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7 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots (2023)

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It was my friend’s first time going to the races, and he was all excited. He wore new boots, a hat, and Wrangler jeans. But within an hour, he was complaining about how sore his feet were. I told him that it was because he didn’t buy comfortable cowboy boots. You have to get ones designed correctly; otherwise, you’re going to be miserable.

The most comfortable cowboy boots are Tecovas (The Doc), Chisos No.2, Ariat AMOS, and Rocketbusters. There are many factors that can affect the comfort of cowboy boots, including the material, the fit, and the style. When choosing cowboy boots, the most important thing to do is try them on and see how they feel.

It’s no secret that cowboy boots are gaining in popularity. However, what may come as a surprise to some is how comfortable they can be. In fact, many people choose cowboy boots over other types of footwear because they are so comfortable.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most comfortable cowboy boots on the market and provide insight on how to ensure you choose the best boot for your feet. So if you’re looking for a new pair of cowgirl boots, be sure to keep reading.

Picture of my Tecovas "The Doc" cowboy boots.  I rated these the most comfortable cowboy boots with a square toe.


Most Comfortable Square-Toe Boots – Tecovas “The Doc”

If you want a pair of the most comfortable cowboy boots with square toes, look no further than Tecovas ‘The Doc’. I have said it before, and I will say it again and again – if you have wide feet up front, then the Tecovas Doc is the most comfortable western boot to buy.

The Doc has all the makings of a traditional dress boot, ideal for any occasion, and made with the finest bovine leather (with options to choose from suede, bison, and Scotch goat). Its 1 ½ inch heel is also perfect for stacking jeans, and it features the classic Tecovas double stitching with a distinct thread pattern that adds authenticity to your cowboy look.

Several reasons make Tecovas The Doc one of the most comfortable square-toe boots:

  • They ensure proper foot balance. (Of course, it starts with finding the best fit – but once that is out of the way, you can rest assured that the boots will take it up from there).

The beauty of Tecovas is that they make returns and exchanges super easy, so you are sure to find the boots with the most optimum fit.

  • Their square toe design ensures a toe-box area that is wide and roomy. As mentioned earlier, men with wide or broad feet (hammertoes) will love this roomy toe box. No more foot pain!
Picture of the inside of Tecovas boots. This feature helps make them one of the most comfortable cowboy boots on the market.
Tecovas Liner

While their outward look is classy, it is what’s on the inside that enhances Tecovas Doc’s comfort. The cushioning insole lets you wear the boots all day long without any pressure on your feet.

  • Their soft full-grain leather uppers let your feet breathe all day long. The leather also softens as it ages, so your Tecovas Doc will continue getting more and more comfortable.
  • The entire interior of the boot is lined, so there are no uncomfortable seams inside Tecovas boots.

What’s to love about it

  • High-quality leather that lasts for years to come and is puncture resistant
  • Classic western profile
  • Broad and roomy square toe for men with wide feet
  • Robust double-stitched welt
  • Contrast stitching pattern on the shaft
  • Just the right amount of ledge for jean stacking

Hesitate no more; If you are still on the fence about these boots, it is time you take the leap. Tecovas The Doc is a high-quality boot that will last you for years to come. I wear these boots at the racetrack and horse shows; they’ve never let me down.

Picture of my Chisos #2 cowboy boots.

Most comfortable cowboy boots for dancing – Chisos No.2

Channel your inner John Travolta with Chisos No.2 – my go-to boot when I am dancing. I am very picky when it comes to choosing cowboy boots when I hit the dance floor. With Chisos No. 2 handcrafted boots, I need not worry about comfort.

Their removable insoles ensure all-day comfort, and their ergonomics continue to mold and shape to your feet the longer you wear them. This makes them comfier as time passes.

Chisos No. 2 boots are durable and sharp-looking. They are the kind of boots that can go from the ranch to the bar to the boardroom – they are sure to fetch you compliments wherever you go. 

Chisos No.2 are easy to break in and equipped to take a beating too. They are made with long-lasting, durable, and ultra-soft cowhide leather that gets better and better with age. The leather also hides the scuffs and develops a handsome patina over time.

Chisos #3- Women

Chisos also makes the No. 3 for women. These are like the men’s style with soft brown leather that is comfortable and stylish, perfect for dancing all night long. You can spin your partner around and pull her close for a final dip in matching cowboy boots.

What’s to love about it

  • Stacked leather heel and leather sole
  • Artwork that represents true Texas heritage
  • Subtle and unique refined square toe
My ariat workhog cowboy boots.

