4 inch heel that is comfortable for walking and safe for horseback riding.

The boot’s shaft is tall with decorative stitching and opens wide enough to slip your foot in and out comfortably. Surprisingly for the price, these boots hold up well and are extraordinarily comfortable.

If you are used to wearing expensive handcrafted boots, you will notice the subtle differences in craft in Old West boots. However, for the price, Old West Tbm3010 are great-looking boots that will last you a long time.

What we liked about Old West Tbm3010

  • 100 percent leather: easy to clean and durable
  • 1.75-inch heel, nice size for a stirrup and comfortable size for walking
  • 14.25″ shaft opening makes it easy to get your foot in and out of the boot
  • The comfortable insole and reinforced shank make these boots feel like more expensive brands.
  • Versatile enough to wear horseback riding, with jeans, or out to dinner.

Laredo Men’s Breakout Western Boot

The Laredo Breakout boots are listed above $100, but you get an instant discount of $50 when you apply for an Amazon visa. Getting quality Laredo’s for under $100 is an outstanding bargain.

Jack, who’s one of our neighbors, wears these boots all the time. He told us they’re his go-to boots, and it has nothing to do with the low price. Laredo is an established boot-making brand. They’ve been building quality boots at affordable prices for over forty years.

picture of laredo men's cowboy boots, under $100,

The Laredo Breakout Western boots are made from 100 percent leather. Why does this matter? Cowboy boots made from leather last longer, are more breathable, look better, and are more comfortable than boots made of synthetic material.

A quality pair of leather boots can last you decades when taken care of properly. Leather boots often get better with age, and when the soles wear out, you can replace them. When the soles of synthetic boots wear out, they have to be discarded.

The Laredo Breakout Western boots are great looking and comfortable. The vamp of the boots look great, and the style pairs flawlessly with jeans or slacks. They are also exceptional boots for horseback riding.

What we like about the Laredo Breakout Western Boots

  • 100 percent leather construction
  • The short shaft because it’s cooler and more comfortable than standard 13″ inch shafts
  • 1.75″ because it fits a stirrup safely and provides a comfortable walking angle.
  • Wide shaft opening that allows you to get the boot on and off easily

Roper’s Basic Square Toe Western Boot

The Roper Square Toes are versatile cowboy boots. My friend likes to wear these boots when working around his horse farm. He prefers roper-style boots over standard cowboy boots.

The roper style combines features of shoes and characteristics of classic cowboy boots used for horseback riding. Ropers are used extensively by rodeo competitors, such as calf ropers.

picture of roper's square toe cowboy boots, under $100,

They typically have a broad, round toe, lower heel, and short shaft, this combination allows for better comfort and easy walking. The Roper’s Basic Square Toe Western Boots are entirely made from synthetic material.

I typically don’t mind boots with synthetic shafts, but boots with a synthetic vamp are not for me. The vamp of these boots is designed to look like Ostrich skin, which is noticeably fake. Frankly, I don’t like the looks of the artificial ostrich skin.

The Roper’s Basic Square Toe Western Boots are functional boots to wear horseback riding, and they hold up well. And the rubber soles are flexible and comfortable.

What we like about Roper’s Basic Square Toe Western Boots

  • They are roper style boots, lower heel, and lower shaft
  • The square toe is stylish
  • They are durable, and you can clean them easily with water and a cloth rag.

Below is a YouTube video about some of the best cowboy boots for under $100.


What are the best men’s cowboy boots for under $200?

The best cowboy boots for under $200 are either the Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boot or the Ariat Amos cowboy boots. You can check out all my picks here: The best men’s cowboy boots for under $200

What cowboy boots can you wear with a suit?

Lucchese and Dan Post both make some nice cowboy boots that look good with a suit or slacks. The Lucchese bootmaker men’s Luke Western Boot and the Dan Post Men’s Bellevue Western Boot are good choices.