Most Comfortable Cowboy-Style Workboots – Ariat Workhog

Picture of a new pair of Ariat workhogs.

For me, cowboy boots are the most comfortable work boots. Most are made of soft leather and have a wide toe box that allows your feet to breathe. Some work cowboy boot also has a low heel that makes it easy to walk in and a durable, stacked leather sole that will last you many years.

Cowboy boots are not only comfortable, but they also look great and are durable. You can find them in many different styles and colors, some with round toes, square toes, and steel toes. You can also find cowboy boots with intricate stitching, tooled leather, or plain leather.

I’ve tried many different brands and styles, and I found that Ariat Workhogs are my favorite cowboy-style work boots. I have the ones with steel toes; this protects me when a horse inadvertently steps on my foot. In addition, they are made from high-quality materials, and their construction is second to none.

They are also extremely comfortable, even after wearing them for long hours on the job. If you’re in the market for a new pair of cowboy-style work boots, be sure to check out Ariat workhogs.

Picture of my Ariat Amos cowboy boots.
Ariat Amos

Most Comfortable Ariat Cowboy Boots – Ariat AMOS Western Boot

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The struggle is real. It can be tough to find a pair of boots that you can wear on the ranch or whichever industry you work in – all day long.

You get the perfect, most comfortable work cowboy boot with ARIAT AMOS boots. This is truly a hardworking cowboy’s best friend – a down-to-earth boot that can be worn from day one without having to be too precious about it. At the same time, it can be dressed up with a formal shirt and a pair of neat jeans for an evening out. 

I love the fact that Ariat uses innovative footwear technology in all its products. Their Advanced Torque Stability (ATS®) technology is extremely popular and ensures a lightweight forked shank that provides enhanced support to your legs.

Additionally, you get Ariat’s Shock Shield technology that minimizes impacts and shocks as you work around construction debris, slippery floors, workshop tools, materials, etc. These boots are designed to protect your feet from all these hazards.

The best part is that you can wear these boots while riding your horse or going to town. ARIAT Amos boots come with a Duratread sole that ensures long-lasting durability. Its rebound foam footbed further enhances the wearer’s comfort.

What’s to love about it

  • Patented shock reduction
  • Use of advanced technology
  • Stylish and dressy yet ideal for work
Picture of my Lucchese cowboy boots I wear with slacks or a suit.

Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots to Wear with a Suit – Lucchese

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The right cowboy boots are perfect to wear with a suit or slacks. They are stylish and elegant, yet they also have a rugged and masculine look that is perfect for a man’s outfit.

Cowboy boots come in many different styles and colors, so you can easily find a pair that will complement your suit. You can also find cowboy boots with embellishments, such as stitching or cowboy boot spurs, adding a touch of masculinity to your look.

Most cowboy boots are also very comfortable, so you can wear them all day without having to worry about your feet getting sore. If you want to add a touch of cowboy style to your suit, then cowboy boots are the perfect way to do it.

My go-to cowboy boots for wearing with a suit are Luccheses. They are very well made and designed for comfort. I recently attended a funeral for a good friend, and I was one of the first there and last to leave. The services lasted about six hours, and I was on my feet most of the time. Luckily I wore my Lucchese boots; my feet didn’t hurt at all.

Lucchese boots can take me from formal occasions to more casual settings without feeling too dressy or underdressed, and they’re also durable enough, so I don’t need to worry about getting them resoled often. My Lucchese boots in the picture above are over 20 years old.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of boots to wear with your suit or slacks, check out my article on how I decided which were best.

Most Comfortable Fashion Cowboy Boots – Rocketbuster Handmade Boots

Picture of a pair of rocketbuster boots

The Texas-based brand makes hand-lasted boots for celebrities and politicians. Rocketbuster even counts Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julia Roberts, and Whoopi Goldberg among its clients. People buy Rocketbuster cowboy boots because they want something lively, fun, colorful, and artistic in their boots.

The reason why Rocketbuster boots are also comfortable is that they measure their client’s calf size, how high up the leg the calf is, the ball of the foot, and the arch. They even hand last the wooden or plastic lasts to match each foot. For all these features, be prepared to shell out anywhere between $500 to $4000 for a pair of Rocketbusters!

Rocketbuster can customize your cowboy boots with beautiful designs ranging from floral motifs, skulls & bones, wings and feathers, pinups, patriotic prints, animals and birds, and even corporate logos. You can wear these comfortable, fashionable, and colorful cowboy boots to weddings, holidays, picnics, and dances or use them for daily wear.

What’s to love about them

  • Beautiful artwork
  • Customized for comfort

Do Cowboy Boots Ever Get Comfortable?

Cowboy boots can be very comfortable. In fact, some are even more comfortable than tennis shoes. However, it all starts with finding the best fit. If you buy the right pair of cowboy boots from a reliable boot brand, you can expect the comfort level to go up as you break into the boots.

The problem is that most buyers choose a pair of cowboy boots based on their styles and looks. They do not give much thought to the boots’ comfort and fit. When it comes to selecting a pair of cowboy boots, you should always make comfort and fit your top priority instead of only focusing on their looks.

I keep coming back to Chisos No.2 and Tecovas The Doc for the most comfortable cowboy boots. They are made with the softest leather, and they just get better and better with age. All the other brands I have recommended above have also received thousands of positive reviews for being some of the most comfortable cowboy boots in the market.

6 Tips to Help Make Wearing Cowboy Boots More Comfortable

Here are some tips to help you make your cowboy boots even more comfortable

  1. Get a pair that fits you properly.

As mentioned earlier, instead of focusing on the boot’s aesthetics, focus on the size and fit.

  • Put on your socks before wearing the boots and trying their fit
  • If your feet are between sizes, go for the larger size.
  • If you have wider feet, go for a larger size. Your toes should not curl inside the boots.
  • Ensure good arch support – else; you might have to add arch support externally.

The boots should feel comfortable right away.

  1. Look for boots that feature comfortable design features

Some brands like ARIAT use advanced technology like Shock Shield and ATS, which are their patented technologies known to enhance comfort. You can rely on these brands for the most comfortable boots.

  1. Consider the season you buy your boots in. 

Feet and legs change size with the seasons. Seasons will also determine the kind of socks you wear with the boots. If you are buying cowboy boots for winter, go half a size up. This will help you wear thicker socks inside the boots. On the other hand, if you buying for warmer months, buy your regular size.

  1. Ensure that the boots have a stiff back and a small amount of torque

Grasp your cowboy boots with one hand under the heel and the other over the heel. Try to move the heel from side to side- it should not move. Next, hold the boot on both ends – you should be able to twist it slightly.

  1. Break into them slowly.

Leather cowboy boots usually soften with age. So, if your boots feel stiff and uncomfortable in the beginning, try wearing them for short periods and slowly increase the duration. This will cause the leather to expand and mold to your feet, making the boots easier to wear with time.

  1. Know when to replace the boots

If your boot’s heel becomes angled, it will alter the way you walk and could lead to back pain or leg pain. So make sure you replace the boots when that happens.

What Is the Most Comfortable Material for Cowboy Boots?

Different types of leather make the comfiest cowboy boots.

  • Cowhide leather – this is soft, durable, and difficult to puncture. Cowhide leather is also very flexible, which increases comfort.
  • Ostrich leg leather – this leather also makes incredibly comfy boots because of natural oils that prevent drying and cracking.
  • Goat leather – unlike ostrich leather which softens right off the bat, goat leather takes time to soften. Once it does, it gives you the softest, comfiest, and most breathable boots.

What Brand of Cowboy Boots is the Best?

There are many excellent cowboy boot brands available in today’s market. Some of my favorites include Lucchese, Tecovas, Chisos, Tony Lama, Dan Post, Justin Boots, and ARIAT. I like these bookmakers because they consistently provide high-quality boots at a fair price.

Many of these popular cowboy boot brands still hand-craft their boots – some only make 300-400 pairs a year, and a single order can take weeks to complete. For example, some artisans use almost 200 steps to make each pair of boots. Brands like Lucchese, Justin Boots, and Rocketbusters are also the choice of celebrities.

Conclusion – Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots

If you are looking to invest in the most comfortable cowboy boots for 2022-23,  I strongly recommend Tecovas The Doc. It is the comfiest pair of cowboy boots I have owned, and hundreds of other genuine users agree. I keep coming back to these boots again and again.

You can also go for Chisos No.2 – another comfy square-toe boot – especially for horse riding.  

ARIAT Amos is perfect for work and if you want something fun and fashionable, then check out Rocketbuster boots (if you don’t mind their price tag).

Below is a YouTube video discussing the comfort of various cowboy boot styles.


Are Ariats good work boots?

Yes, my favorites are the steel-toe Ariat Workhogs, but they make a few other good workboots, such as Ariat Groundbreakers, Big Rig, and Sierra.

What are the most comfortable cowboy boots for people with wide feet?

Square-toe cowboy boots in extended sizes are the most comfortable for people with wide feet. Ariat Ramblers are a good choice. Avoid pointy-toe cowboy boots.